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Endeavor: Azure Nebula

Please remove azure nebula from the universal endeavors, it's always the same thing when it's a universal endeavor:

- It got a lot of lag
- There is a big chance ships are not spawning after some time
- Optionals are not possible, cause of the lag
- If you're unlucky, you have to do the TFO multiple times before you have enough ships for it to complete
- If people have to do multiple runs, there is a big chance those people leave as soon as they have the endeavor completed, so this will leave your team short. So the chance to get it done gets even smaller.

I don't understand why it's still in the endeavor list, it's just irritating people who want to get the endeavor done.

Please remove Azure Nebula from the endeavor list, outside of the universal endeavor, azure nebula is good doable, so the TFO itself may still exist in the game.


  • sennahcheribsennahcherib Member Posts: 2,823 Arc User
    done it 20 minutes ago, the lag was awful. thx to this problem, we have missed the 2 optionals.
  • alexanderb#7559 alexanderb Member Posts: 186 Arc User
    coldnapalm wrote: »
    I never noticed any extra lag on this map because of endeavor or not. The map is always a bit slow to process compared to most other maps because ANY nebula effect in this game is coded poorly and slows things down.

    Yeah the ship not spawning is a problem...they need to fix that.

    Optional is ALWAYS not possible because of RNG. Unless you get some big point ships spawned, you will fail the optional. I had a run where we rescued every ship that spawned within 1 min of it spawning and we JUST got a little over half the required amount for the optional. This is because all the ships that spawned were worth 1 with ONE 2 pointer. They really need to change that to number of ships freed or make sure that some big point ships spawn with the small point ones.

    The TFO is number of ships freed, the only reason you would have to do multiple runs is you hit to no ship spawning bug OR you are just terrible at the game. I can release all 7 ships ALONE in one run...if they spawn that is.

    You can not fail this mission. It is on a timer. You can all take a couple of pot shots at an enemy to avoid the "AFK" penalty and AFK and you will win this map. Oddly enough, if you do the efficient thing of having one person aggro the mobs while another takes care of the tractor beams...the person who takes care of the tractor beams WILL get the AFK penalty unless they spend some time taking pot shots...which ruins the efficiency of it all

    Looks like you're lucky.. I just did it for the endeavor and it had crazy lag again, like I have seen a lot of times when it's an universal endeavor.

    Like i said, when the lag is this worse as it is with the universal endeavor, it's difficult to do anything, everything you do will get delayed or you have to do it multiple times cause you're going back in time (rubberbanding). That's part of the reason why the optionals are not possible then. And yes, ships not spawning anymore, is also the reason you can't get the optionals done.

    I know you can't fail it, but there is a big chance you have to do the endeavor multiple times, because you can't get those 7 ships freed in one run.
    azrael605 wrote: »
    I have run Azure multiple tines on multiple characters in the last few days and have had no such difficulties and OP they will not be removing it from anything.

    Outside it being an universal endeavor, it's just running fine (like i said in my earlier post). I didn't said they should remove the TFO itself, I'm just saying they have to remove it from the universal endeavor list. As soon as it's an universal endeavor, it causes lots of lag and ships not respawning a lot of times, which makes it very irritating to do.

  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,913 Arc User
    I did it earlier with @peterconnorfirst

    It was a little laggy, but not bad. We had no problem getting it completed.

    I would not wish to see this removed from the Endeavor list.
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  • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,725 Arc User
    azrael605 wrote: »
    I've played it as an Endeavor every time it has been one. Never had any problems.

    So have I. Always manage to complete Endeavor, but not optionals. Not a big deal there, as long as I get the Endeavor
    Now a LTS and loving it.

    Just because you spend money on this game, it does not entitle you to be a jerk if things don't go your way.

  • alexanderb#7559 alexanderb Member Posts: 186 Arc User
    So.. is it just the early ones than? Those who do it almost straight after the endeavor comes out?
    Or is it just europe and not US or something like that?

    A lot of people are with me on the chat channels, complaining about the same things, so I know for a fact that I'm not the only one.
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,231 Arc User
    echatty wrote: »
    azrael605 wrote: »
    I've played it as an Endeavor every time it has been one. Never had any problems.
    So have I. Always manage to complete Endeavor, but not optionals. Not a big deal there, as long as I get the Endeavor
    Azure needs a bit of a special strategy to be certain of optionals, and even then it's iffy. The rank of ship you're rescuing determines how many Tholians are guarding it. So, for a T'Liss, the best option is to solo it. But, Tarantulas guard Scimis and you'll prob need at least 3 players working on it. And so on....
    My character Tsin'xing
  • questeriusquesterius Member Posts: 7,858 Arc User
    First run yesterday had no spawns for either tholians or rescue ships . Fortunately the second run had.
    Azure nebula either needs a fix for the RNG or a trip into oblivion (removal).
    This program, though reasonably normal at times, seems to have a strong affinity to classes belonging to the Cat 2.0 program. Questerius 2.7 will break down on occasion, resulting in garbage and nonsense messages whenever it occurs. Usually a hard reboot or pulling the plug solves the problem when that happens.
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,231 Arc User
    Enh, it's why I solo the 1-point spawns. The faster you get rid of them the sooner you can get a new spawn.
    My character Tsin'xing
  • n7belannan7belanna Member Posts: 28 Arc User
    So.. is it just the early ones than? Those who do it almost straight after the endeavor comes out?
    Or is it just europe and not US or something like that?

    A lot of people are with me on the chat channels, complaining about the same things, so I know for a fact that I'm not the only one.

    It's probably the first one. I did the endeavor minutes after it was added and had the worst lag I've ever seen in this game since the beta: Tholian ships were just randomly jumping around the map, not taking any damage for like ten seconds and then exploding immediately from 60 % hull. It was next to unplayable.
    Every single one in my team had the same problem and both zone and channels like NoP reported the same.
    An hour later that seemed to have passed.
    Sure, the game in general has been a little laggy lately and I've had my fair share of disconnects (which never before a problem before) but this was something else.

    We would have had no problem completing the optionals if the game had registered us trying to deactivate the tractor beams before having to press the button five times and there were no problems with any spawns at least.
    Personally, I don't think it needs to be removed as an endeavor but it certainly would be nice if lag like that didn't happen again.
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  • blitzy4blitzy4 Member Posts: 836 Arc User
    The team I played with yesterday had the lag, but we managed to actually get both bonus objectives. It was the first time I can remember that we got both of them.
    "..and like children playing after sunset, we were surrounded by darkness." -Ruri Hoshino

  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,481 Arc User
    edited July 2019
    I don't do Azure normally, only during an Endeavor. Rescuing the requisite number of Ships is all that matters. A few less Nakura Marks is not a big deal.

    We missed the Optionals getting only 8 points in the required time frame.
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  • iamjmphiamjmph Member Posts: 210 Arc User
    ran one earlier and while i had some rubberbanding, we hit both optionals with out any 5 pointers spawning... mostly 1's and 2's with i think two 3's...
  • jaguarskxjaguarskx Member Posts: 5,945 Arc User
    No rubberbanding for me, but only low level tier ships spawn so wasn't able to complete both optional objectives.
  • ightenighten Member Posts: 181 Arc User
    Im not sure why this would lag anymore just because its end - its an instance and plays the same as any other time surely
  • tigerariestigeraries Member Posts: 3,482 Arc User
    they need to adjust the spawn points to be ship fixed... 4 spawn points. Spawn ship type 1, 2, 3 & 5 points ships.... adjust the respawn timer so the 5 point ship spot only spawns 3 minutes after it gets released.
  • ussvaliant#6064 ussvaliant Member Posts: 1,006 Arc User
    Only thing I find annoying about this map mainly is the RNG nature when it comes to completing the optional. It can TRIBBLE you out of it by spawning nothing but T'liss ships or bug out and some bays fail to spawn.

    The map isn't exactly a big rewarder of marks if optionals are hit on advanced anyway

    Hello rubber banding my old friend, time to bounce around the battlezone again, where are all my bug reports going?, out of love with this game I am falling, As Cryptic fail to acknowledge a problem exists, Shakes an angry fist, And from Support all I'm hearing are the sounds of silence.
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