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GLBTQ-LGBTQ-FEDERATION is recruiting members or fleet to join our new armada

douglaschasedouglaschase Member Posts: 5 Arc User
LGBTQ&GLBTQ fleet is recruiting we do have open space of armada as well if you fleet is new or old and part of our armada please talk to @douglaschase for invite your fleet or members into our fleet and armada we are really new fleet fleet create year of 2016 we need new members too we do have discord as well please in game mail to @douglaschase about if u fleet want to join us or you want to join our fleet https://discord.gg/azvhwk this is our discord server


  • casualstocasualsto Member Posts: 614 Arc User
    What's GLBTQ? These acronyms are more and more confusing these days.
  • starkaosstarkaos Member Posts: 11,361 Arc User
    Maybe one is for male characters and the other is for female characters. Or maybe one fleet focuses on the Gs with the other focuses on the Ls. Apparently, GLBTQ is interchangeable with LGBTQ, but LGBTQ and LGBTQ+ became the common abbreviation in recent years.
  • angrytargangrytarg Member Posts: 10,056 Arc User
    It's usually LGBT, the Q is not always included and in my personal opinion superflous but not everyone shares the sentiment 😏

    I'd assume one is the fed and the other the kdf fleet and they couldn't use the same name.
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