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MASSIVE lag and rubber banding.

I am getting even worse amounts of rubber banding, lag and even frame rate issues today. These issues have been ongoing for at least a year. I go through CenturyLink. My connection speed is 40+mbps for download and 5mbps upload. Intel HD 520 Graphics, 8gb of RAM, i3 6006U 2ghz dual core CPU (no turbo boost). I even rubber banded through the freaking environment on ESD. Something is not right server side. I should NOT be having any sort of rubber banding in game unless server connection is based on upload instead of download. If it's upload then I could see that being an issue. Otherwise this is definitely a problem. If anyone else is having this issue please respond below. Put down your system specs, your ISP (do not include your IP address!) what speeds you are paying for, download and upload, what country you are connecting from.


  • salvation4salvation4 Member Posts: 1,167 Arc User
    There seems to be a problem with the last update cause there is lag, fps issues and without warning kicks from the server..Whats going on? This is especially happening with ICED IN, in the second new episode..Got kicked twice when was playing the ICED IN part of the episode..
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  • dariusturaldariustural Member Posts: 87 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    I too am having issues with STO for the last two months. I even changed ISPs-same issue, and only with STO. I could be mistaken, but it is quite possible server load balancing is not working as it should, depending on where you port in. Traceroute to patchserver.crypticstudios.com has it jump from ~30ms up through the last hop, then jumping up to 88ms to 110ms at the destination.
  • klingon122#5927 klingon122 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Same problem here

    Lots of rubberbanding in the past week or so
  • groundhogmokagroundhogmoka Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    Rubber banding is especially bad in Sphere Space BZ. Has been for awhile. It seems kind of fixed as of Thursdays patch but it's still there.
  • screwloose53184screwloose53184 Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    I've been dealing with MAJOR rubber-banding on Kobali Prime. It gets so bad, that the missions Breaking the Wall, and With Our Last Breath, is almost virtually unplayable, because of the constant rubber-banding. I've also been dealing with disconnections, when transferring maps, which can be a pain, sometimes.
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  • borgus1122borgus1122 Member Posts: 236 Arc User
    Same here on Kobali prime, sometimes elswhere, but Kobali Prime is where all lag from game is gathered. Can't even walk normally. Even when I stand still it throws be back, forth, left, right, through walls...
  • cmndrckcmndrck Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    STO has never had stellar network performance. It has definitely gotten worse lately though. I'm not sure that it's been limited to any one place for me but changing zones can change the experience. Even zoning out then back in again can be different. But rarely 'smooth'. Usually just between terrible and less terrible. I'm on a 300/300mbit fibre line in western Canada. I've have several different types of connections and computers over the years with the same results.
  • quixoticishquixoticish Member Posts: 54 Arc User
    I'm having the same issues, rubberbanding is atrocious and the game is almost unplayable.

    I pay for gigabit fibre and have no problems with anything else at the moment.
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