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Yellowstone Runabout

dantivirusdantivirus Member Posts: 63 Arc User
Well purchased the Yellowstone but when I go to switch to it I get the message 'Object uses invalid parts'.

I have not changed anything on it, just try to use the default.

GM's and Ticket Support said I need to reach out here to post a bug report and file one in-game as well.

Here goes nothing.

So far, no compensation, refund, or anything but I cannot use the item I paid for.


  • chrian#9670 chrian Member Posts: 272 Cryptic Developer
    Hello @dantivirus , If you could please post a picture of the error showing up that would be helpful. Also what is the character that is having this issue?
  • scottie58scottie58 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    (Flaming/Trolling comments moderated out. - BMR)
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