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dyson armour visual unlock not working

varconavarcona Member Posts: 5 Arc User
I have a new-ish toon to have done dyson joint command, he has all the ground reputation gear [shield, armour and rifle} unlocked and fitted yet there is no customization for dyson armour in the tailor

any advice on this?


  • odinforever20000odinforever20000 Member Posts: 1,841 Arc User
    Its not in the drop down for "Armor" in the Tailor?

    Sadly theres not real "customisation" for this Armor outside of Coloring...


    Rouge Sto Wiki Editor.

  • varconavarcona Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    just double checked my older toons that have it, yes it is not working correctly at all, firstly after unlocking the visuals u should get a drop down choice in uniforms in this instance voth armour, to which you can add and colour individual pieces such arm attach ect, the base uniform isn't even showing up as an option which is a tad upsetting since once fully customized its my favourite armour set
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