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Logging in issues.

I's 4 in the afternoon (CST) and past the point where Cryptic "should" and "said" they were fixing the logging in problems. I have the green light signifying the servers up and working. Still cannot log in so I have no idea what and if they really fixed the problem. What gives???


  • salvation4salvation4 Member Posts: 1,089 Arc User
    I have the "Trying to update the launcher.." Box and its stuck and keeps restarting the update at 39MB..SO now I cant even get to the login screen..The connection to the update server is using a laughable 0.02% of my available bandwidth..Something got screwed after the "ËMERGENCY MAINTENANCE" that was done for the login issue..
    Adrian-Uss Sovereign NCC-73811 (LVL 65 FED ENG) UR/E MKXV Fleet Intel Assault Cruiser (April 2012) (Main)
    Adu-Uss Firefox NCC-93425-F (LVL 65 FED AoY ENG) UR/VR MKXV Fleet Intel Assault Cruiser (July 2016)
    Jean-Uss Seratoga Ravenna (LVL 60 FED Delta ENG) UC/R MKVI Bajoran Escort (April 2018)
    Dubsa-RRW Mnaudh (LVL 50 FED allied ROM Delta ENG) Warbird (May 2018)
    Marop-IKS Orunthi (LVL 50 KNG Delta ENG) BoP (May 2018)
    Kanak'lan-TRIBBLE (LVL 65 DOM Gamma ENG) TRIBBLE (June 2018)
  • msj#0503 msj Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Having a similar issue ... created my account & now can't even log in

    Game Message
    "Cannot connect to account linking server, please restart the launcher and try again"
  • captaincelestialcaptaincelestial Member Posts: 1,135 Arc User
    edited March 28
    Hmmm, I did not know there was emergency maintenance.

    I guess I was playing through it (had patch freezes, which was dealt with switching to Tribble and then back to Holodeck, and I had disco's at weird moments.

    Though now I have problems with my game client. Apparently there is missing files, so updater does not show up at all.

    Edit: I wasn't able to turn off my 'Game client' even with clicking close program button, until I went into the Task Manager. There was a notice that there were missing files when I clicked on 'Game client' a few times in a row.

    But after I was able to Task Manage the game client, I used the Steam STO launcher, and the launcher showed up like it was supposed to. And then I turned that one on and tried the Arc Launcher version and it showed up alright as well.
  • richa24richa24 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    i am having log in issues as well cant log in connection timed out everytime
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