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Random TFO teaming and issues following reconnect

I queued up for a Random TFO and was transferring maps when all of a sudden, I'm disconnected. I put in my log in, select my main (the one in the TFO) and because I wasn't thinking, I clicked the safe mode by mistake. Now I'm stuck. Teamed, with no way to get to my team and no way to leave it. There is no option for it anywhere. Abandon team is disabled due to the auto-teaming feature. Please! Can someone give me some ideas on how to fix this situations or could the wizard devs adopt ALL of the key features of the Random Queues from NW and give us something similar for the STO TFOs?

Member - Houseclan t'Charvon (STO)
Shiarrael e'Tal'Aura t'Charvon, LvL 65, Rom Sci
S'aana ir'Virinat t'Charvon, Lvl 65, Rom Eng
T'Lyra, LvL 65, Fed, Vul Sci
Ta'el, Lvl 63, Rom Tac
Sukima, Lvl 65, Fed Vul Sci

House Miliskeera in exile (NW)
Sereska Miliskeera, Lvl 70 OP - Devotion (Just.)/Protection (Just.)
Shizlee Miliskeera, Lvl 70 DC - Divine Oracle (Right.)/Anointed Champion (Faith.)
Finithey Miliskeera, Lvl 70 HR - Stormwarden (Combat)/Pathfinder (Trapper)
Maya Sik-Miliskeera, Lvl 70 CW - Spellstorm
Irae Sik-Miliskeera, Lvl 70 TR - Master Inflitrator
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