Newest Spotlight mission?

I finally got some time to run the ViL winner "Flowers of War, Thorns of Peace" and couldn't find it in the spotlight list. I found it in the search area only to be greeted by the dreaded red-lettered "This mission does not qualify for any rewards."

It's been less than 3 weeks. What happened?


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    Per rewards: known bug. Some missions mysteriously don't qualify for rewards. It's nothing that any of us authors can do something about. We've passed it on to Cryptic but with the Foundry being a lower priority item (and there being some pretty darn crippling bugs in the editor they need to work on first. We can't make missions ATM) it may be a while before it's addressed (sucks but that's where we're at with this. It affects top 3 access too, but with that down as well we've got a ways to climb before this is an immediate issue.)

    Per spotlight: it's something that XR-377 and @ambassadorkael#6946 work through. Can't say why it's not up yet (maybe polish and/or bug fixes after the challenge) but it should be up in the list sometime soon(ish.)
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    Bummer. But thanks for the information.