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Star Trek Monroe

theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,807 Arc User
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(This takes place in 2256 and 2414)

Betazed, 2414

A lost casualty of the First Klingon War had been rediscovered on Betazed, after wakening in a hospital bed, the sole survivor from the crash site was readjusting to the light, after apologising after putting his foot in it with Doctor Riazzna Wren, Commander Reyes Valdez resigned himself to the fact everything he knew was gone,
"Commander, what happened that fateful day?" asked Doctor Wren.
"Doctor, since I've nothing to do, I'll tell you" answered Reyes.
"Take your time" replied Doctor Wren.
U.S.S. Monroe, Betazed Sector 2256

"The bad news keeps piling up, we just lost the Buran" said Captain Ash Dawson.
"Survivors?" asked Reyes.
"Only the captain, the coward should have gone down with his ship and crew" answered Ash.
"You're not the only one airing that sentiment" replied Reyes.
"Good to know my first officer understands" answered Ash.
"I don't like it out here" replied Reyes.

"We've had reports of Klingon raiders operating in this sector, why they have not attacked yet is a mystery" answered Ash.
"We need to be careful" replied Reyes.
"I agree, I want shields raised for when we jump out of warp" answered Ash.
"The Betazoid people will not take too kindly to a heavily armed Federation starship entering their system" advised Reyes.
"The Klingons do not share our values, every victory is an act of honour" answered Ash.
"And they are not afraid to die for it" replied Reyes, "scary thought fighting someone who is not afraid of death" he said afterwards.
"Then we must be more vigilant, as soon as we jump out of warp, we need to be ready for an ambush" answered Ash.
"Captain" replied Reyes.
"To your post" ordered Ash.

Reyes left the ready room and took up his station on the bridge of the Monroe, she was an old Walker Class but she had character. As she approached the Betazed homeworld and jumped out of warp, four Klingon Birds of Prey decloaked and opened fire,
"Captain to the bridge" said Reyes via com terminal.
"Number One, what have we got?" asked Ash.
"Four Klingon Birds of Prey, they decloaked as soon as we warped in and fired" answered Reyes.
"Lt. Denvar, keep us between the Klingons and the planet, nothing gets past us" ordered Ash,
"Klingons matching course and speed, two have peeled off to engage our six" reported Lt.Cmdr Barnes.
"Divert reserve power to rear shields, be ready to fire when they get within range" ordered Ash.
"Enemy Birds of Prey converging on our six from above and below. They're weaving to avoid our sensors" reported Barnes.
"Fire manual, best guess" ordered Reyes.
"Firing" reported Barnes as one Bird of Prey exploded after taking torpedo hits to the bridge and reactor knocking out the warp drive of the other.
"One destroyed, other is stuck at impulse speed" reported Barnes.

The Monroe then shuddered as a volley of torpedoes hit the ship's upper deck,
"Attack Pattern Omega I, don't give them a clean shot" ordered Ash to Denver.
"Attack Pattern Omega I engaged" reported Denver.
"The other two Birds of Prey are moving in, we've taken damage to our warp drive. Shields are beginning to buckle with hull breaches on decks 2, 4,5, and 9" reported Cmdr. Hwake.
"Then we fight to the bitter end, the best advice would be to retreat and lick our wounds but we know Betazed won't have that luxury. Retreat?! Hell we just got here" said Ash to the crew.
"We're with you" answered Reyes.
"Let's do our duty as Starfleet officers" replied Ash.
"Yes sir!!" chorused the crew.
"Distance of forward weapons on target?" asked Ash.

"Enemy in range" answered Barnes.
"Let's use their invisibility screens against them, since they cannot fire through them, they are vulnerable" said Ash.
"If that is the case for weapons, what about shields?" asked Barnes.
"Then we need to force them out of cloak, as they decloak, their shields will be down. Barnes, I need a well timed torpedo spread. Hwake, can you forge this ship getting disabled?" asked Ash.
"I can make it convincing" answered Hwake.
"Do it, we want the Klingon to decloak, when they decloak, their "helpless" prey will have a nasty surprise for them" replied Ash.
"Let's see what happens when we turn their ambush into our ambush" answered Reyes.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get to it" ordered Ash.

The Monroe now began to suddenly drift as power levels dropped to all but the most essentional, when the three Birds of Prey moved into investigate, the Monroe sprung her trap, as a spread of torpedoes destroyed two of the Birds of prey, the last Bird of Prey fired before she made her retreat, the shot was fatal, the Monroe had been hit in the shuttlebay as internal explosions ripped through. After the damage control teams had managed to assess the damage, the Monroe was doomed and trapped in Betazed's gravity.

Faced with no choice but to crash,
Ash ordered "All hands brace for impact".

Betazed, 2414

"Words cannot describe what you went through, Starfleet will find a use for you. This is a new century, new start. Embrace it" said Doctor Wren to Reyes.
"You know what doc? I will" answered Reyes.
"Over 150 years trapped in a transporter buffer, that is a new one" said Doctor Wren.
"You in Starfleet?" asked Reyes.
"I am, rank of Cmdr." answered Doctor Wren.
"You remind me of my old CMO aboard the Baltimore, always by the book" replied Reyes.
"Someone has to keep you all alive" joked Doctor Wren.
"We could not live without them" countered Reyes.

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    "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
    -Lord Commander Solar Macharius


    • starfarerthetastarfarertheta Member Posts: 738 Arc User
      Nice work! I'm curious to see where this one goes. I'm not surprised that the flashback scene was written well considering your experience in the MU RP thread.
    • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,807 Arc User
      I'll be bringing in a few of my characters from the MU stuff,
      expect to see the prime versions of one of my MU OC's crew
        "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
        -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
      • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,807 Arc User
        edited September 2019
        (I have permission to use some characters)

        A group of Starfleet and Alliance officers were all gathered in front of Starfleet headquarters,
        "What's this about a new captain?" asked Ensign Peter Emden.
        "Coming in from Betazed, that's all we've been told" answered Lt. Stephen Wallace.
        "Y'all speculating" said Lt. Cmdr Robert Baker.
        "Been told to report to Earth" complained Lt. Cmdr Anna Valdez.
        "At least we got a lift here on a Galaxy Class, could have been worse. It could have been an Oberth" joked Corpsman Rick Dawson.
        "Little Brother, even Oberths have feelings" countered Anna.
        "Poor little starships" answered Rick, "Look who's here" he said afterwards.
        "Oreada, Isoisa, don't say you were drafted" joked Anna.
        "We volunteered, on one condition" answered Isoisa.
        "That we serve alongside our better halves" added Oreada.
        "They accepted" finished Isoisa.
        "I wonder what ship we get?" asked Ensign Andrew Tanner.
        "Something modern I hope" answered Chief Engineer Hirosho Maeda.
        "An Eclipse would be nice" commented Cmdr Jaye Seisa.
        "An Andromeda Class would be excellent" countered Cmdr Barras.

        Everyone then stood to attention as Cmdr Reyes Valdez walked into the Admiralty Board's conference room.
        The gathered officers were then joined by Doctor Riazzna Wren.
        "Doc, you been asked to report to Earth as well?" asked Corpsman Dawson.
        "I have, a new posting" answered Doctor Wren.

        After an hour, Reyes emerged from the meeting and after being cleared by the Admiralty and Temporal Investigations, he was brought to the gathered Starfleet and Alliance officers. As he looked up and down the ranks of crew and officers, he smiled,
        "They have potential" he thought.
        "Meet your new crew, Captain Valdez" said Admiral Quinn after promoting Reyes to Captain.
        Reyes now introduced himself,
        "My name is Captain Reyes Valdez, first things first, The Federation and Alliance expects that every officer and crewman do their duty to their utmost, we work as a team and as a unit. We'll explore, we'll face face tough times, that's the nature of the job when we put this uniform on. We've all accepted that" he said to his crew,
        "I am from 2256, from a different Starfleet but I still can recognise Starfleet. We have a proud tradition to uphold, to honour those Starfleet who have fallen in the line of duty. Let's go see our ship" he finished with.

        The crew all boarded their shuttles, at 1500 hours they took off for Earth Space Dock. When the shuttles all flew over the top the station, their ship came into view.
        "She's beautiful" commented Reyes as the U.S.S. Monroe-A came into view, her outline highlighted by the Sun.
        "A Narendra Class" commented Wallace.
        "I really want to fly that" said Isoisa.
        "I want to see the computer system" added Seisa.
        "The Medbay" said Doctor Wren as the shuttles began to land in Shuttlebay 1.

        After being given their assignments, the crew went to their quarters to unpack. At 1700 hours, a new dedication plaque was unveiled, it read,
        "Retreat?!, Hell we just got here."
        After being given time to get to know the ship, the crew all went to their stations, On the bridge, Reyes took the captain's chair flanked by Cmdr. Barras and Lt.Cmdr Anna Valdez,
        "Mr Wallace, plot a course to Sector 456.2" ordered Reyes.
        "Course plotted" answered Wallace.
        "Lt. Cmdr Valdez, one quarter impulse until we clear our mooring. Once we are clear, punch it to Warp 9" ordered Reyes.
        "One quarter impulse, we should clear of our mooring in 3,2,1" reported Isoisa.
        "Punch it" ordered Reyes as the Monroe-A cleared Earth orbit before jumping to warp.
        "This could be a fun adventure" said Wallace.
        "We'll have some fun on the way" answered Reyes.
        "Ya, going where no starship has gone before" said Emden.
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          "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
          -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
        • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,807 Arc User
          edited September 2019
          U.S.S. Monroe, Sector 456.2

          Doctor Wren was doing her rounds,
          "You seen the captain?" asked Doctor Wren to Lt. Cmdr Anna Valdez.
          "Holodeck 1, he mentioned something about wanting to think in peace" answered Anna.
          "Thanks, and you're due a medical at 1500. Just a reminder" replied Doctor Wren.
          "Will do Doc" answered Anna.
          "Anna, don't forget" replied Doctor Wren.
          "Ma'am" answered Anna before she went to check in with her NCOs.

          When Doctor Wren entered Holodeck 1, she walked onto the bridge of the original U.S.S. Monroe,
          "Reyes, you need someone to talk to?" asked Doctor Wren.
          "Please, just thinking about the past. I could tell you exactly where each officer was stationed. My station was here flanking the captain" said Captain Reyes Valdez.
          "No seat, that must have been uncomfortable" replied Doctor Wren.
          "Something you got used to after a while" answered Reyes.
          "Duotronic computers, lateral beam transporters and no combadges, you can't beat the classics on style" replied Doctor Wren.
          "Doctor, I did not know you were a fan of the 2250s Starfleet" answered Reyes.
          "The story of a Federation crew being lost in action is what made me join Starfleet, you spoke of honouring the Starfleet legacy. It's because you owe it to your late crew, honour them" replied Doctor Wren, "It's time you took up the mantle of being Captain Dawson's successor" she finished with.
          "Betazoids are direct" commented Reyes.
          "And telepathic" countered Doctor Wren smiling.
          "Computer, end program" ordered Reyes and both officers left the holodeck.

          As they were on their way to the mess hall, Corpsman Rick Dawson caught Reyes' attention,
          "Mr Dawson, how are we on inventory?" asked Doctor Wren.
          "Everything where it should be" answered Corpsman Dawson.
          "Take a break and get some food down you. Oh, I'd like it if you and Nurse Dawson keep it professional on duty" replied Doctor Wren.
          "I'll remind her" answered Corpsman Dawson.
          "See to it that you do" replied Doctor Wren.
          "Ma'am" answered Corpsman Dawson.
          "You Ash Dawson's great grandson 6th generation?" asked Reyes to Corpsman Dawson.
          "He was a great grandfather, was posted MIA in 2256. Why do you ask with respect?" countered Corpsman Dawson.
          "I knew the man, you look just like him. If he saw you in uniform and helping others, he'd be one very proud man" answered Reyes.
          "Some call me crazy" replied Corpsman Dawson.
          "Like running into firefights with nothing but medkits to get wounded out? I've read your record" asked Reyes.
          "Saved my sister's life as well, twice" answered Corpsman Dawson, "Though Anna would still not admit that she was cranky all the way back to the hospital" he said afterwards.
          Reyes just found it amusing,
          "You and my Security chief are siblings?" asked Reyes.
          "Technically step-siblings, my mother married her father" answered Corpsman Dawson.
          "Well, you've got some big boots to fill, I will expect nothing but your best. Can you do that?" asked Reyes.
          "Sir" answered Corpsman Dawson before he saluted and left for the mess hall.

          "Smart lad but he's seen a lot of pain. He's tough though, I'll put him through his paces" commented Doctor Wren.
          "Kid's got potential to be a great officer, test him, challenge him and see what he can do" replied Reyes.
          "You'll get the weekly report of his progress" answered Doctor Wren.
          "Thanks Doc" replied Reyes.
          "Right, let's see what chef has prepared. I hear today it's Italian" answered Doctor Wren.
          "Enjoy" replied Reyes.
          "Eating on your own is not helpful, come on, you're eating with the crew" answered Doctor Wren.

          As they entered the mess hall and Ten Forward, they were greeted by the view of a sunrise over the world of NGC-456.2,
          "Beautiful" commented Reyes.
          "Best view on the ship" replied Doctor Wren.
          "Indeed" answered Reyes as the crew in the mess hall all looked awed at the beauty of the sight they were witnessing,
          "Worth having a look at?" asked Doctor Wren.
          "If conditions are safe" answered Reyes.

          Both officers both got their meals and sat down to enjoy their meals.

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            "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
            -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
          • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,807 Arc User
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            Planet NGC-456.2

            A shuttle had gone down to start the first exploration of the world, it was class M with plains of grass with deep canyons and gorges carved out by the the powerful rivers running from a chain of mountains, in the southern continents, a vast jungle covered every bit of land as they extended into what could be described as mangrove swamps along the coasts. As Shuttlecraft Ebro landed, the away team prepared their gear and soon departed the shuttle,
            "Marines fan out and provide security" ordered Lt. Cmdr Anna Valdez.
            "Ma'am" answered the marines before following the order.
            "We've detected a storm front heading our way, from what our sensors have gathered, it's a big one" said Lt. Cmdr Robert Baker.
            "How bad?" asked Doctor Wren.
            "We won't be able to fly" answered Baker.
            "Noted, let's get these plant samples and leave before the storm hits us" replied Doctor Wren.

            Things were going to plan as the team watched the weather very closely but disaster struck when Lt. Hendon fell and broke his ankle,
            "Status of storm?" asked Doctor Wren to Baker.
            "We've got precisely two minutes to get back to the shuttle and take off, once that wall hits, we're not going anywhere. Transporters will be not available" answered Baker.
            "Get Hendon to the shuttle, Sgt. Barnes, carry him" ordered Doctor Wren.
            "Be careful" yelled Barnes as the pain set in.
            By time they got back to the shuttle, it was too late to take off as a wall of wind and rain hit the shuttle. The away team inside had to seal the shuttle and raise the shields to ride out the storm.

            "Get Hendon onto that row of seats, Anna, get me a medkit and check the the storage container for dressings and a splint" ordered Doctor Wren.
            "Ma'am" answered Anna as she went to get the medkit, dressings and splint, "Will this do?" she asked after showing Doctor Wren a small pole.
            "It'll do, have you any alcohol on you?" asked Doctor Wren.
            "A flask of Bourbon in my right pocket for when I get off duty" answered Anna.
            "You're going to have to sacrifice it, I need a painkiller" replied Doctor Wren.
            "This is 40% proof, it'll do the job" answered Anna passing Doctor Wren her flask.

            Doctor Wren and Anna both got to work treating the injury as the stress levels began to build,
            "You lot, behave like officers and NCOs, you are supposed to set an example, not be at each other's throats" said Anna as an argument broke out between Lt. Hague and Sgt. Barnes.
            Anna had to step in and prevent fists being thrown,
            "Next time, I will stun your backsides if it ever comes close to violence. We are in a stressful situation with a man down, we may be here for a while. So learn to get along or I'll deal with you" ordered Anna.
            "Anna, over here" ordered Doctor Wren.
            "Ma'am" answered Anna.
            "I need to focus on this man, you keep order. Morale is a little shot through and we're stuck here" replied Doctor Wren.
            "I'll issue out the rations, maybe a little food might ease the situation" answered Anna.
            "We've got five days of food and water aboard, we may have to consider cutting rations if things get too bad" replied Doctor Wren.
            "Let's not hope it comes to that" answered Anna.
            "Robert, hail the Monroe and update the captain on our situation" ordered Doctor Wren.
            "Ma'am" answered Baker.

            The hail was sent and the away team now awaited a gap in the weather or rescue. Aboard the Monroe, a rescue mission was planned to retrieve the away team.

            On the surface, it was a different story as the shuttle was hit by 200+ Mph winds and sheets of rain. No one could leave the shuttle and after four days, it was getting uncomfortable,
            "I feel sticky, I smell horrible and ration bars again" complained Barnes.
            "Newsflash, none of us have been able to wash or shower, we all smell bad and are stuck with the same rations. Right now, we need to work together, we have a man down who needs urgent medical attention. The last thing the Doctor needs to hear is you lot constantly complaining so all of you, get a grip" answered Anna.
            "Another game of Blackjack?" asked Ensign Peter Emden.
            "We've been playing Blackjack for the last three days" sighed Barnes.
            "It's better than hearing you complain constantly" answered Emden.
            "Any news on that storm?" asked Barnes.
            "The eye is coming overhead, if we are to take off, we take off as soon as possible" answered Baker.
            "Thanks, just get us the hell out of here" replied Barnes as Anna checked in with Doctor Wren.
            "Anna, Hendon's developed a fever, we need to get him to a medlab fast or we'll lose him" said Doctor Wren.
            "We disinfected the injury thoroughly" answered Anna.
            "Temperature's up, I need you to keep him talking. Keep his mind occupied" replied Doctor Wren.
            "I'll do my best" answered Anna.
            Anna then stayed with Hendon keeping his hand held and keeping him talking.

            "We've got an opening, Emden. Secure all hatches and storage areas and belt yourselves in, this is going to be a rough ride" said Baker.
            The shuttle took off, as it climbed, it was hit by strong turbulence. Anna had to use her body to stop Hendon rolling off the seats as the turbulence got stronger. After an hour, the shuttle managed to break orbit and was guided into land in shuttlebay 1.

            Hendon was rushed to the Medbay, after a two day battle, Doctor Wren saved his life.

            Meanwhile on the bridge, an anomaly was detected. The Monroe went to investigate and were soon picking up a ship exiting the anomaly,
            "Scan that ship, it looks like one of ours" ordered Captain Reyes Valdez.
            "Getting a reading now, this is odd" reported Baker.
            "LC (Lt. Cmdr)?" asked Reyes.
            "Registry is I.S.S. Monroe, NCC-1238-A" answered Baker.
            "All hands, red alert" ordered Reyes as a hail came in,
            "You show your strength to come at us with shields raised and weapons charged, I'm impressed" said Captain Reyes Valdez (red).
            "Wait, you are me" replied Reyes (prime).
            "Are you aware you have a Terran on your bridge?, well the half Terran and she's sat flanking you" asked Reyes (red).
            "Anna, are you part Terran?" asked Reyes (prime).
            "I am, I'm going to tell you this, you cannot show weakness. You show weakness, your mirror will exploit that" answered Anna.
            "I'll be needing your council on this" replied Reyes (prime).
            "You'll get it" answered Anna.
            "Let's find out what they want" replied Reyes (prime).
            "No need captain, we were on our way back from a delicate mission from our superiors. An anomaly formed and we ended up here. It pains me to ask this, could you help us get home?" said Reyes (red).
            "Captain, I will have to clear it with my superiors first" replied Reyes (prime).
            "Ah yes, the bureaucracy. It's a funny old thing, no matter where you go, it's there" answered Reyes (red).
            "Except, in the Terran Empire, the bureaucracy can order your execution for failure" said Anna.
            Reyes (red) just smiled.

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              "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
              -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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              System NGC-456.2

              It was a tense situation on the bridges of both Monroes,
              "They're thinking the same as us, they are as equally surprised" advised Lt. Cmdr Anna Valdez.
              "Expect a double cross?" asked Captain Reyes Valdez (prime).
              "You never see the knife that stabs you in the back" replied Anna.
              "I'll consider that a fair warning" answered Reyes (prime).
              "Don't forget it" advised Anna.
              "Always expect an ambush, just because it looks like it won't happen, it could happen" answered Reyes (prime).
              "A lesson learnt from the Klingons?" asked Anna.
              "The hard way" answered Reyes (prime).
              "I'd suggest keeping shields up" advised Cmdr. Barras (prime).
              "Also increase the lighting, Terrans have sensitivity to bright light" advised Anna.
              "Doctor Wren, I need all crew who are from this mirror universe to have UV lens, we're increasing lighting" ordered Reyes (prime) via combadge.
              "Captain" answered Doctor Wren.

              On the I.S.S. Monroe bridge, Captain Reyes Valdez (red) consulted with his first officer,
              "They're equally confused as we are but we can exploit that" advised Cmdr. Barras (red).
              "Curb your ambition, we are alone out here with no fleet support. Just remember we have a treaty with these people" ordered Reyes (red).
              "A mistake if you ask me" answered Barras (red).
              All he got was a glare from Reyes (red),
              "This could go one of three ways. You back down, you go to the booth or I just shoot you right here and now. Her Excellency's orders are that insubordination that puts the treaty at risk means severe punishment. Do you want to explain to her why you broke the treaty out of personal interest?" asked Reyes (red).
              Barra (red) soon backed down when he saw Reyes (red) open his pistol holster.
              "I don't know what's worse, having to cooperate with those Fedrats or have a Mongrel as an Empress" muttered Barras (red).
              All that was heard was a phaser bolt fly through the air and hit Barras (red) in the head.
              "Security, dispose of him. Disrespect like that will not be tolerated" said Reyes (red) to the bridge crew as he put his pistol back in the holster, "Cmdr. Baker, you are now my XO, don't disappoint me" he said afterwards.
              "Sir, Barras (red) got what he deserved, I have your back" said Cmdr. Baker (red).
              "Medbay to bridge, when I see that quartermaster again, I'll have him put to the booth. After an inventory check, we don't have the medical supplies needed for a trip this long to return home" said Doctor Riaznna Wren (red).
              "Doctor, when we get back, you may get your wish" answered Reyes (red) via combadge.
              "Thank you captain, I cannot tolerate incompetence" replied Doctor Wren (red).
              "Doctor, do your best. I need that determination which got you through the plague that hit Bajor (red)" ordered Reyes (red).
              "Captain, medbay out" answered Doctor Wren.
              "Let's not do anything rash, we are equally matched but they have one advantage. They have people who can think like us aboard, people who know our ways better than anyone" ordered Reyes (red).
              "Caution seems to be the best approach, I suggest we keep shields up" advised Baker (red).
              "Agreed" answered Reyes (red).

              In the medlab or the U.S.S. Monroe three hours later, the mirror crewman all gathered around,
              "We need to tell the captain" said Nurse Oreada Dawson (red).
              "He does not know about his counterpart's war crimes" replied Lt. Jake Calvas (red).
              "Or why he was called El Diablo" added Lt. Sarah Calvas (red).
              "We need to get the captain" said Anna.
              "Do it" answered Oreada (red).
              "Valdez to Captain Valdez, we need to speak to you about something that concerns you" said Anna via combadge.
              "Meet me on Holodeck 1" answered Reyes (prime).
              "Thanks for hearing us out, on our way" replied Anna.
              On the holodeck Monroe bridge, the mirror crew all briefed Reyes (prime).
              "Captain, your counterpart is infamous. He carried out two city sackings, On Bajor, he had the entire population of the city of Hathon rounded up, every soul. 20,000 men were executed in front of the population, all those males over the age of 16 were sentenced to death in an Imperial quarry and the rest sold into slavery. The city was brutally sacked as your counterpart's troops were let loose on the civilians" said Lt. Jake Calvas.
              "He also came to my world, 300 Betazoid men executed, the rest of the population of Rixx enslaved and the city brutally sacked" added Oreada (red).
              "That's why he was known as El Diablo among our kind" finished Lt. Sarah Calvas (red).
              "These are the records from that time, what my colleagues say is true" said Anna.
              "So we have a war criminal on our hands" responded Reyes (prime).
              "Those crimes were not committed in this universe, so legally, not our jurisdiction" said Anna.
              "But if he's been in a transporter buffer over 150 years, that's at least eight life sentences" replied Reyes (prime).
              "He may not have had a choice in carrying those sackings" answered Anna.
              "Had he refused, his entire family would have been executed just to punish him" said Oreada (red).
              "Anna, did you pick up any guilt?" asked Reyes (prime).
              "I did, the guilt is there under surface. If what my sister in law says is true, then we treat him as a victim of circumstance" answered Anna.
              "We'll keep our guard up and we will get him home, they're still Starfleet at end of the day just not our Starfleet" said Reyes (prime).
              "Captain" chorused the mirror crew.
              "To your posts" ordered Reyes (red).
              "Sir" chorused the mirror crew.

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                "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
              • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,807 Arc User
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                NGC-456.2 System

                After contacting Starfleet and advising them of the situation, Captain Reyes Valdez (prime) was given his instructions,
                "Captain, hold your position and keep an eye on them, I'll be at your position in six hours" said Fleet Admiral Valdez, "with the crisis at DS9, we're in no position to send you back up. I'll be coming with Ambassador Smith (red)" he said afterwards.
                "Sir, copy that" answered Reyes (prime).
                "Captain, contact your counterpart and extend him an offer for talks. Let's ease the tension" ordered Valdez.
                "Sir, with respect, we've both got shields up and have weapons locked on each other, they may try and take advantage of the situation" answered Reyes (prime).
                "Offer them this, power down weapons but keep shields up" replied Valdez.
                "I've been notified of his past, the mirrors on my crew told me everything" answered Reyes (prime).
                "What have you learnt?" asked Valdez.
                "I'm sending you the details, I've ordered that lighting be raised aboard and that we keep our guard" answered Reyes (prime).
                After reading the intel, Valdez took note and gave Reyes (red) his new orders,
                "How are you treating this?" asked Valdez.
                "Potential victim of circumstance, having learnt a lot about the Terrans, ignoring orders can be fatal not only to you but your entire family" answered Reyes (prime).
                "Stands to reason, do your best Captain, Valdez out" replied Valdez and the screen went blank.

                Reyes (prime) now went to the bridge and ordered,
                "Emden, hail them."
                "Kapitan" answered Ensign Emden (prime).
                Reyes (red) appeared onscreen,
                "Captain, how may I help you?"
                "Let's both power down our weapons but keep shields up, where's Barras (red)?" asked Reyes (prime).
                "He had a disagreement with my complaints department" answered Reyes (red).
                "You mean your phaser" commented Lt.Cmdr Anna Valdez.
                "He was too ambitious for his own good and disrespectful, so he was disposed of" answered Reyes (red).
                "Disposed off?" asked Reyes (prime) to Anna.
                "Executed and his lifeless body dumped out of the waste disposal" answered Anna.
                "A bit extreme" replied Reyes (prime).
                "They do things differently to us, I grew up in the Terran Empire. If you were weak as a child, you were not allowed to reach adulthood. Weakness is not tolerated and only the strong are allowed to live" answered Anna.
                "Darwinism" replied Reyes (prime).
                "Indeed captain, your adviser speaks the truth. I suggest you listen to her" answered Reyes (red).
                "My superior is on his way and he's bring the Terran Ambassador, he'll be here in six hours" replied Reyes (prime).
                "Tanner (red), power down weapons but keep shields up" ordered Reyes (red) to Lt. Tanner (red).
                "Tanner, you do the same" ordered Reyes (prime) to Lt. Tanner (prime).
                "Weapons powered down, the Terrans have also powered their weapons down" reported Tanner (prime).

                "We'll wait for your superior" said Reyes (red).
                Six hours later, the crews of both ships were waiting patiently,
                "Captain, you better look at the viewscreen" reported Cmdr. Baker (red).
                When Reyes (red) turned round, he saw a Scimitar decloak in front of both ships,
                "Scan that ship" ordered Reyes (red).
                Tanner (red) carried out the scan and gulped,
                "52 disruptor banks and 27 plasma torpedo arrays, primary and secondary shields" he then reported, "we're being hailed" he said afterwards.
                "Put them through" ordered Reyes (red).
                "This is Fleet Admiral Nathan Valdez of the Alliance, I.S.S. Monroe, let's open discussions" said Valdez.
                "Admiral, how do I know you'll not double cross us. You have us outgunned and outnumbered" asked Reyes (red).
                "We do have a treaty" answered Valdez.
                "Captain, I need you to stand down from red alert. That's an order" said Ambassador Smith to Reyes (red).
                "Captain, stand down from red alert" ordered Valdez to Reyes (prime).
                Both Monroes stood down from red alert as a meeting was arranged for 1500 hours aboard the U.S.S. Monroe.

                When Valdez, Smith (red) and Attila transported aboard the U.S.S. Monroe-A, they was met by Anna and Reyes (prime).
                "Lt.Cmdr, make sure your marines are ready" ordered Reyes (prime).
                "Barnes, meet me at transporter room two with a detachment of marines" ordered Anna via combadge.
                "Ma'am" answered Sgt. Barnes (prime).
                When Reyes (red) and Doctor Wren (red) flew aboard via shuttle, Valdez, Reyes (prime), Smith (red), Attila, Anna and a marine detachment were waiting for them.
                "Admiral, let's get these talks done" said Reyes (red) after introducing his retinue.
                In the conference room 20 minutes later, the talks began,
                "Captain, is there any way to reopen the rift that sent you here?" asked Valdez.
                "We nearly burnt out our deflector getting through it, it's still under repair" answered Reyes (red).
                "Furthermore, our inventory of medical supplies is not full, I'm having to ration it" said Doctor Wren (red).
                "We can help you on that, Doctor, give my doctor a list of what you need but within reason" answered Reyes (prime).
                "Thank you for your assistance, you may have saved lives by your kindness" replied Doctor Wren (red).
                "End of the day, you're still Starfleet just not our Starfleet" answered Reyes (prime).
                "Captain, we need to get home" replied Reyes (red).
                "You'll have their cooperation, I'll oversee the trip from the U.S.S. Monroe" said Smith (red).
                "Ambassador, I'll have guest quarters prepared for you" answered Reyes (prime).
                "Thank you captain" replied Smith (red), "I'll need to contact my superiors, let her excellency know what happened" he said afterwards.

                "I'll increase security around the Ambassador" said Anna.
                "Nice to see you again, Anna. How's the family business doing?" asked Smith (red).
                "Doing very well, how's Mereu?" asked Anna.
                "Doing very well" answered Smith (red) as Attila laid down next to Smith (red).
                "Captain, your orders are to escort your counterpart and his people back to the Terran Empire. Once they've returned, you'll be needed at Deep Space Nine, I'm sorry but your exploration mission has been put on hold for the foreseeable future" ordered Valdez to Reyes (prime).
                "Sir" answered Reyes (prime).
                "Let's call an end to this meeting, we all know our jobs" said Valdez.
                Everyone left the meeting and Valdez now turned the visit into a personal visit,
                "How have my children been?" asked Valdez.
                "Lt. Cmdr Valdez has the potential to be an excellent Starfleet officer and Corpsman Dawson has been exceptional in the medbay, my doctor gives me a weekly report on his progress. Though I would like it if they were more professional on duty when around their spouses" answered Reyes (red).
                "I've got an hour before I depart for Deep Space Nine, so I'll be spending some time with my children and daughters in law while I'm here" replied Valdez.
                "Anna, tell your brother that your father has arrived" said Reyes (prime).

                For the next hour, Valdez spent that time with Anna, Rick, Oreada (red) and Isoisa before departing back to Deep Space Nine.
                Reyes (red and Doctor Wren (red) oversaw the loading of medical supplies before departing for the Monroe-A as Federation work bees helped on the repairs to the I.S.S. Monroe-A's deflector.
                Once the repairs were finished, the mission was launched as both Monroes now travelled in convoy for the Bajoran sector.
                Aboard the U.S.S. Monroe, Anna assisted Ambassador Smith (red) in showing him his guest quarters,
                "He's got bigger" she said when she saw Attila.
                "Fully grown, me and Attila have a bond. I trust him with my life" answered Smith (red).
                "Who's a big cute wolf?" said Anna to Attila when she snuck him a treat, Attila just wagged his tail and rolled over on the floor.
                Smith (red) then ordered canine nutritional food from the replicator and put the bowl on the floor.

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                  "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                  -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                  Beta/Alpha Quadrant border, Teneebia sector

                  The US.S. and I.S.S. Monroe-As had picked up a distress call from Sector 267, the U.S.S. Hawke was under attack, aboard the bridge of the U.S.S. Monroe-A, Captain Reyes Valdez (prime) listened to the distress call,
                  "This is Captain Diana Petrova of the U.S.S. Hawke, we are under attack from House of Torg forces, need assistance urgently."
                  "Captain, sorry to divert from our trip but we're needed to deal with some rogue Klingons" said Reyes (prime) to his counterpart via secure channel.
                  "I've been wanting to combat test my crew, let's work together on this" answered Reyes (red).
                  "I'm sending you the coordinates" answered Reyes (prime).
                  "Captain, coordinates received" answered Reyes (red).
                  "Mr Wallace, set a course for the distress call, maximum warp" ordered Reyes (red).
                  "Iso, set course for the distress call, maximum warp" ordered Reyes (prime).
                  The order was followed on both ships as they jumped to Warp 9.9.

                  When they arrived, the U.S.S. Hawke was surrounded by three B'Rel class Birds of Prey and a Vor'cha class battlecruiser,
                  "This is Captain Reyes Valdez of the U.S.S. Monroe to rogue Klingons, you'll break off your attack or be destroyed" said Reyes (prime) over a open channel.
                  The rogue Klingons ignored the hail and soon began a fresh assault on the Hawke.
                  "Tanner, target engines and shields" ordered Reyes (prime).
                  "Sir, weapons locked and firing. Hits reported to two B'Rels but they're still engaging the Hawke" reported Lt. Tanner (prime).
                  "Tanner, target the Vor'cha, shields and their reactor" ordered Reyes (red).
                  "With pleasure" answered Lt. Tanner (red) before executing the order, "Shields knocked out, their reactor is damaged" he reported afterwards.
                  "Iso, put us between the Klingons and the Hawke" ordered Reyes (prime).
                  "Sir" answered Lt. Cmdr Isoisa Valdez.
                  "The U.S.S. Monroe has put herself between the Klingons and the Hawke, they are acting like a shield for her" reported Cmdr. Baker (red).
                  "Let's finish off the Vor'cha and move to deal with the attacking Birds of prey" ordered Reyes (red).
                  "Sir" chorused Wallace and Tanner (red).
                  "Captain Petrova, status of your warp engines?" asked Reyes (prime).
                  "Engines knocked out and shields about to fail" answered Captain Diana Petrova.
                  "They'll attempt to board" said Reyes (prime ) to Lt. Cmdr Anna Valdez.
                  "I'll lead a marine unit over to help the Hawke crew" answered Anna.
                  "Your best marines, go" ordered Reyes (prime).
                  "Barnes, get your best MACOs, assist the Hawke crew in countering the enemy boarding parties" ordered Reyes (red) to Sgt. Barnes (red).
                  "Sir" answered Barnes (red).

                  As the battle raged outside the U.S.S. Hawke, the marines and Imperial MACOs transported aboard though a gap in the Hawke's shields and got to action,
                  "Let's see if living in this universe has tamed you" joked Barnes (red).
                  "Let's see who can kill the most Klingons unless you are scared of a little competition" countered Anna smiling.
                  "Let's go" answered Barnes (red).

                  Barnes' (red) and Anna's teams proceeded to clear each deck of Klingons in brutal close quarter combat, as the Klingons charged the marines, Starfleet crew and Imperial MACOs with bat'leths and mek'leths, the marines, Starfleet and Imperial MACO formed disciplined firing lines and scythed down the Klingon warriors with mass volleys of phaser fire. Each section had to be cleared by assault teams using knives, autocarbines, and photon grenades, no quarter was given and none asked as the Imperial, Starfleet and marine forces crushed each pocket of resistance.
                  After an hour of hard fighting, there were no more Klingons left alive aboard the Hawke. The marines and Imperial MACOs transported back to their respective ships once satisfied the Hawke was secured.

                  During that time, the I.S.S. and U.S.S. Monroe-A both ruthlessly dispatched the House of Torg ships with accurate strikes to their warp reactors. Not a single Klingon would leave that battlefield alive.

                  Afterwards, Captain Petrova hailed both Monroe-As,
                  "Terrans and Starfleet working together, that I was not expecting" she commented afterwards.
                  "You need an escort?" asked Reyes (red).
                  "We're heading to DS9" added Reyes (prime).
                  "We were on our way to DS9 when were attacked, we're stuck here until we can get our engines up and running again" explained Petrova.
                  "I'm sending over engineers to assist, we'll provide cover while you repair" answered Reyes (prime).
                  "Captain Petrova, we will also provide cover" said Reyes (red).
                  "Thank you, both of you, me and my crew owe your crews our lives. We will never forget this" answered Petrova.

                  After several hours, the Hawke was repaired and under escort from both Monroe-As, set a course for DS9.

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                    "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                    -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                    Sigma Draconis System

                    The convoy of the U.S.S. Hawke and both Monroe-As had detected a temporal rift in the Sigma Draconis system, after clearing it with the local authorities, all three captains agreed to pool their resources to investigate,
                    "I need a history of his system" requested Captain Reyes Valdez (prime).
                    "Are you familiar with the story of the U.S.S. Liberator?" asked Captain Diana Petrova via secure channel.
                    "I am not" answered Reyes (prime).
                    "Ma'am, we have something coming through" reported Ensign Hague aboard the U.S.S. Hawke.
                    "Captains, check you sensors" said Petrova to both Reyes via her com panel.
                    "I got it, it's a ship. Federation Constitution class and she looks like she got beaten really hard" reported Lt. Cmdr. Baker (prime).
                    "Her shields are depleted and her weapons down, her warp drive is gone as well" reported Baker (red).
                    "Name and registry?" asked Reyes (prime).
                    "U.S.S. Liberator, NCC-1784" answered Baker (prime).
                    "Status of crew?" asked Reyes (red).
                    "Over 250 dead, 200 wounded" answered Baker (red).
                    "Hague, keep an eye on that rift" ordered Petrova.
                    "Ma'am" answered Hague.
                    "Captains, we'll cover you. Help that crew" said Reyes (red).

                    "Doctor Wren, assemble a medical team, Lt. Cmdr Valdez will meet you with a marine escort" ordered Reyes (prime) via coms panel.
                    "Corpsman Dawson, Reynolds and Riggs, you're with me" said Doctor Wren (prime), "Nurse Dawson, I need this medbay ready" she ordered afterwards.
                    "Ma'am" answered the medical staff.

                    When the medical team and marines boarded the ship, they found a scene of carnage with dead and wounded officers all over the place.
                    "Doctor, we've found a survivor. She's critical" reported Anna.
                    "Internal bleeding and fractured skull, Corpsman, stabilise her and ready her for medivac" ordered Doctor Wren.
                    "My name is Corpsman Richard Dawson, I need you to stay calm so I can get you stabilised" said Rick to the injured survivor.
                    "My crew, how are they?" asked the survivor.
                    "No good I'm afraid, 250 are dead with the other 200 including yourself injured. We're evacuating you and your people for treatment" answered Rick.
                    "Evacuate my crew first, I'll remain here until they're safe" answered the survivor.
                    "Captain, you have internal bleeding and a skull fracture, you need to be evacuated urgently" replied Rick as he was stabilising the Liberator's captain.
                    "Not before my crew" insisted the Liberator's captain.
                    "No say in the matter, Dawson to Monroe, two to beam directly to medbay" said Rick tapping his combadge.

                    The rest of the Liberator crew were evacuated straight afterwards.
                    Aboard the Monroe-A an hour later, the Liberator's captain came to,
                    "Where am I?" asked the Liberator's captain, "I want to speak to your captain" she said afterwards.
                    "Captain, you better come down to sickbay, the Liberator's captain wishes to speak to you" said Doctor Wren.
                    "On my way" answered Reyes (prime).
                    When Reyes (prime) arrived, he was briefed by Doctor Wren,
                    "Doctor, I'll talk to her" said Reyes (prime).
                    "Don't be too long, she needs to rest" answered Doctor Wren.
                    "Mr Dawson, keep an eye on her and monitor her vitals" ordered Reyes (prime).
                    "Sir" answered Rick.

                    "Captain, where am I and what ship is this? I've never seen a sickbay like this" asked the Liberator's captain.
                    "You are in the 25th century and you are aboard the U.S.S. Monroe-A" answered Reyes (prime).
                    "Your officer keeps looking at me in a suspicious manner" said the Liberator's captain.
                    "She's my security chief, being suspicious is part of the job" answered Reyes (prime).
                    When the Liberator's captain finally came to fully, she recognised Reyes (prime).
                    "Dad?" she asked, "what are you doing here?" she finished with.
                    "I have a late daughter, only child I ever had" answered Reyes (prime).
                    "Was she called Marissa?" asked the Liberator's captain.
                    "She was, she was...." answered Reyes (prime) before the Liberator's captain cut him off mid sentence.
                    "13 years old when you were posted MIA in 2256. But your are here in this century" said Captain Marissa Valdez.
                    "Marissa?" asked Reyes (prime).
                    "I never stopped searching for you for all these years hoping you were still alive, Mom never took the loss well and died two years after you were posted MIA. I grew up not knowing if you were still alive or dead" answered Marissa.
                    "I'm sorry for not being there for you and your mother when you needed me" replied Reyes (prime).
                    "Not your fault, things changed when Mom received the letter from Starfleet, she withdrew from public life and hit the bottle, I was taken off her and put with a foster family. Dad, please don't blame yourself" answered Marissa.
                    "I spent over 150 years trapped in a transporter buffer, not knowing when rescue would come" replied Reyes (prime).

                    "But you are here now, rescue did come" answered Marissa.
                    "Over 150 years late" replied Reyes (prime).
                    "I can tell by your eyes that something is up" answered Marissa.
                    "When your ship is repaired and the survivors of your crew are healed, you have to go back. Temporal Prime Directive" replied Reyes (prime).
                    "The timeline cannot be altered even at the cost of the lives of me and my crew, the damage could be beyond calculation" answered Marissa.
                    "You understand, what happened?" asked Reyes (prime).
                    "We were in battle over Sigma Draconis III against a Tzenkethi armada looking to take the planet. They hit us as soon as we came out of warp. The Roanoke and Athens were destroyed with all hands before they even got chance to fire a shot. We led the surviving Federation ships in an attack on the Tzenkethi flagship but were hammered by their tetryon weapons and torpedoes, our shields were useless" answered Marissa,
                    "Our allies rushed to protect us but they were not fast enough as the Hornet and Resolute were crippled then destroyed before we were given cover fire from our allies saving the Roma and Manchester, the Tzenkethi even destroyed the escape pods."
                    "The Tzenkethi cowards" commented Reyes (prime).
                    "If I must go back, I'll make the Tzenkethi pay for the defenceless and helpless Starfleet who were murdered by those cowards" answered Marissa.

                    "Get better first, you're angry, grieving and you need time to cool that temper young lady" replied Reyes (prime).
                    "How's my ship?" asked Marissa.
                    "She's being repaired, my engineers tell me that she'll be ready in between 12-24 hours" answered Reyes (prime).
                    "Your doctor has a good team, I spoke to a very direct young man who overruled me" replied Marissa.
                    "Yeah, that was me" answered Rick.
                    "You are a credit to to your captain, Mr Dawson" replied Marissa.

                    For the next 12 hours, Reyes (prime) and Marissa made amends with each other and when the Liberator crew were ready to return, Marissa made her final farewell to Reyes (prime).
                    The Liberator survivors then transported over to their ship and reentered the rift, the rift was then closed by deflector pulse.
                    "Give them hell kiddo, give them hell" said Reyes (prime) to Marissa before she left.

                    When Anna and Reyes (prime) both checked Starfleet records later, the U.S.S. Liberator was recorded as being destroyed. Marissa had evacuated her crew under allied and surviving Starfleet covering fire and set a collision course for the Tzenkethi flagship covering her crew as they were being rescued.

                    History recorded that the Liberator had made a kamikaze run and destroyed the Tzenkethi flagship at the cost of her captain's life. Sigma Draconis III was a bittersweet victory for the local fleet and Starfleet with over a dozen Starfleet vessels destroyed and the Tzenkethi put into full scale retreat.

                    "Sir, your daughter helped save millions of lives that day. She was posthumously awarded the Christopher Pike Cross of Valour for her actions that day, it was accepted by her husband and three children. Be proud of her and we found this in the Starfleet archives" said Anna to Reyes (prime) passing him a parcel.
                    When he opened it, he saw a photo of Marissa on the day she was promoted to captain of the Liberator and decided to keep the photo on his desk as a small but personal memorial.
                    The convoy of the Hawke and both Monroes carried onto towards Deep Space Nine.

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                      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                      U.S.S. Monroe-A, Trill Sector

                      "Any idea where the captain is?" asked Doctor Wren to Lt.Cmdr Anna Valdez.
                      "Since what happened with his daughter, he's asked for privacy" answered Anna.
                      "With recent events, I cannot blame him" sighed Doctor Wren.
                      "Anything we can do to help?" asked Anna.
                      "There might be, is your father related to the Captain's daughter directly?" asked Doctor Wren.
                      "Fourth generation great grandmother to him, why do you ask?" countered Anna.
                      "That means the captain has family, and two are them are serving under him" answered Doctor Wren.
                      "Four" corrected Anna.
                      "Taking in laws into account, valid point Anna" replied Doctor Wren.
                      "What do you need me for?" asked Anna smiling.
                      "Show him your family records from his line" answered Doctor Wren.
                      "Technically Dad is my stepfather, I don't know who my real father is" replied Anna.
                      "You carry the family name, that's what counts" replied Doctor Wren.
                      "You got me there Doc, consider it done" answered Anna.
                      "With what happened, it might ease the pain" replied Doctor Wren.
                      "It will still be there, I've lost family and it stings for a long time" answered Anna.
                      "Then we lessen that sting at least" replied Doctor Wren.
                      "Let's go, let's start from 2243" answered Anna.
                      "Good starting anchor" replied Doctor Wren before both officers went to check the Federation archives.

                      Meanwhile, the transporter was picking up unique energy signatures,
                      "Chief, I think you need to look at the transporter, something's odd" reported Ensign Taylor via combadge down in transporter room 2.
                      "Define odd" ordered Chief Engineer Hirosho.
                      "Like some form of lightning, we've had to put a level 10 forcefield around the transporter pad" answered Taylor.
                      "Ensign, stay calm and keep that forcefield up, I'm on my way up with an engineering team" ordered Hirosho.
                      "Sir, something is materialising. I don't know what it is but all I can say it's organic" answered Taylor.
                      "Contact Doctor Wren, and tell her to meet us in transporter room 2" ordered Hirosho.
                      "Sir, Taylor out" answered Taylor, "Doctor Wren, you are needed in transporter room 2. Bring a team" he said afterwards.
                      When Doctor Wren and her team arrived, they were met by Horosho,
                      "From the sounds of Taylor's tone of voice, the man is scared" said Horosho.
                      "Organic, this has got my attention. Let's see what we've got on our hands" replied Doctor Wren.
                      "I need to take a look at that transporter" answered Horosho.

                      When they arrived, what appeared to be a cocoon was on the transporter pad,
                      "We need to know what organic material this is, Dawson, I need a sample of the cocoon. Nurse Dawson, make sure the genetic scanners are calibrated" ordered Doctor Wren.
                      "Ma'am" answered the Dawsons.
                      Corpsman Dawson gathered a sample from the cocoon as Doctor Wren scanned the cocoon and made a log,
                      "Upon scans of the cocoon sitting on our transporter pad, this is not of this universe. The quantum variables are not matching our quantum variables, what puzzles me the most is the occupant inside. We've detected Human DNA, once we've got this to our genetic lab, we can do a more thorough examination pending the genetic results for the sample tests."

                      After transporting the cocoon to a genetic research lab, the results came in an hour later,
                      "I'd never thought I'd see that" said Doctor Wren.
                      "Ma'am?" asked Corpsman Dawson.
                      "Far above your rank grade, all I can say" answered Doctor Wren.
                      "One of them don't ask" replied Corpsman Dawson.
                      "Ma'am, the cocoon is moving, like something's opening" said Nurse Dawson as she was scanning the cocoon.
                      What surprised them caught them all off guard and when Captain Reyes Valdez arrived in medbay, he was surprised to see a healthy 13 year old Human girl lying in a biobed asleep,
                      "Captain, the cocoon she arrived in has a signature that command needs to know about" said Doctor Wren.
                      "What's in Starfleet records on the cocoon?" asked Reyes.
                      "Well here's the thing, I tried to match it all know substances in the records and kept getting blocked by a security code on the one that matched, admiralty clearance level" answered Doctor Wren.
                      "What kind of material was it?" asked Reyes.
                      "It was fungal" answered Doctor Wren.
                      "Why would a fungal strain be classified to all but the highest echelons of Starfleet?" asked Reyes rather puzzled.
                      "That is an answer I cannot give you" answered Doctor Wren.

                      "The girl in the biobed?" asked Reyes.
                      "I can tell you this, she's 100% Human with no genetic flaws. I did a DNA test on her and her results were very interesting" answered Doctor Wren.
                      "How so Doctor?" asked Reyes.
                      "She's genetically identical to the Marissa Valdez who we treated. Captain, I'll need a genetic sample from you" answered Doctor Wren.
                      "Take this hair sample" replied Reyes passing Doctor Wren some hair from his eyebrow.
                      "Captain, you better see this" said Doctor Wren.
                      "There's a partial match between my DNA and that girl laid in the biobed" answered Reyes stunned.
                      "We both know Marissa was killed in action in 2272, but Marissa is there as a 13 year old girl and that leaves us a mystery" replied Doctor Wren.
                      "Have you looked at the theory that she may not be from this universe?" asked Reyes.
                      "The quantum signature confirms that she comes from a realm that is on the Starfleet classified list, I checked and guess what, Admiralty ranking only just to see that information" answered Doctor Wren.
                      "Make her comfortable. I need to contact my superiors about this" answered Reyes.
                      "I'll tell you when she awakens" replied Doctor Wren.
                      "Doc, thank you" answered Reyes before he left for his ready room.

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                        "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                        -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                        Deep Space Nine orbit, Bajor System.

                        After contacting his superiors, Captain Reyes Valdez (prime) was ordered to meet with Starfleet medical aboard DS9,
                        "Captain, how are you treating this?" asked Admiral Nathan Valdez.
                        "We've run every known test, she's a 100% healthy human, no genetic defects and no temporal variances. I cannot explain her arrival, not with the lock outs on relevant information" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "Meet me and Doctor Bashir aboard DS9, he'll need to see the girl" replied Valdez.
                        "I want a guarantee her rights will be respected, she's alive and she's sentient. I want to be with her" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "Captain, speaking as a father myself, be with her" replied Valdez.
                        "Thank you sir" answered Reyes (prime).

                        Aboard the I.S.S. Monroe-A, Reyes (red) was equally puzzled and tried to speak with the mirror of the girl in his medbay. She refused to look him in the eyes and told him,
                        "You know what you've done. All the suffering inflicted, I don't even want to speak to you again or ever see you again. You are dead to me."
                        "Marissa, it was to protect you and your mother. Had I refused, you know what would have happened" answered Reyes (red).
                        "It was wrong, you want to know what the last thing I remember was before my mother was executed?" asked Marissa (red).
                        "Sheer terror" answered Reyes (red).
                        "Your logs were used as evidence against her, I watched it happen. You were responsible for her death, you were responsible for the killings and enslavement of tens of thousands, maybe even millions so why should I ever forgive you?" asked Marissa (red).

                        Aboard the U.S.S. Monroe-A, Reyes (prime) talked with Marissa (prime),
                        "What's the last thing you remember?" asked Reyes (prime).
                        "My mother being taken away and me being taken off her, I never saw my mother again. What happened to her?" countered Marissa (prime).
                        "She died in 2258, I'm sorry to tell you that" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "You look like Dad, but I see pain. The pain of losing family" replied Marissa (prime).
                        "It's still sore" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "What's in the hand?" asked Marissa (prime).
                        "Marissa, we'll be going to see a Starfleet doctor aboard Deep Space Nine. I'll be with you all the way" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "They're orders from Starfleet Medical, please don't let them hurt me" replied Marissa (prime).
                        "I won't let that happen, you have my word" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "Sir, we due to dock in four minutes" reported Lt.Cmdr Isoisa Valdez.
                        "Nothing too crazy" ordered Reyes (prime) via combadge with a smile.
                        "Sir" answered Isoisa.

                        When the U.S.S. Monroe-A and I.S.S. Monroe-A both docked, Reyes (prime) and Reyes (red) met up along with their respective Marissas as Captain Diana Petrova met up with them,
                        "Captains, That was an interesting journey to say the least" said Reyes (red).
                        "You behaved yourself" joked Reyes (prime) smiling.
                        "Reyes my friend, I have a favour to ask of you" asked Reyes (red).
                        "As long as it's within reason" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "My Marissa will not fit in into my universe, she's always been a free thinker. I'm asking could you raise her as a daughter?" asked Reyes (red).
                        "I'd be honoured but she'll need to take some tests, my superiors tend to be very careful" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "Marissa, you understand?" asked Reyes (red).
                        "Get away from me, war criminal" answered Marissa (red).
                        "Take good care of her, if she wants me out of her life, it's her choice" said Reyes (red) to his counterpart.
                        Reyes (prime) took both Marissas to Doctor Bashir and Valdez.
                        After hours of tests, both Marissas were cleared and legally put into Reyes' (prime) custody,
                        "Girls, welcome to the start of a new age. I hope you both don't mind living on a starship" said Reyes (prime).

                        Meanwhile, the marines had taken over Vic's and decided to host a 1940s USO show, for the next few hours, marines, Starfleet and Terran all mixed and socialised together.
                        "Come on Mr Emden, ship pride on the line" said Lt. Cmdr Wallace (red) to Ensign Emden (red).
                        "Neck and neck, come on lad" said Wallace (prime) to Emden (prime).
                        While both Emdens were downing beer after beer, Reyes (prime) and Reyes (red) decided to see who was the strongest,
                        In the resulting arm wrestling match Reyes (red) won 3-2 as the marines in 1940s uniform were providing the entertainment and introducing the acts of the 1940s.
                        "Reyes my friend, why have you not asked Captain Petrova out for a drink?" asked Reyes (red).
                        "I've not felt ready to" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "I took the leap with her counterpart, will you let the opportunity slip away?" asked Reyes (red).
                        "You know what, I might take the leap. You know new life, new century" answered Reyes(prime).
                        "She's there, go talk to her" replied Reyes (red).
                        "I've got two girls to think about as well" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "They're enjoying themselves, your doctor is supervising them" replied Reyes (red).
                        "I'll get her a drink" answered Reyes (prime).
                        "You won't regret it" replied Reyes (red) smiling.

                        Reyes (prime) and Captain Diana Petrova both spent the next hour talking and soon, Petrova offered her hand in friendship.
                        What was raised by the show went to charity, both Monroe-A crew bid farewell to each other,
                        "My friend, give my daughter the life I could never give her. You made a friend in the Terran Empire, I will be working on my end to keep the peace" said Reyes (red).
                        "Next time, don't drop in unannounced" joked Reyes (prime).
                        "May fortune smile favourably on you and your crew, we will not forget your help" answered Reyes (red).
                        "Same to you my friend, Monroe-A out" replied Reyes (prime) as the screen went blank and the I.S.S. Monroe-A returned to her correct universe.
                        "I better go relieve Doctor Wren, my girls must be driving her crazy by now" said Reyes (prime).
                        "Sir, read this" said Anna passing a PADD over to Reyes (prime).
                        "Anna, thank you. This means so much to me" answered Reyes (prime) after reading the Valdez family logs.
                        "Sir, You're not alone" replied Anna.
                        "I better go rescue the doctor from my girls, Barras, you have the bridge" answered Reyes (prime).

                          "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                          -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                          Deck 12, U.S.S. Monroe-A, Bajor System.

                          "The time is 0500, you are on duty in one hour" said the ship computer to Ensign Peter Emden.
                          "Great, another 6-2 shift" sighed Emden to himself as he got up out of bed and got ready.
                          When Emden left his quarters, he was met by Lt. Cmdr Stephen Wallace,
                          "How's the hangover?" he asked.
                          "Not so bad, my head still feels like someone landed a Panzerschliffe (German for Armoured Ship) on my head" answered Emden.
                          "Let's get you to the Doc before breakfast, Chef has something special lined up" replied Wallace.
                          "Great, another Chef surprise" joked Emden as he nursed his hangover.
                          "If it's yet another variation on the infernal porridge, my scream will be heard across the star system" countered Wallace laughing.
                          "Like the the last three days in a row" replied Emden as both officers walked to the medbay. When they arrived, Doctor Wren was checking the inventories on the medical resupply front with Corpsman Dawson and Nurse Dawson,
                          "Mr Emden, too much to drink last night?" asked Doctor Wren.
                          "How bad?" asked Emden.

                          "Well, me and Tanner had to carry you all the way to your quarters. The fact you were totally out of it and singing in drunken German was funny as hell" answered Emden.
                          "Oh nein" sighed Emden.
                          "That was a lot of beer" replied Wallace.
                          "Well Mr Emden, this should take care of the hangover" said Doctor Wren as she loaded up a hypospray and jabbed Emden's arm with it.
                          "Thanks Doc" answered Emden.
                          "Not a problem, just don't make this a regular thing" replied Doctor Wren, "Mr Wallace, you're due a medical at 1400. Do not forget" she said afterwards.
                          "Doc" chorused both Emden and Wallace before they left for the mess hall.

                          After breakfast, both officers went to their stations,
                          "How was Row, Row, Row Your Boat in German?" asked Lt.Cmdr Anna Valdez sarcastically.
                          "You heard that?" countered Emden.
                          "Who didn't, why Mr Wallace has been trying to keep a straight face the whole time has finally been solved" answered Anna.
                          "You were off tone slightly" joked Lt. Andrew Tanner.
                          "I'm not going to live this down" sighed Emden.
                          "Nein!!" chorused Anna, Tanner and Wallace.
                          "Well I've got a long list of computer coding to run through, I best not waste time" answered Emden.

                          After six hours of computer coding, Emden finished his shift and went to his quarters for rest and relaxation. His lunch was interrupted by a battle station drill,
                          "Of all the times for an alert" he thought before running to his station.
                          "2 minutes 30, not good enough. You need to be faster" said Captain Reyes Valdez to the bridge crew, "Had you been this slow in my day, congratulations, you have all just died. Back to as you were, there will be another drill later on and I want to see 30 seconds shaved off that time."
                          "Yes sir!!" answered the crew.
                          "Good, at ease and as you were" ordered Reyes.

                          After returning to his lunch, Emden recorded his log and began reading up on the schematics of an old Earth warship as he looked at his model of the SMS Emden,
                          "Please, nothing disturb this lunch" he thought as he settled down to it. He was back on duty from 1600-2000 and when he finished his second shift, he was recalled to the bridge for another drill,
                          "Barras, what was the time?" asked Reyes.
                          "2 minutes 10 seconds" answered Barras.
                          "Still not fast enough, too slow again" said Reyes to the bridge crew, "I want to see a time of two minutes or less, speed in getting to your station mean the difference between life and death. I know you all hate it but it has to be done, it may one day save your lives."
                          "Sir" chorused the bridge crew.
                          "Barras, I need to go pick the girls up from their classes. Status on the quarters?" asked Reyes.
                          "They'll be ready in three hours, good luck sir" answered Barras.
                          "I might need it" replied Reyes, "All of you not on duty, you are dismissed. Those on duty, remain at your stations" he finished with before leaving the bridge.
                          Emden returned to his quarters and finished his now cold meal and went to Ten Forward for an hour with Wallace and Tanner before he returned to his quarters on deck 12 for what sleep he could get.

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                            "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                            -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                            Deck 3, U.S.S. Monroe-A, Bajor Sector

                            "The time is 0630" said the ship computer as Captain Reyes Valdez got up.
                            "Well time to get ready, long day ahead" thought Reyes before he went to get ready. Once he was ready and in uniform, he went to wake the girls up.
                            "Girls, both of you up and get ready, you've got 25 minutes until breakfast" he said via coms panel before remotely turning on the alarm clock in the twins' rooms.
                            "Dad, it's 0700, it's still early" complained Marissa (prime).
                            "Marissa Luisa, you've got class in an hour. Same goes for your sister" answered Reyes.
                            25 minutes later at breakfast, Marissa (red) was complaining,
                            "These lenses are too uncomfortable."
                            "You need them to help on the photo-sensitivity" answered Reyes as he brought in breakfast.
                            "Bacon and eggs with beans and tomatoes, Mom would have given you the glare of disapproval for this" said Marissa (prime).
                            "Rare treat, enjoy" answered Reyes as he poured out two cups of orange juice for the twins then a strong coffee for himself.
                            "I need to see Doctor Wren" said Marissa (red).
                            "Your contacts, I'll see about getting them changed for glasses" answered Reyes.
                            "Thanks dad, can we go before class?" asked Marissa (red).
                            "About your classes, listen to your tutors and show them respect. They are a lot older and wiser than you" answered Reyes, "Marissa, I'll take you to see Doctor Wren after breakfast."

                            After breakfast, Reyes took the twins to med bay,
                            "Doc, Marissa have been complaining about her lenses" said Reyes.
                            "They're uncomfortable" added Marissa (red).
                            "Usually I would say she needs time to adjust to them but that said, seeing that the discomfort is causing her a problem, glasses are going to be the better option" explained Doctor Wren, "The girls can help since they're booked in for their first biology lesson with me."
                            "Marissa, best behaviour" said Reyes to both twins.
                            "We'll do our best" chorused the twins.
                            "Girls, your lessons start now so get your hands disinfected. You will see what we do here in the medbay, you girls are going to have a busy morning" ordered Doctor Wren.
                            "I better get to the bridge, no doubt to the inevitable paperwork and daily reports from my staff" said Reyes, "girls, remember, best behaviour" he said to the twins afterwards before leaving.

                            When he got to the bridge, he was greeted by the standard,
                            "Captain on Bridge" from Lt.Cmdr Anna Valdez.
                            "Security briefing, my office" said Reyes to Anna.
                            "Sir" answered Anna.
                            After the daily security briefing, Reyes had to deal with a pile of paperwork and after three hours, he took his seat on the bridge,
                            "Barras, schedule a battle simulation for 1100" said Reyes.
                            "Sir" answered Barras.
                            "Anything of interest from back home?" asked Reyes.
                            "The Munro reported a confirmed kill to the Federation News Network, apparently Captain Walker managed to destroy a rogue Bird of Prey while it was in cloak. Something about putting a tracking system design onto photon torpedoes to lock onto the exhaust emissions of a cloaked ship" answered Barras.
                            "Hey, that Bird of Prey had a tailpipe" replied Reyes.
                            "Had being the key word here" answered Barras.
                            "Indeed" replied Reyes.

                            For the next few hours, the bridge crew were put through combat simulations as Reyes and Barras played umpire and put the crew through their paces.
                            At 1300, Reyes went for lunch with the twins,
                            "New glasses?" asked Reyes to Marissa (red)
                            "They only came in one colour on the frame" said Marissa (red).
                            "Important thing is that you've got them" answered Reyes.
                            "Better than those contact lenses" replied Marissa (red).
                            "You suit those glasses" answered Reyes.
                            "Next lesson is engineering, an afternoon learning how this ship works" said Marissa (prime).
                            "Computers are far more interesting" added Marissa (red).
                            "These are no longer the duotronic computers" replied Marissa (prime).
                            "Girls, please, let's not argue. You've got 30 minutes to eat your lunch and be ready for your next class" said Reyes as he served lunch to the girls, once they were eating, Reyes settled down to lunch.
                            Once lunch was over, Reyes went back to the bridge after walking with the twins to their engineering class.

                            Over that whole afternoon, the crew were doing their normal duties as Reyes was looking over Wallace's course calculations before the Monroe-A set a course for Earth.

                            Once Reyes' shift was finished, he picked the twins up from their engineering lab classroom and all three went to ten forward for dinner. Reyes sat and listened to both twins and what they were learning about, at 2100, the twins went to their rooms under protest at having to go to bed at 2100 instead of 2200. Reyes got some quiet time to himself and at 2300, went to get some sleep.

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                              "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                              -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                              Deck 3, U.S.S. Monroe

                              "Dad, what were our originals like?" asked Marissa (prime).
                              "You've got access to those records, don't hold out" added Marissa (red).
                              "Girls, you're both too young to understand" answered Reyes Valdez, all he got was a double glare of disapproval.
                              "But since you both asked, who wants to go first?" asked Reyes.
                              "Can I?" asked Marissa (red).
                              "I want to listen as well" answered Marissa (prime).
                              Reyes accessed the records of both Marissas and handed them a PADD each, Marissa (red) asked Reyes to read it,
                              I.S.S. Conqueror, 2270 (Red Mirror Universe)

                              The I.S.S. Conqueror was a Constitution class starship, she had served a long tour and seen many captains and crews. It was not a happy ship with the crew under the heel of the tyrannical Captain Butone. Butone was a brutal captain who used his army of loyal thugs and officers to keep the crew in line. For three long years, the crew suffered under him and after witnessing a mass execution of slaves for trying to escape, they decided that they had to take action and a plan was hatched to remove the captain and loyal bridge crew, down in engineering, the crew planned and plotted before electing a leader and their choice of captain,
                              "Marissa, the captain has to go. No other option" said Lt. Sutton.
                              "If we move too early, we get discovered. We have to time it right, our people in position?" asked Cmdr Marissa Valdez.
                              "We've just secured the armoury as well, we're ready" answered Sutton.
                              "Dispose of the captain's loyalists first, we know who they are but do it quietly. Once we go through with this, there is no going back. Time to clear the bridge, we all know where his most loyal stooges are" replied Marissa.
                              "All teams, go" said Sutton by secure line.
                              What followed was a purge of the Butone's loyalists below deck 1 as the crew initiated stage one.

                              "All decks below the bridge secured, we're ready to storm on your signal" reported Lt. Cmdr Hopner.
                              "No need, I've locked the bridge down, the captain may not be there but that suits us fine" answered Marissa as she directed bridge controls to engineering.
                              "You want the captain alive?" asked Hopner.
                              "I promised the crewman in the brig and those freed out of the booths that they could have revenge on the captain, let's just say the stooges are about to have a bad day" answered Marissa before she vented the bridge into space.
                              "There go the stooges" joked Hopner.
                              "Hunt down the captain, I want him to see the fury and anger of the crew and it's all aimed at him, in fact, I want him brought to me on the bridge" replied Marissa as she re-pressurised the bridge and restored controls to the bridge.

                              Marissa left with a column of armed crew members for the bridge and after disposing of the stooges, she was elected captain by the crew,
                              "Bring me Butone" ordered Marissa as news came through that Butone had been captured.
                              Butone was brought in as Marissa just glared at him,
                              "Of all the people to betray me, it had to be you, I thought you were loyal to me" said Butone.
                              "You brought this on yourself, we were kept under heel for three long years. Who here has doubts about the Empire's legitimacy?" countered Marissa.
                              "The Empire is doomed, the more brutal you become, the more enemies you make and there are many enemies of the Empire. We do not want to be dragged down with the sinking ship" said Ensign Lorenzo.
                              "You see, we're turning our backs on this empire, good bye captain" said Marissa to Butone as she signalled for him to be handed over to the crew for disposal.
                              "First things first, evacuate our loved ones, navigator, find us somewhere beyond Imperial borders in an unclaimed part of space. We need to set up a safe haven for dissidents, we free slaves where we find them and we smuggle them out to a safe haven" ordered Marissa.
                              "It's time the empire paid for it's crimes" said Hopner.
                              "Mr Lorenzo, set a course for Terra, maximum warp" ordered the now Captain Marissa Valdez.

                              "I became a rebel" commented Marissa (red).
                              "For two years, your original and her crew ran an underground railroad smuggling out freed slaves and dissidents to a haven world she found. She warned rebel cells of Imperial ship movements and at the risk of her own life and the lives of her crew, she fought the empire in her own way. In 2272, the Conqueror was intercepted by an Imperial battle group over Sigma Draconis III after aiding the locals in defending their world" finished Reyes.
                              "I'm guessing it did not end well" answered Marissa (red).
                              "She rammed the Imperial flagship wiping out fleet command and control, rebel and local forces destroyed the rest of the Imperial fleet. The Conqueror was lost with all hands defending others, she could have run but she stayed and fought" replied Reyes.
                              "Because running was the wrong thing to do, she died free along with her crew" answered Marissa (red).
                              "Saving millions of lives by her sacrifice" replied Reyes.
                              "Because it was the right thing to do" said Marissa (prime).
                              "You want me to read your original's?" asked Reyes to Marissa (prime).
                              "Please dad" answered Marissa (prime).

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                                "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                Deck 3, U.S.S. Monroe-A

                                Reyes Valdez brought up the original Marissa's (prime) file,
                                "Marissa Luisa, you ready?" asked Reyes.
                                "I am Dad" answered Marissa (prime).
                                "Marissa, pass me that photo" asked Reyes.
                                Marissa (red) went to Reyes' desk and picked up the photo on it before bringing it over and passing it to Reyes,
                                "Marissa Luisa, this was taken on the day your original was promoted to captain of the U.S.S. Liberator. Have a look" said Reyes passing the photo to Marissa (prime).
                                "If you only could have been there with her" answered Marissa (prime).
                                "I still miss her a lot but you two are not your originals, you two are unique and I'm equally proud of you both within reason" replied Reyes.
                                "So you won't compare us to our originals?" asked Marissa (red).
                                "I won't, you both have my word on that. Deal?" countered Reyes.
                                "Accepted" chorused the twins.
                                "Let's tell the story of how your original became the captain of the Liberator" answered Reyes as he poured the twins a drink of juice each.
                                U.S.S. Liberator, 2270 (prime universe)

                                The U.S.S. Liberator was an old Constitution class starship, she had seen four captains and crews over her time and was referred to as the Libby by her crew. She was on a routine patrol along the Klingon Neutral Zone when red alert rang out aboard, The Liberator had been ambushed by a Klingon D7, on the bridge of the Liberator, Captain Butone gave the order,
                                "Lt. Hopner, evasive manoeuvres, pattern Epsilon Beta."
                                "Engineering to bridge, shield emitters along the saucer have been damaged, I'm rerouting power from auxiliary to strengthen the shields" reported Cmdr. Marissa Valdez down in in engineering.
                                "Do it" ordered Butone as the shields began to buckle around the bridge.
                                "Shields buckling, the bridge is being targeted" reported Lt. Sofia.
                                Before Butone could order the bridge be evacuated, a photon torpedo hit the bridge sheering the module off the saucer. The photon launchers was then knocked out by another photon torpedo spread as the shields began to fail all over the ship.
                                "Sutton, reroute power from Auxiliary on my mark in 3,2,1" ordered Marissa.
                                "Power rerouted, shields are strengthened to maybe 50%" answered Lt. Sutton.
                                "Engineering to bridge, shields are half restored" reported Marissa, all she got was silence.
                                "Engineering to bridge, anyone up there?" she asked afterwards as the ship shook from another direct hit.
                                There was still no answer,
                                "Chief, the bridge is gone. Aux control has been made ready" reported Sutton.
                                "Computer, transfer all bridge controls to aux control. Authorisation Valdez Alpha One" ordered Marissa to the computer.
                                "Bridge control rerouted to aux control" reported the computer.

                                "Good thing I brought this possibility up with the captain" sighed Marissa.
                                "What do we do?" asked Crewman Sawyer.
                                "Cmdr Valdez to back up bridge crew, report to engineering" ordered Marissa.
                                "With the captain, XO and senior bridge crew dead, that makes you acting captain" said Sutton.
                                "First things first, let's deal with this D7. Lock phasers and keep our strongest shield facing towards the enemy" ordered Marissa as the reserve bridge crew arrived in aux control after Marissa.
                                "Phasers locked, firing" answered Ensign Cooper.
                                "Damage to enemy?" asked Marissa.
                                "Shields disabled from a direct hit to the shield emitters" reported Cooper.
                                "Lock on with photon torpedoes and wait until the D7 makes another attack run, remember, keep our strongest shielding towards the enemy" ordered Marissa.
                                "D7 is preparing to fire" answered Cooper.
                                "Target their warp core and fire" ordered Marissa.
                                "Firing, D7's core has been damaged, she's on impulse only. Bad news is that weapons have just gone down" reported Cooper.
                                "We still got warp power?" asked Marissa.
                                "Warp six max" answered Sutton.
                                "Let's not hang around, set a course for K7. Warp Six" ordered Marissa.
                                "Ma'am" answered ensign Lorenzo before the damaged Liberator made her withdrawal from the site.

                                When the Liberator arrived at K7, she was in a sorry state, the bridge had been sheered off and the hull had been compromised as Marissa ordered preparations to abandon ship. Weapons were down as the warp engines finally gave out and and brought the ship to impulse. She was then tractored into a repair dock in orbit of Sherman's Planet.
                                When Starfleet finished debriefing Marissa, they all agreed that the Liberator needed a new captain. In a ceremony aboard K7, Marissa was now promoted to Captain Marissa Valdez and awarded the Starfleet Cross for saving her ship and crew.

                                "My original was a hero" commented Marissa (prime), "what happened to her?"
                                "For two years as captain of the Liberator, she discovered at least a dozen star systems and new species. In 2270, she was instrumental in the talks that led to Betazed joining the Federation but in 2272, she answered a distress call from Sigma Draconis III. She led a small Federation fleet into battle against the Tzenkethi to help the locals fight off the invasion, her captain stayed behind as she evacuated her crew and covered their escapes and rescue" answered Reyes.
                                "She did not survive" replied Marissa (prime).
                                "She rammed her ship into the Tzenkethi flagship, 149 members of her crew and millions below survived because of her sacrifice" answered Reyes.
                                "Thank you for telling us" replied Marissa (prime).
                                "The rest, I'm letting you both read for yourselves. Marissa, I'm releasing the logs concerning your father and a recent INN report. Read it and watch the report before you make your own mind up" said Reyes passing Marissa (red) a pile of PADDs.

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                                  "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                  -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                  Bajor (prime)

                                  The U.S.S. Monroe and U.S.S. Hawke captains and crew had been ordered to Bajor to assist in humanitarian aid for Terran or former Imperial refugees. After helping move refugees to Derna, Captain Reyes Valdez and Captain Diana Petrova both decided to give their crews shore leave while their ships were in dock,
                                  "Girls, where do you both want to go?" asked Reyes Valdez to Marissa (red) and Marissa (yellow).
                                  "Can we explore Hathon?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                  "We can, on this trip, you will also learn why we have to fight sometimes. Call this field trip and our first contact with the Bajorans, show them respect" answered Reyes.
                                  "Yes dad" replied both twins as they landed in Hathon and met up with Captain Petrova, Anna, Rick, Oreada and Isoisa.
                                  "This is not like the cities on Earth" commented Marissa (prime).
                                  "More calmer" remarked Marissa (red).
                                  "Is Captain Petrova coming with us?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                  "I'm sure dad is in a relationship with Captain Petrova" remarked Marissa (red).
                                  "We're just friends" answered Reyes.
                                  "So why did Captain Petrova stay the night in your quarters?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                  "You were not on the couch" added Marissa (red).
                                  "We better tell them" said Petrova.
                                  "Girls, we've gone beyond friendship. You two busted us" said Reyes to the twins.
                                  "See, we knew it" joked Marissa (prime).
                                  "Nothing gets past them" commented Reyes.
                                  "Reyes, I'd be proud to call them two daughters. When we get back to Earth, you three are coming to meet my family. We're a naval family all the way from the Imperial Russian Navy days and have a proud tradition of service" said Petrova as she gave Reyes a kiss.
                                  "You two are gross" chorused the twins.
                                  Petrova found it amusing, as did Reyes.

                                  "Both of you are now acting as representatives of Starfleet, your status as acting Ensigns has now been made official" said Reyes.
                                  "Where are we going first?" asked Marissa (red).
                                  "Let's explore Hathon and see the temples" suggested Reyes.
                                  "Yes dad" answered both twins as Trianna (red) walked past with Marissa (yellow).
                                  "Captain, if I may, there's someone I need to catch up with" said Anna Valdez.
                                  "Anna, your dad is here" replied Reyes.
                                  "Sir, I'll introduce you and the twins to my sister" answered Anna.
                                  "Is Hathon even prepared for you and Red?" joked Isoisa.
                                  "May the Prophets help them" countered Anna.
                                  "I'm coming along" said Rick.
                                  "Not without me" replied Oreada.
                                  "Jaye, we need to get you away from your novels for a few hours. I'll introduce you to my sister" said Anna.
                                  "I was about to carry on with Leviathan Wakes" replied Seisa.
                                  "You've never met my sister" answered Anna.

                                  While Reyes took his girls for lunch, Anna and her group went to meet Valdez and Trianna (red),
                                  "Hey dad" said Anna.
                                  "Anna, you better be on best behaviour" answered Valdez.
                                  "We are" replied Anna.
                                  "Well apart from when the Doc gives us the glare from not being professional enough" added Rick.
                                  "You and Oreada need to work on that, on duty, don't act like a married couple. Off duty, it's fine" advised Valdez.
                                  "Anna, what's this?" asked Trianna (red), "Marine green and a Cmdr rank. You are doing well" she said afterwards.
                                  "Are those Captain's pips?" asked Anna.
                                  "They are" answered Trianna (red).
                                  "And the patches on your uniform?" asked Isoisa.
                                  "This one is Battle Fleet Omega and the other is a Starbase Commander's patch" answered Trianna (red).
                                  "You behind a desk, that's not normal for you" joked Anna.
                                  "It's the only way I can maintain a eight til six job and still be home in the evening with my better half" answered Trianna (red).
                                  "How's my counterpart?" asked Isoisa.
                                  "She's deceased, she was on her first job in the Imperial Merchant Marine when her ship was taken by the Borg, I led the team across to see if there was anyone we could help. There were none and we were attacked, Isoisa was one of the Borg who attacked us and I had to shoot her to end her suffering. I saw the security footage and she fought to the end before being overwhelmed, I miss her but I've had to accept she's gone and that is still painful" answered Trianna (red).

                                  "I'm sorry to hear that Red" replied Valdez.
                                  "I was a mess afterwards until Isabella gave me a kick up the backside and ordered me to accept treatment. I've moved on since" said Trianna (red).
                                  "You remarried" replied Isoisa.
                                  "I did, I met a police officer and things took off. He's a former Red Terran Empire Imperial Army veteran. Dad, you would get along with Charlie, he's a great dad to Junior. Junior has a father figure and my stepdaughter has a mother figure to look up to, here's Junior and my stepdaughter" answered Trianna (red) passing Isoisa a photo.
                                  "Raise her right" said Valdez, "Red, have you retained the family name?" he asked afterwards.
                                  "I had it hyphenated, my full marital name is Trianna Valdez-Brookfield" answered Trianna (red) showing her family her wedding photo.
                                  "You look beautiful in your wedding dress, Charlie is a lucky man" said Isoisa.
                                  "We both are lucky to have each other. You and Anna have to treasure each other, you never know when fate will tear you apart, same goes for you and Oreada, Rick" answered Trianna (red).
                                  "We do, we're married now" answered Rick.
                                  "Congratulations little brother" replied Trianna (red).
                                  "Thanks sis" answered Rick.
                                  "Red, there's a friend I want you to meet" said Anna.
                                  "Hey Jaye" said Trianna (red) to Seisa.
                                  "How do you know me?" asked Seisa.
                                  "I'm close friends with your yellow counterpart" answered Trianna (red).

                                  What brings you to Bajor?" asked Anna.
                                  "Mission of mercy, I've had the trip from hell getting her here" answered Trianna (red).
                                  "What's Marissa done?" asked Anna.
                                  "Got herself expelled from school on the first day and got herself expelled from the Yellow Terran Empire, dad knows the details" answered Trianna (red).
                                  "I challenged the Empress and denounced the Empire live on INN. I refused to salute the flag and turned my back to the Imperial anthem" replied Marissa (yellow).
                                  "You've missed out the worst part" said Trianna (red).
                                  "I told my father to go die of a heart attack in a corner, I let my anger towards him burn that bridge" answered Marissa (yellow).
                                  "And look where it got you, was it worth it?" asked Trianna (red).
                                  "No it's not" answered Marissa (yellow).

                                  "Marissa, meet your adoptive father" said Trianna (red) to Marissa (yellow).
                                  "I'm going to forget what you've done, it's in the past. Marissa, I will raise you like you are one of my girls and show you a better future" explained Valdez to Marissa (yellow).
                                  "Marissa, my family only want the best for you. Consider your past erased, no longer will you need to hang onto it" said Trianna (red) to Marissa (yellow).
                                  "Marissa, you'll have support from us, you're now officially our little sister" said Anna to Marissa (yellow).
                                  "It's true" added Trianna (red).
                                  "How many brothers and sisters do I have?" asked Marissa (yellow).
                                  "Three sisters and two brothers, dad can be strict but he means well" answered Anna.
                                  "Listen to your sisters and brothers" advised Valdez to Marissa.
                                  "They only want the best for me" answered Marissa (yellow) before her temper started to flare up.
                                  "Marissa, we need to deal with that temper. Let's work together in sorting you out" replied Valdez.
                                  "What's my new mother like?" asked Marissa (yellow).
                                  "She's kind but strict, but it's for a reason" answered Valdez.
                                  "To get the best out of me" replied Marissa (yellow).
                                  "Correct answer" answered Valdez.

                                  "Red, you up for a shopping trip?" asked Anna.
                                  "You trying to get Jaye to spend some time away from her novels?" countered Trianna (red).
                                  "That I am" answered Anna.
                                  "I've got a few hours to spare before I have to return so let's go" replied Trianna (red).
                                  "May the Prophets help Hathon" joked Seisa.
                                  Anna, Isoisa and Trianna (red) both found it funny before the four of them went shopping.
                                  "We're going to talk to the gardeners, Oreada is after medicinal herbs and plants for her medicinal garden in hydroponics" said Rick.
                                  "This could be a while" joked Oreada.
                                  "With me carrying the bags" added Rick.
                                  "I'll make it up to you, I'll wear my old uniform later on when we've got some time to ourselves aboard ship" replied Oreada.
                                  Rick just smiled.
                                  Trianna (red), Anna, Seisa and Isoisa just found it amusing.
                                  "You four are terrible, you know that" joked Rick.
                                  "That we are" countered Trianna (red).
                                  "It's true" joked Seisa back, "This family are crazy" she said afterwards.
                                  "In a good way" replied Anna.
                                  "Definitely" countered Isoisa.
                                  "Funny" answered Rick.
                                  "Rick, Oreada, not in earshot of Marissa. Come on now" said Valdez.
                                  "Oops" chorused Rick and Oreada.
                                  Anna, Trianna (red) and Isoisa all found it funny,
                                  "We love you both to bits, you are both a good couple. Crazy but in a good way" said Anna.
                                  "No disputing that" answered Oreada.
                                  "You and Oreada married?" asked Marissa (yellow).
                                  "We are" answered Rick.
                                  "As are me and Isoisa" added Anna.

                                  After four hours, Trianna (red) said her goodbyes to her family and said to them before she left,
                                  "I love you all dearly, I'll keep in contact more often unless I'm on duty. I'll be keeping an eye on Marissa (yellow) from a distance. All of you take care" after giving her family a hug each and returning to her shuttle.

                                  Once she was aboard the Teanna, she gave the order to return back home as crates of Bajoran kanar and bourbon were organised in the cargo bay. When the Teanna arrived at Bajor (yellow), Trianna (red) reported in,
                                  "Package delivered, Ms Valdez is with her adoptive family. Make sure your storage bay has space, I've brought back a crate of Bajoran kanar from the prime universe as a thank you to the empress for giving me a chance."

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                                    "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                    -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                    NGC-456.2 system

                                    The U.S.S. Monroe-A and U.S.S. Hawke jumping to the system began a more detailed exploration of the system,
                                    "The third planet is too hostile for colonisation" said Cmdr Barras.
                                    "What about the fourth planet?, climate conditions are temperate and the planet ideal for a agri-colony" asked Captain Reyes Valdez.
                                    "This northern continent is more than ideal, good soil and on high ground. Get some engineers down there and we could possibly look at using the rivers to feed irrigation systems on the lower ground levels" suggested Barras.
                                    "Report it to Starfleet, Iso, set a course for the fourth planet" ordered Reyes.
                                    "Sir" answered both Lt.Cmdr Isoisa Hetal-Valdez and Baker.
                                    "Diana, match our course, we'll need some aerial recon on a good landing site to set up base camp" said Reyes via coms terminal.
                                    "You heard the captain, match course and speed with Monroe" ordered Captain Diana Petrova.
                                    Both ships now set a course for the third planet and soon arrived, however there was an accident in engineering as two crewmen were trapped by fire. Marissa (prime) and Marissa (red) both leapt into action as Marissa (prime) dragged out crewmans Cunningham and Webster as Marissa (red) fought the fire. The flames eventually forced the twins back as they had to make a hasty retreat due to the fire.

                                    After making sure no one else was in that section, the section was sealed and vented. Chief Horosho now led an investigation as the twins, Cunningham and Webster were taken to the medbay. When Reyes got the report, he had Horosho replace the EPS conduit which blew out causing the fire, he then rushed to the medbay,
                                    "How are they?" asked Reyes.
                                    "The twins are being treated for burns and smoke inhalation, Webster and Cunningham are both being treated for severe burns. They're alive because of the twins, from what Horosho has said, he's never seen bravery and courage like that before. The girls are heroes and Horosho has put them both up for the Starfleet Cross" answered Doctor Wren.
                                    "That would make them the youngest recipients in Starfleet history" replied Reyes.
                                    "It would, you should be proud of them" answered Doctor Wren.
                                    "I'll wait until the girls have fully recovered, can I speak to them?" asked Reyes.
                                    "They're resting, I want to keep them under observation for now. What's their normal routine?" asked Doctor Wren.
                                    "Up at 0630, ready and breakfast by 0730 and their classes from 0800-1300 then lunch. After lunch, classes from 1400-1600 followed by study time, time to themselves and dinner at 1800. Bed time for them is 2100" answered Reyes.
                                    "I'll give them some theory to work on, their other classes, have their tutors bring me the girls' school work, they may be ill but they are not skipping their education" replied Doctor Wren.

                                    "Good, if they become difficult, you have my blessing to discipline them" answered Reyes.
                                    "Dad, do we still have to do our schoolwork?" asked the twins.
                                    "Yes" chorused Reyes and Doctor Wren.
                                    The twins just sighed,
                                    "Not cool" and gave the double glare of disapproval.
                                    "You two, air masks back on" ordered Doctor Wren.
                                    "Not fair" moaned Marissa (red).

                                    "How's Webster and Cunningham?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                    "They'll make a full recovery, you both saved their lives" answered Doctor Wren.
                                    "Dad must be mad with us" said Marissa (red).
                                    "Quite the opposite actually, I'm proud of you both" answered Reyes.
                                    "How long are we in here for?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                    "Until I'm satisfied that you are both 100% better, sorry girls but you are in here with me for the next few days" answered Doctor Wren.
                                    "You're mean" chorused the twins.
                                    "I'm mean for a reason, I am responsible for the health of everyone aboard this ship. You two included" answered Doctor Wren.
                                    "Girls, cooperate" ordered Reyes.
                                    "Fine" chorused the twins.
                                    "Well, I'm leading an away team to a very promising spot for a colony. I'll need Corpsman Dawson and some medics to go with me" said Reyes to Doctor Wren.
                                    "You'll have them, enjoy your exploration" answered Doctor Wren.
                                    "Corpsman, you and your team are with me" ordered Reyes.
                                    "Sir" answered Corpsman Dawson and his team as they packed their medkits before leaving with Reyes.

                                    On the surface, the away teams fanned out and soon, data on the planet was being analysed by Lt.Cmdr Baker as Cmdr. Anna Valdez led her marines in providing security. After 12 hours on the surface of the fourth planet, a halt was called for the night and all returned to their ships.

                                    That evening, Reyes personally decorated the twins with the Starfleet Cross each,
                                    "Acting ensigns, Marissa Luisa Valdez and Marissa Valdez, you both showed courage and risked your lives to rescue two crewmen who are alive thanks to your actions. I hereby award the both of you the Starfleet Cross, wear that with pride and honor" he said after putting the Starfleet Crosses around the twin's necks as Lt. Peter Emden brought in two covered boxes.
                                    "I commissioned these for you both. Peter, you know what to do" said Reyes.
                                    Emden then told the twins to open the boxes, when the twins did, they both smiled and thanked Emden.
                                    Marissa (prime) got a model of the U.S.S. Liberator while Marissa (red) got a model of the Free Starship Conqueror in rebel colours.
                                    "Thank you" chorused the twins.
                                    The twins now got the honor of naming the NGC-456.2 system,
                                    "Castille Nova" was their answer.
                                    "Barras, mark this system as the Castille Nova System and update Starfleet" ordered Reyes.
                                    "Captain" answered Barras.

                                    The twins made sure that their models and Starfleet Crosses were safely put into their quarters afterwards by asking Anna to supervise. Once the ceremony was over and everyone bar Reyes and Doctor Wren left, Reyes made sure the twins were comfortable before he left the medbay.

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                                      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                      U.S.S. Monroe-A, Brea system

                                      Lt.Cmdr Stephen Wallace and Lt. Peter Emden were sat in the mess hall on deck 3 having a drink,
                                      "Peter, you still not spoken to Lt. Calvas?" asked Wallace.
                                      "Not plucked up the courage to ask her" answered Emden.
                                      "Sarah may be Terran, but that said she's a bonnie one and that accent of yours" replied Wallace.
                                      "She'd eat me alive" answered Emden as Sarah Calvas (red) walked in,
                                      "Peter, I'm not that scary" joked Sarah Calvas taking a seat at Wallace and Emden's table.
                                      "Stephen, did you arrange this?" asked Emden.
                                      "Guilty as charged" joked Wallace.
                                      "Mein Gott" sighed Emden.
                                      "German, what region?" asked Sarah.
                                      "Munich, Bavaria" answered Emden.
                                      "I'm from Saxony, the city of Dresden. It's nice to meet a fellow German" replied Sarah.
                                      "I thought I was the only German aboard" joked Emden.
                                      "You're not alone in that regard" answered Sarah smiling, "Emden, as in the ship?".
                                      "Indeed, one of my ancestors was a crewman aboard the SMS Emden in 1914. Because of their honour and exploits leading up the Emden being sunk in battle with a superior opponent, the crew were permitted to add Emden onto the family name and that is passed down the generations of their descendants" answered Emden.
                                      "Your family all German navy?" asked Sarah.
                                      "Since the days of the Imperial German Navy right up to serving in Starfleet" answered Emden.
                                      "A proud family" replied Sarah.
                                      "We are" answered Emden as he ordered three drinks,
                                      "What are you ordering?" asked Emden to Sarah.
                                      "Get me a beer" answered Sarah.
                                      "Guinness" said Wallace.
                                      "Bavarian beer" said Emden.
                                      The waiter returned with the drinks and soon, Emden and Sarah were both conversing in German as Wallace smiled thinking "mission accomplished."
                                      "Stephen, me and Sarah might need some time to ourselves" said Emden.
                                      "Enjoy" answered Wallace before he left the table with his Guinness.

                                      Meanwhile in her married quarters, Cmdr. Anna Valdez was teaching the twins how to polish boots while babysitting for Captain Reyes Valdez (prime),
                                      "Girls, with this polish, a little goes a long way" said Anna.
                                      "Why must we polish our boots?" asked Marissa (red).
                                      "Because, we have to take pride in our appearance. Self discipline is vital" answered Anna.
                                      "It's boring" complained Marissa (prime).
                                      "It's relaxing, it means we can also talk" answered Anna.
                                      "I wonder how things are with Dad on his date" joked Marissa (prime).
                                      "Diana and Dad are a good couple, come on, he's having to move on from Mom so we have to give Diana a chance" answered Marissa (red).
                                      "Girls, I'm concerned you both are not doing your best in PT" said Anna.
                                      "It's hard" answered Marissa (red).
                                      "Two things are needed, a healthy mind and a healthy body. You both need to put more effort in, PT is tough for a reason. It's to keep you both physically fit" replied Anna, "all I ask is that you both put that extra effort in, you might hate it but it's necessary."
                                      "It's the only way we can burn off all that sugar" joked Marissa (red) as Isoisa Hetal-Valdez (prime) got home and Anna gave her a quick welcome home kiss.
                                      "You two together?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                      "Next month is our 3 year anniversary" answered Isoisa.
                                      "As in as a couple or married?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                      "We're married but girls, you are both a bit too young to know about these sort of things" answered Anna as Marissa (prime) passed over her boots for inspection,
                                      "Do them again, scuff marks on the back of heel" she said afterwards as Reyes got back and arrived to pick the twins up.
                                      "Dad, how was your date?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                      "Went very well, I've learning Russian from Diana, you both learning to polish boots?" countered Reyes.
                                      "Anna said it helps our self discipline" answered Marissa (prime).
                                      "One must always be well dressed, it shows you have pride in your appearance" replied Reyes.
                                      "Anna says we need to make more of an effort in PT" said Marissa (red).
                                      "I've been polite about it, they can do better but often do not put the effort required into it" said Anna to Reyes.
                                      "Girls, you two have to put the effort in, Anna is tough but fair" said Reyes to the twins, "How are their boots?" he asked afterwards.
                                      "Not to standard, so they have to do them again until they get it right" answered Anna, "sir, could I start teaching the girls to defend themselves?" she asked afterwards.
                                      "Anna, you have my blessing, I've got some paperwork to fill out, I'll pick the girls up in an hour. Anna, Iso, thanks for keeping an eye on them for me" replied Reyes.
                                      "Sir, anytime, we treat those girls like they're our little sisters" asked Isoisa.
                                      "Girls, I'll be back in an hour, behave yourselves" said Reyes to the twins before he left.
                                      "Yes dad" chorused the twins.

                                      "What's your family like?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                      "They're kind people, caring, tough but fair, I love them to bits" answered Anna, "you both know my little brother" as she showed the twins the family photo.
                                      "Corpsman Dawson?" asked Marissa (red).
                                      "Indeed, brave man. If it was not for my brother, I would not be here having this conversation" answered Anna, "Marissa Louisa, boots not up to standard, do them again."
                                      "Not fair" complained Marissa (prime).
                                      "Look after your kit and it will look after you, I was shot twice in a combat operation, my brother carried me out. I'm alive because I looked after my kit" advised Anna showing the twins the scars from her injuries.

                                      "Any music?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                      "What do you both like?" asked Isoisa.
                                      "Pink Floyd" answered the twins.
                                      "Good call" answered Anna.
                                      "Dark Side of the Moon it is" said Isoisa putting some music on.
                                      "Classic album" replied Marissa (red).
                                      "The Wall is much better" answered Marissa (prime).
                                      "Both are excellent" replied Anna, "I'm learning the guitar tabs to "Comfortably Numb" and that song keeps tripping me up on the solo."
                                      "Hard song, David Gilmour was a god on that guitar" answered Marissa (prime).
                                      "Excellent vocalist as well" replied Marissa (red).
                                      "That is true" answered Anna, "girls, you're getting there on the boots. Do them again."
                                      "Yes Anna" chorused the twins.
                                      "Good girls, concentrate" answered Anna.

                                      "This is quite relaxing" said Marissa (red).
                                      "It is, life skills like this are essential. So we learn them as early as possible" replied Anna.
                                      "Because Dad won't be around forever to hold our hands" answered Marissa (prime).
                                      "Very true, he expects a lot from you both for good reason, he's not being mean and harsh on you. He just wants you both to grow and flourish" replied Anna.
                                      "Dad can be a little strict at times" answered Marissa (red).
                                      "Discipline is also another life skill you both must learn. Starting tomorrow, I'll be teaching your girls how to defend yourselves and what you learn can only be used in self defence. Deal?" asked Anna.
                                      "Deal" chorused the twins.
                                      "Girls, you are both like little sisters to me and Isoisa" answered Anna.
                                      "It's true" added Isoisa.
                                      "Girls, let's take a break. Good job on the boots, they're to standard" said Anna.
                                      "What was growing up like for you?" asked Marissa (red).
                                      "Painful, not something I like to discuss but since getting it off my chest is a form of healing, I'll tell you" answered Anna, "had you both met my father, you would have both been horrified. He was a genocidal warlord who preyed on the weak, he was a bully who would have me agonised for disobeying him. Girls, I never had a childhood because my father wanted me to be a soldier who would blindly obey orders. That was at your ages, so girls, be thankful you both have a father who loves you."

                                      "Maybe we take Dad for granted" said Marissa (red).
                                      "Maybe we need to learn to look after ourselves" replied Marissa (prime), "We need to respect that Dad is in a relationship, sometimes a little time off away from us does him some good".
                                      "We need to put more effort into our classes. Anna, thanks for helping us put things into perspective" said Marissa (red).
                                      "Not a problem" replied Anna.
                                      "How did you and Isoisa meet?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                      "A boxing club, we got sparring and the rest is history" answered Isoisa.
                                      "Indeed, happily married" added Anna.
                                      "Nearly three years" finished Isoisa.
                                      "So underneath that tough Marine exterior is a caring but gentle soul" said Marissa (prime).
                                      "Very much so" answered Anna, "I'm tough on you both for your own goods."
                                      "Understood" chorused both twins.
                                      "Girls, you've got an hour until your father picks your both up so let's set you both a small scale engineering puzzle" replied Anna.
                                      "Is that a Mechano set?" asked Marissa (prime).
                                      "Tools as well" added Marissa (red).
                                      "It is, you've both got an hour to, use your imaginations" answered Anna as she passed the twins a set each.
                                      "That should keep them occupied" replied Isoisa.

                                      After an hour, Reyes returned to pick the twins up,
                                      "Why are they quiet?" he asked.
                                      "Because, we've found something to keep them occupied. Between them, they built this in an hour from two Mechano sets" answered Anna showing Reyes a model gyrocoptor.
                                      "Who built the gyroscopes?" asked Reyes.
                                      "I did" answered Marissa (prime).
                                      "Marissa Louisa, well done" replied Reyes.
                                      "I designed the air frame" said Marissa (red).
                                      "Very efficient" noted Reyes.
                                      "Girls, how would you both like to build this on a larger scale?" asked Reyes, "And flyable by remote control."
                                      "Can I design and build the gyroscopes?" asked Marissa (prime)
                                      "I want to design the air frame" added Marissa (red).
                                      "Girls, first thing is you both need rest, it's nearly 2100" answered Reyes, "excellent, you've both behaved for Anna and Isoisa" he said to the twins afterwards.
                                      "Thank you Anna, thank you Iso" chorused the twins.
                                      "Girls, you're both welcome, I'll see you both tomorrow for your self defence lessons so I want to see some effort" answered Anna.
                                      "Girls, what have you learnt?" asked Isoisa.
                                      "To be thankful that we have family and people who love us because others may not have that" answered Marissa (red).
                                      "To stop taking Dad for granted and learn to look after ourselves" added Marissa (prime).
                                      "And put more effort in during classes" finished Marissa (red).
                                      "You both listened" replied Isoisa.
                                      "We had a good talk with them" said Anna to Reyes.
                                      "Smart girls but they need to focus their minds" finished Isoisa.
                                      "Anna, Iso, the girls look up to you both. They need positive role models, thank you for being those role models" he said to Isoisa and Anna.
                                      "Good girls but at times they can get distracted from the task, these are their boots" answered Isoisa showing Reyes the twins' boots.
                                      "They're up to standard and though it took several attempts, they both got it right in the end" added Anna.
                                      "Girls, well done" said Reyes, "bed time, come on." he said to the twins.
                                      "Girls, your boots" said Isoisa passing the twins their boots.
                                      "Yes Dad" chorused the twins before they left with Reyes.

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                                        "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                        -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                        U.S.S. Monroe-A, Starbase 408 orbit, Alcaran System (Prime)

                                        The U.S.S. Monroe and U.S.S. Hawke had been diverted to Starbase 408. Aboard the U.S.S. Monroe, Captain Reyes Valdez was waiting in the transporter room,
                                        "Barnes, where are you from?" asked Reyes.
                                        "Poland, Sir" answered Sgt. Barnes.
                                        "Beautiful country, Diana took me and the girls there on our last leave" replied Reyes.
                                        "For me, that's home" answered Barnes as the signal came in that the new Federation diplomatic attache was ready to be beamed aboard.
                                        "Marines, form honor guard" snapped Cmdr. Anna Valdez.
                                        The Marines formed honor guard as ordered.

                                        "Ensign Taylor, energise" ordered Reyes as the officers all made sure their uniforms were up to standard.
                                        The new Federation Diplomatic Attache transported aboard and walked off the transporter pad,
                                        "Captain, I'm Jennifer Resovsky. Starfleet has decided that an increase in exploration programs has been authorised, I have been assigned to this ship and to you for opening any diplomatic talks with potential Federation members" said Jennifer.
                                        "Ms. Resovsky, I read your thesis on improving cooperation between Starfleet and civilian agencies. Most enlightening" answered Reyes.
                                        "Captain, impressive work in averting a war with the Terran Empire" replied Jennifer.
                                        "It was a team effort on both sides" answered Reyes.
                                        "Indeed, you'll be pleased to know to that relations between our governments have never been stronger" replied Jennifer.
                                        "A good thing, keep me on my toes" answered Reyes,
                                        "My First Officer, Cmdr. Barras" he said introducing Jennifer to Cmdr. Barras.
                                        "Cmdr., pleased to meet you" said Jennifer.
                                        "Ms. Resovsky" answered Barras,
                                        "Just do your best."
                                        "I will" replied Jennifer,
                                        "Marek, good to see you again" she said to Barnes afterwards.
                                        "Jennifer, last time I saw you, you were a little girl. Good to see you're doing well" answered Barnes,
                                        "How's your parents?" he asked afterwards.
                                        "Both asking when am I going to settle down and get married, as much as I love them, this assignment will be a relief" answered Jennifer,
                                        "Other than that, they're doing well. Dad's in Starfleet and Mother is on the regional council."

                                        "Good to hear" replied Barnes, "She's my goddaughter" he said afterwards.
                                        "This is my security chief, Cmdr. Anna Valdez" said Reyes.
                                        "Cmdr., any relation?" asked Jennifer to Anna.
                                        "My dad is Chief of Alliance Combined Operations" answered Anna.
                                        "Good man" replied Jennifer.
                                        "He is" answered Anna.
                                        "Pleased to meet you" replied Jennifer.
                                        "My Intelligence Officer, Cmdr. Jaye Seisa. AKA Haywire" said Reyes introducing Seisa to Jennifer.
                                        "Why do they call you Haywire?" asked Jennifer.
                                        "I make computer do some funny things" joked Seisa.
                                        It raised smiles.
                                        "Remind me never to get on your bad side, but I do respect a sense of humor" answered Jennifer.

                                        "My CMO, Doctor Riazzna Wren" said Reyes introducing Jennifer to Doctor Wren.
                                        "Doctor, excellent work with the refugees" said Jennifer to Doctor Wren.
                                        "My team are good at what they do" answered Doctor Wren,
                                        "You see all sorts of weird and wonderful."
                                        "It's Starfleet, Weird is part of the job" joked Jennifer.
                                        "Very true" counter Doctor Wren back.
                                        "It's been a long flight from Earth, Captain, where are my quarters?" asked Jennifer.

                                        "Barnes, could you show Ms. Resovsky to her quarters?" asked Reyes.
                                        "Sir" answered Barnes,
                                        "Jennifer, you need a hand with your bags?" he asked afterwards.
                                        "Please, I better carry my bow just to be on the safe side" answered Jennifer.
                                        "Amateur or professional?" asked Reyes.
                                        "Professional, multiple time champion at a regional and Federation level" answered Jennifer.
                                        "Congratulations" replied Reyes.
                                        "My best student" said Barnes.
                                        "You were a good teacher" answered Jennifer as she and Barnes left the transporter room.

                                        Reyes and the rest then left for their stations or quarters.
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                                          "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                          -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                          Calaris System, New Castille Sector (Prime)

                                          "Captain's log, We have been asked to mediate a dispute by the worlds of Calaris III and Calaris IV. From what I understand, they've been fighting a war for over 200 years at great cost on both sides. Both governments have asked the Federation to arbitrate the negotiations, both Monroe and Hawke have been dispatched" wrote Captain Reyes Valdez in his log aboard the U.S.S. Monroe.

                                          "Bridge to Captain Valdez, we're entering orbit of Calaris III" reported Lt.Cmdr Isoisa Hetal-Valdez.
                                          "On my way" answered Reyes before he left his ready room.
                                          "Captain on bridge" snapped Cmdr. Anna Valdez.
                                          "At ease" ordered Reyes.
                                          "Sir" chorused the bridge crew.
                                          "Ms. Resovsky, please come to the bridge" ordered Reyes.
                                          "On my way up" answered Jennifer Resovsky.
                                          "Seisa, what can you tell me about the Calarans?" asked Reyes to Cmdr Jaye Seisa.
                                          "They're warp capable and their governments are led by a First Minister, culturally they are both paranoid of the other's intentions" answered Seisa.
                                          "Cause of their war?" asked Reyes.
                                          "From their records, it started as trade dispute between both worlds and soon turned into a major conflict. That conflict has been waging for 200 years with no end in sight" answered Seisa.
                                          "It's become a stalemate" replied Reyes.
                                          "That would be the best way of describing it" answered Seisa.
                                          "Hail both governments" ordered Reyes.
                                          "Sir" answered Lt. Peter Emden before the faces of two Calarans appeared.

                                          "First Ministers, I'm Captain Reyes Valdez of the Federation Starship Monroe. You both asked for Federation assistance in ending your 200 year war, we are here to act as a neutral arbitrator" said Reyes.
                                          "My name is Captain Diana Petrova of the Federation Starship Hawke, I'll be providing extra security" said Captain Diana Petrova aboard the U.S.S. Hawke.
                                          "Captains, thank you for coming" said the First Minister of Calaris III.
                                          "Captains, can we have the talks aboard your ship? Neutral ground" asked the First Minister of Calaris IV as Jennifer entered the bridge.
                                          "Meet Jennifer Resovsky, Federation Diplomatic Envoy for these talks" said Reyes.
                                          "First Ministers, I work for the Federation Diplomatic Corps on delicate talks. I'll be arbitrating these talks" said Jennifer introducing herself,
                                          "Captain, have the talks aboard this ship" she advised Reyes afterwards.
                                          "I'll take that under advisement, Ms. Resovsky" answered Reyes,
                                          "First ministers, aboard my ship will be an excellent meeting ground, I'll beam you up now First Minister" said Reyes to the First Minister of Calaris III.
                                          "Captain, thank you for being reasonable" answered the First Minister of Calaris III.
                                          "First Minister, we're coming to Calaris IV, be ready for transport" said Reyes to the First Minister of Colaris IV.
                                          "Captain, thank you for understanding" answered the Calaris IV First Minister.
                                          "We'll be in orbit in an hour" replied Reyes,
                                          "Iso, set a course for Calaris IV after we've picked up the Calaris III First Minister.

                                          "Anna, ready a Marine detachment and have them meet us at transporter room 2" ordered Reyes.
                                          "Barnes, your best and meet us at Transporter room 2" ordered Anna to Barnes via Combadge.
                                          "Ma'am" answered Sgt. Marek Barnes.
                                          "Barras, you have the con" said Reyes before he and Anna left the bridge with Jennifer.
                                          When they arrived at transporter room 2, they all took to their positions.
                                          "Sir, Calaris III First Minister ready to transport aboard" answered Ensign Taylor.
                                          "Energise" ordered Reyes.
                                          When the Calaris III First Minister stepped off the transporter pad, he spoke to Reyes,
                                          "Captain, my name is First Minister Serala" said the Calaris III First Minister.
                                          "Bridge to Captain Valdez, we're ready to break orbit" reported Isoisa.
                                          "Excellent, set a course" ordered Reyes.
                                          "Course set, we'll be at Calaris IV in one hour" answered Isoisa.

                                          When the Hawke and Monroe arrived in orbit of Calaris IV, the Calaris IV First Minister was beamed aboard.
                                          After the introductions, both First Ministers were escorted to the conference room. When they arrived, they were shown to their seats.
                                          "First Minister Serala, First Minister Careena, let's get these talks started" said Jennifer.
                                          "We need to start at the beginning, from what we understand, this started as a trade dispute which escalated" said Reyes.
                                          "The people of Calaris III claimed more than their share of the trade route" said Careena.
                                          "The same could be said of your people" answered Serala.
                                          "And you are both in stalemate with neither side able to score a victory over the other, the cost in lives incalculable" said Reyes.
                                          "Indeed Captain, we cannot afford to sustain this war" said Serala.
                                          "Neither can we" admitted Careena.
                                          "Then we work out a deal that makes both parties happy, economically you both cannot sustain the war and as the Captain has pointed out, it's a stalemate that is a meat grinder of lives" said Jennifer.
                                          "That's one way of looking at it" said Serala.
                                          "How can we trust that Calaris III keeps their word?" asked Careena.
                                          "What's stopping you from surprise attacking us?" countered Serala.
                                          "You are both paranoid of the other's intentions, we need to deal with that mistrust" said Jennifer,
                                          "There is an old Earth saying, burying the hatchet. What I suggest is that both sides learn to trust the other, so let's start off by getting a ceasefire in place."

                                          Both Serala and Careena both listened to the suggestion and soon a cease fire was declared and the militaries of both sides withdrew back to their bases.
                                          "Now we can talk peace, who fired the first shot?" asked Jennifer.
                                          "No one knows that, the reasons for the start of war are a mystery" answered Serala.
                                          "We've been fighting a war that no longer has any meaning" replied Careena.
                                          "So why keep on fighting?" asked Reyes.
                                          "It's all we've known" answered Serala.
                                          "Then maybe it's time that both sides take a step back and end this wasteful war, both our peoples need to see an end to it" replied Careena.
                                          "What I propose is this, a unilateral peace agreement signed by both First Ministers" said Jennifer.
                                          "A treaty stating that both sides get 50/50 ownership of the trade routes and that both sides work together in rebuilding our societies" answered Serala.
                                          "We can agree to that, how would you like a trade deal and a new chapter in the relationships of our peoples?" asked Careena.
                                          "That is a good deal for both sides" advised Jennifer.
                                          "A fair deal" added Reyes.
                                          "Then let us call an end to the war, let us rebuild and mourn" said Serala.
                                          "Let's get this treaty written" answered Careena.

                                          After an hour of working out the details, both First Ministers signed the treaty ending the war and with that both sides stood down their forces.
                                          After returning the First Ministers to their homeworlds, Reyes sighed relief.
                                          "If anyone needs me, I'll be spending some well earned time with the girls" said Reyes.
                                          "I'll be getting some paperwork done" answered Jennifer, "The Federation Council and Starfleet will be happy with the result."

                                          Later on Deck 3, Reyes spoke with Barnes.
                                          "You're happy about something" said Reyes.
                                          "I am sir, 25th wedding anniversary" answered Barnes.
                                          "You never mentioned a Mrs Barnes" replied Reyes.
                                          "Me and Riazzna have been married 25 years" answered Barnes.
                                          "As in Doctor Riazzna Wren?" asked Reyes.
                                          "The one and the same" answered Barnes.
                                          "Congratulations to both of you" replied Reyes.
                                          "Thank you sir" answered Barnes as a young officer looked lost.
                                          "Lt., what's your name?" asked Reyes.
                                          "Lt. Tomas Wren, sir" answered Lt. Wren.
                                          "Don't be nervous, every first assignment is daunting at first" advised Reyes.
                                          "Tomas, listen to what the captain is telling you" said Barnes.
                                          "Yes Dad, sorry Sgt." answered Lt. Wren.
                                          "Tip, on duty, it's by rank. Off duty, family" replied Barnes.
                                          "I'll do my best to remember that" answered Lt. Wren.
                                          "Good lad" replied Barnes before Lt. Wren was dismissed.

                                          "Barnes, spend time with your family" said Reyes.
                                          "I will" answered Barnes.
                                          Doctor Riazzna Wren arrived with the twins,
                                          "Girls, you been behaving?" asked Reyes to the twins.
                                          "They have" answered Doctor Wren before she gave Barnes a kiss.
                                          "What have you both been learning today?" asked Reyes.
                                          "Nutrition" answered Marissa (red).
                                          "And how to balance a diet for the most healthy benefits" added Marissa (prime).
                                          "Well done girls" said Reyes.
                                          "Dad, healthy food is boring" said Marissa (red).
                                          "It's not as tasty" added Marissa (prime).
                                          "Well girls, it can be" said Reyes.
                                          "Sir, I'm booking the twins in for their monthly medical, tomorrow at 1400. You as well" said Doctor Wren to Reyes.
                                          "Fair enough" answered Reyes,
                                          "Doc, congratulation to you and Barnes, happy anniversary" he said afterwards.
                                          "Thank you Captain" answered Doctor Wren.

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                                            "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                            -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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