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Computer Freeze

Unable to log in as of latest patch. Everything working fine when I last played 01/16/18. When I log off my account, system reopen and automatically starting patching. I continued to shut down my computer and now I when I try to log in the system runs a patch then either crashes and closes out or freezes my computer while running a patch. Anyone else experience this?


  • iamynaughtiamynaught Member Posts: 1,285 Arc User
    Right now, when you log out of the game, the launcher loads back up to download and pre-patch the next season/expansion/update. This is normal. It's also a rather large patch, I ended up downloading somewhere around 4 gigs. And it can be somewhat slow since everyone else is getting the same popup when they exit the game. Once it's done downloading and patching, it will close itself. It will continue to restart itself every time you exit the game but if you allowed it to download and patch, it'll quickly see the process has already been done and close itself again.

    As for what could be crashing your system, no idea, but I hope I at least helped clear up some of what is going on with the launcher.
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  • jimduval#7537 jimduval Member Posts: 75 Arc User
  • ometaklahnometaklahn Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Now it just give me a error code 31
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