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New, old player. Stuck.

jake81499jake81499 Member Posts: 249 Arc User
I'm an old time player but I've been out for several years. I can't for the life of me remember how to get into my own bridge so I can wonder around the ship. Help please. Thanks. I'm using a pc.

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  • questeriusquesterius Member Posts: 7,719 Arc User
    In the right corner of the screen you have the map..

    Underneath the map, in the bar on the far right you have a drop down arrow. Click that arrow and select 'Visit Starship Bridge.'

    Poof.. that's it! :smile:

    Don't tell him the secret word (yet).. :P
    This program, though reasonably normal at times, seems to have a strong affinity to classes belonging to the Cat 2.0 program. Questerius 2.7 will break down on occasion, resulting in garbage and nonsense messages whenever it occurs. Usually a hard reboot or pulling the plug solves the problem when that happens.
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