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meanwhile....what happend to the storylines...

So while I enjoy the Discovery stuff I am curious, whatever happend to the other storylines?
There is to much jumping around from one timeline or one universe to the next
to get some kind of red lining through it all. One moment your fighting hurq the next your time
jumping into the past for a few missions then your back in the regular timeline with your new toon
and then suddenly we are suppose to help a other universe Tilly and then she betrays us and then..

It just gets messy, I am beginning to think that it is just people throwing in ideas instead of working
on ONE storyline. As new materia shows up then they are added, not so seemless as it may seem.

Its like we are getting 3 or 4 different views until we are back at the hurq invasion and then something new
thread, new universe is added.

I know there is at least 3 different timelines thats in play and it makes it confusing to try and keep track of all
3 storylines.


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