What's the Torptracker Proc??

leemwatson Member Posts: 4,620 Arc User
Logged in today and was checking through my things, when I noticed that the 'Prolonged Power Engagement Console' now has 'Torptracker 1+0.25' listed in it's primary proc's. Anyone have any idea on what this is, as I've never seen this in 8 years!
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  • questerius
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    Don't know. Maybe something added for a future 3 piece?
    Thinking at either a torpedo to fit the current Phaser beam array/Dual Cannon and Console.

    Either a Turret, Omni or Torpedo (would personally like a single cannon but alas) with a 3-piece a kind of point defense?
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  • alcaatraz
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    I would hazard a guess that its something we don't see which tracks in the background to make the console work, maybe to track the passive increase of the power, or as @questerius said a future 3pc implementation (which again we shouldn't be able to see).

    Whatever it is doesn't appear to have any implications other than just text.
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