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Missing Risa Floaters

PSN: Surface-Warrior

Effected characters:
Mark Ellrodt
Hank Elrod
Mestuk Tr’Marus

Last summer (2018) I ground out events to purchase Risa Floaters (the 500 Lohunat Favor type) for four of my characters.

After the 2018 summer event ended I put the Risa Floaters in my character banks for each respective character.

However, when I returned to Risa for the 2019 even & checked my character bank accounts NONE of the characters had the Floaters in their banks.

It is frustrating. I don’t want to grind out events just to earn enough to buy more Floaters. My goal for the 2019 event was to grind out events to buy kit modules, training manuals & Risa apparel.

Can this issue get remedied so that I won’t have to waste time trying to earn enough for good floaters? Honestly, I won’t. I don’t feel that I should have to earn them again. If I put the TIME & effort in last year, they should still be in my character banks where I left them.


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