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Questions about a Fleet

imperium#7101 imperium Member Posts: 24 Arc User
I have a couple questions about joining a fleet and hope that I have put this in the right area. A bit about myself, I played this game at the start and due to some other new games I left. I am now back and truly enjoying the game. I found myself still apart of a fleet that has no one playing anymore which isn't too bad just a bit lonely and no one to ask advise from. I thought I might try and get the Star Base up and running but that seems like a awful lot of just one person. So to my questions

1.Are fleet ships better than the other ships that you can purchase with Zen or Dilithum?

2. So if I decide to leave the fleet, I am in are there some pretty casual fleets that would be will to take in three toons. The reason I need a casual fleet is I don't know when I can play and alot of times voice comms are difficult for me. Not that I don't have the equipment it has more to do with the size of my house and where my wife is while I am playing. I will be willing to contribute to the fleet in however I can but just wanting to get an idea of whats out there.


  • attilio87attilio87 Member Posts: 263 Media Corps
    1. In some respects fleet ships are better (like more hull strength) but don't expect it to be a sudden game changer. Equipment, skills, abilities, bridge officers, etc. play a crucial role in the overall strength of your ship.

    2. Yes! My fleet, the STO Academy, is casual. You can join with all of your characters, play as much or as little as you want. You can find out more about us here https://armada.stoacademy.com/join
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