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Reputation Ground Weapons variety

srodneysrodney Member Posts: 7 Arc User
When you look at "Space Weapon sets" such as "Delta Operations" or "Radiant Armaments", the choice of energy weapons has 2 items that can occupy the same slots... usually a Beam Array and a Heavy Dual Cannon.

On the ground, a set contains a Shield, Armor and 1 type of weapon (that can either Expose or Exploit).

Problem for someone like me, who wants to gear his whole squad with the same sets is that I'll either have "all Exploit" or "all Expose" weapons.

The only faction I've seen having both type of weapons is Task Force Omega.

MACO has an expose weapon (Adapted Pulsewave) and exploit weapon (Battle Rifle)
Klingon Honor Guard has the same setup... (Pulsewave and Adapted Sniper Rifle)

It'd be very cool to have all Reputation Ground sets with "2 types of weapons" one expose, one exploit that'd occupy the "weapon slot" of the set.


  • bltrrnbltrrn Member Posts: 1,290 Arc User
    Some more set High Density rifles would be nice, as well

    Hopefully more TLC will be given to Rep stuff, once the DSC content is out of the way (for a moment)
    non-Federation content is good content

    R E M A I N

    Tal'Shiar/Reman Resistance/Romulan Nemesis uniform, pls.


    Byron: The Mirror Exile

    Gamet'Zan: The Honored Commando

    Kabur: The Leftover Son

    Raius: The Beacon of the Terrans

    Symakhos: The Redeemed Prince
  • dannalistdannalist Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited September 2019

    • Beam
    • Auto-Targeting Beam
    Exploit Attack
    o Cone AoE Plasma Damage

    • High Density Burst
    Exploit and Expose
    o AOE Damage Based

    Enhanced Reman Home Guard Plasma LRMG
    Rom Pla AMG except in black color The Reman Home Guard uses a suppressive LRAMG to
    • Long Range Beam Burst

    • Beam Sweep
    Expose Attack

    • Plasma Flame Incinerate
    Expose Attack
    o Plasma AoE Damage

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  • predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    The Bio-Mol Plasma rifle in the T6 8472 set replaces the Incubation proc with just this. The Primary fire exposes, and the secondary hammers it home with multiple exploit attacks.
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