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Strike Team's ALPHA Recruiting

bishop#7533 bishop Member Posts: 56 Arc User
edited August 2018 in Fleet Recruitment
Strike Team Alpha is recruiting.

Our fleet is made up of a mixture of Fun casual, semi hardcore players. We do an assortments of Advance and Elite PVE Encounters from space to ground. We always happy to help and we constantly group up with our Armada and fleet members. We have open slots for Tac. Eng, and Science. (Blue Smurfs of Sto always welcome).

We do have a few slots open for Fleets that want to join our epic Armada. Fleet leader(s) are required to have and use teamspeak to go over armada and fleet details as well as special events within each fleet in the Armada. Fleet Members are encouraged to use Teamspeak but it's not a requirement, though its more fun to be part in teamspeak while we do space and ground PVE runs so we can ordinate better on runs. We have a strong teamwork personality. We help the fleets out with their upgrade projects. We currently focus on wrapping up Strike Team’s (Alpha) Colony to Tier 5. Then we can concentrate on other fleets with their upgrade projects. This will help and let everyone in the Armada use our Colony T5.

We don’t tolerate Drama, we love doing things together, and we use TeamSpeak to BS and especially to PVE. If you don’t have teamspeak it’s not mandatory for armada/fleet members but it is a requirement for fleet leaders so in case we need to contact you. TeamSpeak is another tool that we use to group up with folks as well as well as share ideas, builds, learning new things etc. We all love learning from each other and trying out new things especially brain storm ideas.

We do hold special armada events for Prizes at the moment we are holding a Fleet module event. Everyone in our Armada will have an opportunity to partake and win some fleet modules. Anyone interested in finding a new home or interested in moving your home to a better Armada if it’s to earn a ton of Fleet credits, make new friends, be more active in Sto, do more PVE runs, competitive mark runs, socialize meet more players, etc your welcome to give us a go. Feel free to contact me my in game handle @Bishop#7533


"Let's make sure that history never forgets the name Enterprise". --JEAN-LUC PICARD
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