Borg gets the Immune to tommy and shotgun

space4rent2 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
Did a random TFO and got a ground borg. I switched to my tommy gun to try it out on them after doing the first few I started to get the green tag above their head saying Immune. I switched to shotgun and same deal after a while.
I think I still did Dmg but when I went full auto mowed them down but when had they had green tag didnt go so well also had 4 other people in the run as well.

I did shoot 60 borg for the Endev on the battle zone planet Defia, Defea, Def-somthing and not once I had to remod the tommy and full auto was pretty much one shotting them.


  • disqord#9557
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    If the Borg have adapted to one damage type, the 'adapted' floater will pop up when you do pretty much anything, including non-damaging effects like tricorder sweep.
  • ajax1983
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    I think the Borg would still adapt to holographic weaponry. Technically, it's still a type of energy. In First Contact Picard says that with the safety features deactivated even a holographic bullet can kill, but I bet if he'd been shooting at more than three or four drones, the fifth would have adapted.