Nimbus Mission Installation 18 is not available in the Journal

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Hi I was wondering if anyone else is unable to find installation 18 mission even though they have completed all nimbus mission up to that point I have reported it both using the report bug in game and through the support in the website without much success or response after I sent in screen shoot of my problem I was wondering if anyone else has problems like this and is it true that only Romulan captains can play I would like some help with this and that it is mentioned as a known issue plus this is a favorite mission of mine. any help regarding this problem would be really appreciated thanks.


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    I put in 4 maybe 5 Tickets to try and find out how to get the reward Nimbus Pirate Distress Call from the Installation 18 mission and I was emailed back several times.

    This is a direct QUOTE from your STO Blog " We’ve taken out the “Wasteland,” ..." you can still find these missions in the galaxy at large, but they’re not part of the directed journal experience. We’ve taken out the “Wasteland,” “Spectres,” “Breen Invasion,” and “2800/Lost Dominon” mission groups in this fashion, so you can still play them, you just won’t be sent directly to them as part of the leveling process."

    If you took them out how can we get to them?

    the HAIL button called galaxy at large DOES NOT HAVE the mission Installation 18 available for my NEW Age of Discovery character nor do any of my other characters show it in that HAIL Mission journal area.

    So now how do we get to it if it is not there?
    This is what they told me

    Since the Installation 18 mission is not showing in the galaxy at large on any of your characters, you will have to go directly to the NPC mission giver to obtain this mission. Please review our wiki for more information.

    WELL GUESS WHAT I told them ...

    OK YOU have me 1 million percent confused Subcommander Nadel is located at the
    Romulan Flotilla so I Can NOT go there as a FED faction character to get the Installation 18 mission and ............
    Franklin Drake is also apparently the mission giver for the Installation 18 mission
    BUT as per your BLOG "Wasteland" IS removed from the episodes and IF you can find where I can pick up the Installation 18 mission and get the
    [Nimbus Pirate Distress Call] Reward I will stop flooding your in box with where to get the damn thing - you don't seem to understand my NEW AGE OF DISCOVERY CHARACTER CAN NOT DO THIS MISSION and I can't find it on any of the pages in the
    ( Episodes - Available ) mission HAIL pages!!!


    If those NPC mission givers will not grant the Installation 18, sadly, we do not have any other details where it can be located at this time. We only refer to the wiki and blog post since those are the only things that we can check some details as Customer Support. Unfortunately, we at Customer Support have limited resources and information regarding the in-game content changes. I suggest heading over to the forums page to seek assistance with the Moderators, Quality Assurance team and the Development team. SO here I am ASKING THE DEVS or any one else who IS in CHARGE of the game content or Coding or such HOW DO WE GET THE DAMN THING????? you guys SAY you can get the missions but your really CAN'T that' missleading and kind of a LIE to all of the players

    THE response was " we have notified the people responsible "

    So easomdarren your going to have to wait for them to figure out what there going to do
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    It is a known issue, which means they are working on it.

    It is noted in Patch Notes.....
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