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Temporal T6 Vanity shields

thehampster01thehampster01 Member Posts: 119 Arc User
Ok so i wanted to 3D print a starship with the Temporal Vanity shields, however when i did this the ship didn't have its nice Grey colour the shields normally have and it turned out as a REALLY DISGUSTING purplish pink Why is this happening?


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  • thehampster01thehampster01 Member Posts: 119 Arc User
    no its normally a grey colour while on a ship in space but for some reason in gameprint it does NOT appear grey
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 6,562 Community Moderator
    Changed title to reflect that shield isn't bugged, so discussion can continue. Bug reports do not belong in General Discussion anyway.
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  • thehampster01thehampster01 Member Posts: 119 Arc User
    ok if the shield isn't bugged then why does it appear Grey in my first picture i've linked here?

    answer that
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