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[PC] Command the Ships of the Section 31 Lock Box!

ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 2,641 Community Manager
The dark secrets of Section 31 and Klingon Intelligence are coming soon to PC - now learn what these ships can do under your command.



  • nikolunusnikolunus Member Posts: 162 Arc User
    Not bad stats, hopefully this means that the Dyson ships will get some new love with an Experimental weapon slot. (Please make it a proton damage one) The Section 31 ship is pretty nice, hopefully luck will be on my side in getting one.
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  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 4,008 Arc User
    My only complaint is with the Glorious Charge ability, it looks a bit too fast (in the series the cleave ship took time to plow thru enemy ships it didn't fly thru them at near Warp speeds) and doesn't look like it can enabled while cloaked for a proper exprience ;)
  • angarus1angarus1 Member Posts: 683 Arc User
    Oh god, I need these.
  • ichaerus1ichaerus1 Member Posts: 986 Arc User
    Interesting. A battlecruiser that doesn't have capability to load dual cannons? @ambassadorkael#6946 may need to get on the horn with the ship dev team to figure that one out, considering that's one of the traits that qualifies what makes a battlecruiser.
  • kodachikunokodachikuno Member Posts: 6,020 Arc User1
    Id rather have one of these tbh :P

    looks like the cleave might be fun, seems they took into account ramming someone in slow motion like in the series would be garbage in a game like sto.
  • f8explorer#7814 f8explorer Member Posts: 1,327 Arc User
    Wait a minute. Why does the Fed ship have a Lt. Cmdr. Universal and the Klingon ship only get a Lt. universal?
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  • centurian821centurian821 Member Posts: 274 Arc User
    Putting that Charge console on the Buran class: Now that is a true Battleaxe

    As for the S31 ship, I think the Dark Mode rather than the Tactical Mode should have the wings folded in. With the wings out it looks like a Predator swooping in on a target. Also, in the show the ship's wings were folded in when it had it's asteroid disguise active (presumable a variation of Dark Mode) and they folded out once the disguise was dropped.
  • mustrumridcully0mustrumridcully0 Member Posts: 12,963 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    The speed of the Ram might be kinda neccessary, but it ruins the mightiness of the ramming maneuver.
    genhauk wrote: »
    Wait a minute. Why does the Fed ship have a Lt. Cmdr. Universal and the Klingon ship only get a Lt. universal?

    The KDF ship has two Ensigns instead of just one, so it allows you to slot more Bridge Officers. I suppose that would be useful for a KDF aligned Romulan for example, or anyone else that has bridge officers with strong space traits.
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  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,579 Arc User
    genhauk wrote: »
    Wait a minute. Why does the Fed ship have a Lt. Cmdr. Universal and the Klingon ship only get a Lt. universal?

    I didn't notice until you mentioned that, but the Na’Qjej has six Bridge Officer slots. Second ship ever to have that, pending the blog is correct. More slots for Nasicaan Pirates or Superior Romulan Operatives to buff up your damage, I guess. Plus, combine it with the Trait coming with this box that triggers off Ensign abilities.
  • vampirialvampirial Member Posts: 92 Arc User
    Still a lil sad the NCIA-93 (Section 31 ship) doesnt have the ability to holo-camo itself to look like something else :(
  • cryptkeeper0cryptkeeper0 Member Posts: 970 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    Lets hope the torpedo flight speed from console and Terran rep trait can stack. Because I'm not sure the romulan set one does.
  • fred26291#2759 fred26291 Member Posts: 1,198 Arc User
    Tried Lock Box Roulette before and um wasted my zen, NEVER AGAIN!
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