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Submit my PIN request by ARC everytime I login for any request.

?Perhaps this is my own answer: as I have not installed 'ARC' to enjoy the Forums, I get his new PC (we don't recognize this pc kind of msg) and must submit my emailed PIN to login here. I've never understood why this PIN is necessary as I have a login to the game itself and have used STO for over 8 years.

I am not sure ARC is used for login or marketing of all games ARC. As we see all the other games when we buy Zen, any marketing is done.. right? Security issue? Perhaps, but.. I just don't get it after all this time. If the login to STO sees us as a valid user, why is this emailed pin necessary when logging into the Forums?

Is my very well protected PC not broadcasting some hidden file in the ARC download/install saying 'this guy/pc is a valid user, long time player, etc?"

I've probably asked this over the years and was probably told, sorry one must download ARC to use - get Zen..etc.

I have no other interest in ARC games other than STO, so login should be simple to do. I'm sure logins will show when I have logged in to purchase ZEN for the game, but this ARC pin has become overly frustrating and sometimes I don't login to get ZEN because of it, for months, and it would seem those in charge do want the funds as much as we have for years proven we only login to one game. Somehow I don't expect a change or easy answer for long time users.


  • katanahiryukatanahiryu Member Posts: 145 Arc User
    I have to do that too, that's why I barely log into the forums anymore.
  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 6,054 Arc User
    This happens on my computer because the browser is set to remove all cookies when closed. But my Kindle and Chromebook stay signed in until I power them off...Or lose the batt charges.
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  • snovernsnovern Member Posts: 138 Arc User
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    Oops. I miss-read the thread. This is about logging in to the Forums, not the game.

    I remember there used to be a way to "Save browser" when logging in to the Forums and/or ARC Website. I just confirmed that this option is no longer there. Hopefully, Cryptic can be encouraged to bring that feature back to their Websites?

    Anyway, I'll hide my original response below as a "spoiler" in case other people stumble upon this thread looking for a way to not have to type in a PIN every time they log in to the game.
    Please try these steps as they worked for me:
    1. Go to https://secure.crypticstudios.com/ and log in
    2. Under the "Account Guard" tab, delete all "Saved Clients" and "Saved Browsers". You may have to "REMOVE" the rows one-by-one instead of using the "DELETE ALL SAVED" button. Delete all did not work for me.
    3. Log in to the game (you will have to submit a PIN this time, and make sure you check save computer)

    You should not have to submit a PIN again for a while.

    1. In step "2." above, you will likely see many Clients and/or Browsers saved with duplicates under "Name" and/or "Last IP Used". I think, due to this, Account Guard stops being able to add new Clients/Browsers to your list. This is why you have to enter a PIN every time.
    2. By clearing the list, you are effectively "rebooting" Account Guard so that it starts functioning normally again.
    3. The "Subscriptions" tab may not be working (says I have no subscription even though I have Lifetime Sub).
    4. If you have no active subscription, the "Subscriptions" tab may indicate that your subscription status is "SUSPENDED". I would not worry about this as it does not prevent the account from logging in.
    5. If you click on "Subscriptions" and then back to "Account Guard", you might see all of the Clients/Browsers that you deleted have re-appeared. To "fix" this, just refresh the page (worked for me).
    6. After step "3." above, you should be able to refresh the Account Guard page to see that your computer has been added.

    Hope this helps.
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  • I have the same problem. it asks for my pin each time I log-in here...
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