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Episode Coliseum BUG

patrick1711patrick1711 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
Ticket Reference # 190522-000565


on behalf of another player and myself...

There seems to be a Major Bug on Episode Coliseum.

Everything is fine until you get to fight the Aehallh Elder Worm in the Nopada Arena.

Consoles do not spawn when it comes time to deal with the Worm. Please fix as it is affecting game play
or for now Give my character credit for completing it.

[email protected]


  • daveynydaveyny Member Posts: 8,227 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    It's not just that mission.
    Somehow or other They've managed to TRIBBLE up a multitude of Interaction points in many missions.

    I've come across several in just the last week of trying to play the game.

    In every instance I've run across so far, it has been the interacts points having been moved either way up toward the ceiling of the room or moved back into the wall and have become inaccessible to your toon.

    The latest is in the mission "Chasing Shadows".
    At the point where you are supposed to read the 5 medical reports on the dead Cardassians, I could only get at 1.
    The other 4 are moved back into the cells.
    I can see them, I just can't get at them.

    "What Lies Below" was one I couldn't finish the other day due to the same thing...
    At the point where you are supposed to get on the lower maintenance lift, the panel to open it is pulled back into the side wall.

    Very Frustrating!
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