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Crashing on map moves and login as of 2/16/19 patch

Downloaded the patch from the launcher, crashed on every map move. Now I cannot login without crashing as soon as it attempts to place me on a map.


  • vengefuldjinnvengefuldjinn Member Posts: 1,514 Arc User
    I've been crashing every time I try to do the Elachi red alert - sent multiple crash info.

  • jargonautsjargonauts Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    me too not only here but Champions Online as well
    With a Phaser or Lightsaber it doesnt matter to me
  • kirk2811kirk2811 Member Posts: 85 Arc User
    It is taking me forever to log in since 2 days ago, before that it was fine. "Waiting for the account server response" and when finally enter the game, it disconnects after a few minutes
  • hanover2hanover2 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
    This is still going on. Reliable crash to desktop on moving to any public map. I'd really appreciate some response on this.
  • hanover2hanover2 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
    Problem persists as of 2/21/19 patch. Please advise.
  • hanover2hanover2 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
    Still happening 2/22/19. :(
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