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The new character creation; Personal points of issue

turayinturayin Member Posts: 1 Arc User
First of all if a thread like this is already there somewhere, I'd apologise for a double post. That being said, I'm finding some difficulties that I would find critical in the creation.
First of all would be the info tab, which showed the available skill traits on both the race (including racial trait) as well as the class traits. With these no longer available it will make choosing a lots more difficult for both old and new players.

Then there is the stance during creation. It's very annoying that the head keeps moving around when you're doing the actual creation. The 'old' version had an option to pause any stance into a static one where movement was none. This option is now also gone with the new UI.

If possible I'd like these two features to return. It would make choosing and creating a character a whole lot easier, which I believe the entire goal was of the revamp.


  • malciviousmalcivious Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Yes, that pause feature. I created a new character to test it out and when modifying some sliders and my guy kept turning away on me... oh that Pause feature. That's a biggie.
  • divimdivim Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Another thing they left out is the races you can buy for Zen. I think they should be added to the list of races with the zen price clearly marked. That way new players who are willing to spend money can create a character that they want from the beginning and not have to make a character they don't want just to access the Zen store to buy the race they want.
  • nargaladnargalad Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    You guys said everything I was going to touch on. Especially the traits, even if it was just the racial traits would be a big help to see how that species would fit to the play style you want to play that character as.
  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 1,435 Arc User
    edited March 11
    To those who posted here please post in the thread called PC Character Creation Redesign, that thread is more visible than this one in Feedback. Thanks. :)
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