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Stuck at launcher as of 10/10/19 patch

Toggling on/off force verify and on-demand patching have no effect. Not launching through Steam or Arc, but directly from the .exe in the game directory. Please advise.


  • hanover2hanover2 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
    Tempted to reinstall the game at this point, rather than dealing with Arc support. They can't just itemize what was changed under the hood with that 10/10 patch to identify likely culprits (DX version mismatch? suddenly pointing back to 32 bit client? suddenly insisting the game be installed on the same drive as Windows?). Despite the fact that I have changed nothing, they insist on proceeding from the assumption that the problem is on my end. No, I'm not emailing a Dxdiag report to some unsecured location in who knows what country. Just tell me what you changed, and I'll rule those items out one-by-one. :-S
  • hanover2hanover2 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
    So the 10/17 patch fixed it. Leads me to believe they knew they had caused a problem, but rather than acknowledging it, they had me chasing my own tail. Harumph.
  • val#0946 val Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    well the patch will not load so I cant fix anything. I am thinking I need to dump the program and start over. not sure if I need to use arc or steam. any ideas?
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