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Win a Cabin on the Star Trek Cruise and More!

ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 2,539 Community Manager
You could win a cabin on the Star Trek Cruise, amazing prizes from Steelseries, and every ship in the Zen Store!



  • questeriusquesterius Member Posts: 7,864 Arc User
    I get it is due to legal stuff, but sometimes it'd be nice if people from outside the US and Canada could participate.
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  • captaincelestialcaptaincelestial Member Posts: 1,915 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    questerius wrote: »
    I get it is due to legal stuff, but sometimes it'd be nice if people from outside the US and Canada could participate.

    *Waves to CBS marketing*
    There's a nice sea for European STO community members would be able to be cruise, of the Mediterranean kind.

    Nudge, nudge, hint, hint.
  • westx211westx211 Member Posts: 41,802 Arc User
    If I win it I'll love the ships but probably have to give away the cruise invitation myself since I can't possibly afford the travel costs to participate in it. really kind of a TRIBBLE move to not pay for travel costs in addition to the cruise itself since it renders the majority of participants null and void. I understand it would probably be to cut down on costs but still.
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  • daveynydaveyny Member Posts: 8,227 Arc User
    First contest I've entered in many years.
    Though the chances of winning are slim.
    STO Member since February 2009.
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  • arabaturarabatur Member Posts: 400 Arc User
    Must be nice to be one of the 1%.
    Definitely not an Arc User.
  • plaguemonger01plaguemonger01 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    (You missed that Cryptic has nothing to do with this. They're just cross-marketing. You want to complain, complain to the folks actually doing the contest. Flaming, trolling comments moderated out. - BMR)
  • oliverrogerr#5018 oliverrogerr Member Posts: 94 Arc User
    Where do you see who won?
  • totenmettotenmet Member Posts: 586 Arc User
    Only for people in the USA. How discriminating. STO has many customers outside the USA.
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 7,785 Community Moderator
    This contest has concluded. /Thread
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