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General application for a ROM-KDF fleet

Im looking for a KDF fleet with the following parameters:

-PvE emphasis
-Frequent activity
-Use of TS3 or Discord
-Built out fleet T5/T3 [Optional]
-Experienced PvP-Players [Optional]
-Soft-RP [Optional]
-European time zone [Optional]

After I stated the paramters, I will introduce myself a bit. I'am an experienced players who has about 3 years of expertise and gameplay knowledge of Star Trek Online. Recently, I had begun starting playing Star Trek Online again with a whole new character. My main activities at the moment are playing through the story, getting the daily dilithium to be refined and setting up my future ship and skill tree. However, in the endgame I do enjoy theorycrafting regarding to PvE, which includes doing skill trees, doing research on the Star Trek Online Wiki and testing out the fittings if I have the resources required to do so.
In regards to a possible membership in your fleet, I can offer you to support anyone with fittings, skills or gameplay questions. I do think that I can answer most questions related to fittings regarding PvE. I would also appreciate members who are looking for a partner to do some theorycrafting and testing together. However, this is not a must.
As I stated above I would also appreciate PvP-players because I would like to get more familar with it. Especially what ships you can use, fittings, skill trees etc.

Last but not least I want let you to know that I'm a native German speaker. I do speak English fluently but one of the reasons I want to join an English speaking fleet is the motivation to improve my English.

If you are interested in an interview with me or you have some further questions, please write my an IGM at Sarik N'[email protected]#2252. You can also write me a message in the forum.


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