Need advice on Fleet Naj'sov Megawell build

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Hey everyone. This is my first attempt at a dedicated build. I like using gravity well so I thought I would try a Megawell build. This is a work in progress, but I am happy with the build so far. That being said there is much room for improvement. If anyone has any tips for improvement, I would appreciate it. Just sitting in Qo'nus orbit I have 245 control and 353 epg. I start clicking things and it jumps to 400 control and 468 epg. What I have available as resources are as follows:

T4 colony (everything T4)
T3 Mine
T3 Embassy
T3 K13
T3 Research Lab
T3 Spire
T4 Starbase (everything T4)

T1 Gamma (Warp core project slotted)
T5 Omega
T5 Nukara
T5 New Romulas
T5 Dyson
T5 Undine
T5 Delta
T5 Iconian
T3 Terran (ferrofluid Hydraulic assembly project slotted)
T3 Temporal (advanced temporal defense chroniton torpedo project slotted)
T2 Lukari
T1 Competitive

I have no problem getting ec, lobi zen, dil etc... Rep items will take longer to get while I level them up.

Link to current build:

The goal is to eventually convert over to a megawell torpedo build as I get the equipment.


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    You wont need Plasmotic Leech. Its Capped at 7.5 All subsytem power (at 10 stacks).. You wont miss it.

    Restorative Sci console are a nice touch. Aux2Sif will have you get max stacks in 2 or 3 activation. You'll want to replace the Temporal Disentanglement suite with another restorative console (EPG/CntrlX).

    Subspace Vortex 1 or choose
    Structural Analysis (Since your using a deteriorating deflector this will ALSO activate that deflectors damage.) Also a good debuff

    I run the same ship on my Romulan but shes set up as a drain boat..I Use the LTC Cmd Temporal Seat with Emp Shields(Sheild Overload trait) and Aux2Sif1 with Rapid Decay (Entropic Redistribution is also a nice choice)

    Some options...
    You Could throw +% Exotic damage console on your ship like:(Found on the exchange)
    Auxiliary Ejection Assembly.
    Constriction Anchor
    Delphic Tear
    Deconstructive Resonance Emmiter (Has a ControlX mod and debuffs)
    --This is for moar epg damage.
    The Bajor Set would go Nicely as it can buff your Disruptor Damage AND the Deflector can be re-engineered for +85 Control..
    The Gamma 4 Piece isn't bad Either as it can be re-engineered for up to 63 control and the deflector added both a sci cool-down AND a Kenetic Damage debuff.

    Get a Colony Deteriorating Deflector If you want to add a touch more damage to the projectiles.

    Personally I dont run any power to weapons and dont rely on them for anything other than set bonuses.I typically run 3 torps and 3 beams..But others go more torp.

    Heres an example of the ship I run as a Control boat. 509 Epg and 349 ContlX


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    Hello @tvalavulcan :)

    I have taken a look at your build and you already seem to be on the right track with a lot of options taken. From my understanding the term “Mega Grav Well” should aim at a “dmg dealing” Grav Well first with the aspect of “size” second. Thanks to the lab consoles you picked this can be done easily where you use the +EPG part for dmg dealing and +control part for the size.

    You already mentioned the build should aim at epg/torp. Only decisions you need to make is how much emphasis you like to put into what. Here is an example of my build where I laid focus on EPG (over torps) exclusively and the latter are only there to deliver more epg dgm via the particle emission plasma torpedo or the gravimetric one.

    Imp’s Crossfield Science Vanguard

    My in game friend Tunebreaker made a very effective build where he decided to split the focus on exotics and torpedoes. This gives him the means to interact better in light of the huge intervals you have when you funnel most EPG attacks through a gravity well with it’s long cd time.

    Both routes will end you up with a highly potent build being able to cope well with everything the game throws at you. If you like check them out and ask questions. Please don’t focus on any expensive items you see that especially I got. They are not needed and are just chosen to squeeze everything out on what I wanted to do.
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    Thanks for your replies odinforever20000 and peterconnorfirst. This was exactly what I was looking for. I'm downloading the patch now, but when I get ingame, I plan on implementing some of the things you have suggested. Even better is the surprise phoenix box and upgrade event. I can take the rest of my gear to epic. I do have one question though. Is there an order to place the torpedos? In addition to the 2 torpedoes I have equipped, I will be getting the gravimetric from the Dyson rep. All 3 torpedoes in front with the cutting beam and omnis in back. Again, thank you for the help.
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    Ok. Made several changes. New ship build:

    Swapped the Plasmonic Leech for the Delphic Tear Generator, the Temporal disentanglement Suite for a 4th Particle focuser, And the Locator console for the Ferrofluid Hydraulic Assembly. Added the Cutting beam in the rear and moved the PEP Torpedo to the front. Respecced skills and upgraded a bunch of stuff. Ran several advanced stuff and had no problems surviving. It really was quite satisfying to watch everything just die. I wish you could buy the completion of rep dailies with dilithium like you can the crafting projects. Then I could get the rest of the equipment I need. Currently up to 354 ctrl and 407 epg without clicking anything.
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    For what its worth, 400 CtrlX is where the range of GW3 ends. After this it maintains the range of 12 Km and only the pull strength increases. So once you reliably get to 400 CtrlX in combat you can start focusing on other things like durability or more EPG damage (and your EPG skill seems to be far ahead of your CtrlX value which should do you a fair amount of good).

    Unfortunately STOA doesn't open for me (it's blocked in my country or some such shenanigans).
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    Thanks for your reply @alcaatraz. I am currently working on getting CtrlX to 400. I'll get on tonight and post the build on here so you can see it.