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Dragon's Lair Fleets are Recruiting!

ussmonkeyboy12ussmonkeyboy12 Member Posts: 15 Arc User
Hello! Our fleets have a mix of casual and mature members and is a great place for Star Trek Online fans to join together exploring the galaxy in the many adventures that lay beyond. We welcome new players as well as veterans. Our play styles range from relaxed to hardcore which we hope makes it easy to fit in. The leadership understands that real lives require flexibility when private circumstances come about and we do our best to be as flexible as we can.
  • Federation Fleet - Dragon's Lair (Founded 24/07/2015 - Level 81)
  • Klingon Defense Force Fleet - Dragon's Lair KDF (Founded 10/11/2013 - Level 76)
  • Stuck? No problem! We have knowledgeable members who can help
  • Fleet events and team play
  • We will take you in no matter what play style you have
  • Access to our discord server (new applicants can join us as well)
  • No Drama Policy - We are no drama fleets and have a relaxed atmosphere among our members.

Interested? You can find out more about us and apply using the links below:

You can also contact any of our command in game:
Please note that we are PC only with no presence on consoles at this time.

Thanks for reading.
Dragon's Lair Fleets Command


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