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away teams awol on ground battlezones and new story arc arrangements and delta toons

psygn0sispsygn0sis Member Posts: 102 Arc User
as in description away teams are awol on ground battle zones and with the new streamlined story arcs my klink delta toon finished an arc and was not given story arc awards eg. completed the 5 episodes in the story arc vigilance, but it's still greyed out in the awards window.


  • nejdinenejdine Member Posts: 47 Arc User
    I have this issue myself. No bridge officers joining me in any battlezone so far, despite the popup to chose 2 to be with me i beam in alone...

  • engineerb4#4806 engineerb4 Member Posts: 220 Cryptic Developer
    Thank you for the report.
    STO Software Engineer
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