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[PC] Updates to the Centaur Class



  • rickpaaarickpaaa Member Posts: 624 Arc User
    I am looking forward to playing with this as soon as the Advanced Light Cruiser custom options are debugged in the ship's taylor.
    Member since December 2009

  • alexsanderitaalexsanderita Member Posts: 211 Arc User
    Great work!
    I still dream from time to time about using the Gateway to doff off-game in spare minutes as we were told
  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 2,616 Arc User
    reyan01 wrote: »
    avoozuul wrote: »
    The ships they are fixing the skins with appear to be TMP era ships, I think the Oberth should come next along with a T6 update. :)

    Not necessarily.

    It's not a new thing where canon STO ships are concerned. It's actually a predictable pattern we've seen before:
    - ship receives quality pass (in this case, Excelsior class and Miranda class)
    - ship that uses 'parts' from the quality pass ships receives it's own quality pass (centaur class)
    - and in this case, new ship introduced that uses 'parts' from the quality pass ship (Georgiou)

    We saw the same thing with the Galaxy class. Once that ship received it's quality pass, the Nebula and Galaxy Dreadnought were not too far behind.

    Sadly, it seems the chances of us getting canon ships that would be 'start from scratch' on the quality pass front are rather a lot less.

    I am hoping that once they do a quality pass on the Intrepid class they might get around to doing a Yeager class ship.
  • vengefuldjinnvengefuldjinn Member Posts: 1,514 Arc User
    Nice job on the Centaur model!

    Might we see a modern t6 Centaur inspired class in the C store soon?

  • marty123#3757 marty123 Member Posts: 639 Arc User
    > @vengefuldjinn said:
    > Nice job on the Centaur model!
    > Might we see a modern t6 Centaur inspired class in the C store soon?

    You already have one, the reliant, just put the centaur parts in the Type-8 skin
  • psiameesepsiameese Member Posts: 1,504 Arc User
    Happy to report it's working nicely on the Advanced Light Cruiser as of this mornings patch.
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  • noven2000noven2000 Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    edited March 2019
    As far a ships that can be updated the galaxy can stil use a skin update and many Klingon ships too K’tinga Negh’var Vor’cha. Klingons and Romulan don’t have enough c store options at lower tier ships such as tier 1 and 2. And many lower tier klingon ships like tiers 2 through 4 don’t have retrofit ships like the raptors and bird of preys at this tiers with exception of the Ning’tao class bird of prey. It would by nice to see more tier 5 ships.
  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,049 Arc User
    noven2000 wrote: »
    the galaxy can stil use a skin update

    This was already done back in 2015. The Galaxy Models look pretty good, not sure why you think they need an update.
    Discovery is good, it's you that sucks.
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