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Ship designs

majuracmajurac Member Posts: 5 Arc User
I appreciate the efforts made to create interesting new designs for ships we can earn...
It occurs to me that there should/could be more varied designs as well.

Right now, with just the basic setup, a player's choices are limited to a single ship for each of the three play types. A single cruiser option for engineers, a single science ship for science, and a single escort for tactical.
Sure, you can customize, but it doesnt really change much. A Vegh'Nar looks like a Vegh'Nar no matter what pieces you put on it.

However, looking back at the lore and resources made for various ST games over the decades reveals dozens of other ship designs, suitable for most every tier.
I would love to see a Chandley class Destroyer in my lists.
Or an Andor missile cruiser.

Perhaps PW and Cryptic could consider making a few alternates for lower tier ships? So even if we have to pay zen for the ship we didn't choose, we have a few more options as we go.


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,291 Arc User
    I doubt they're going to add any more leveling ships to existing factions/starting experiences, much less free ones, considering they're coming out with level-scaling ships now. It even looks like they might make all end game ships level scaling at some point. Very little point to creating a low-level ship if they can just sell a endgame ship at low level instead.

    Any other beta-canon sources-- video games, board games, books, etc.-- they don't have automatic license too like they do for the live-action shows, so they'd have to work out a license with the owner of that IP. Not impossible mind, as the Vesta class is from a book series, but highly unlikely as it is sometimes has issues that need to be resolved that make it far more complicated to negotiate. (Vesta barely made it in game with the author's needs, Kzinti never got licensed, etc.)
    A Vegh'Nar looks like a Vegh'Nar no matter what pieces you put on it.

    What is a Vegh'Nar? I thought you meant Negh'Var, but that has a fair bit of customization options, particularly if you add in the T6 Negh'Tev.
  • jandraelunejandraelune Member Posts: 100 Arc User
    Well look at Romulan options for ships, you fly Tac or your fly Tac =.=, even for the ones you pay for.

    Jem'Hadar...well new given that, but only a single ship as an option for free.

    Fed cruiser is umm, nothing to what it is touted out to be in TV or books or other games. In STO Fed cruiser is the bottom feeder in performance and options: too many engineer boffs and not enough varied abilities, very poor turning speed, can't fit cannons or pets, not enough tac/sci boff abilities.
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