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Dyson Ground Battle zone: No Away team

rimmarierimmarie Member Posts: 414 Arc User
Captains are beaming in alone on the the Dyson Ground Battlefield.
I am able to select my crew (the 2 members accompanying me) but they fail to appear when I arrive on the map

This seems to apply to the Kobali Map also (reading another bug report)


  • chemistrysetchemistryset Member Posts: 229 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    I hope this bug gets fixed soon. Until then, there´s a work around:


    It worked for me on the Dyson BZ, I haven´t tried it on Kobali yet.
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  • wraithmeisterwraithmeister Member Posts: 371 Arc User
    Kobali does have the same issue, and I can confirm that the reddit suggestion listed above (request reinforcements) got my ground boffs to finally show up (for this instance).

    STO, please acknowledge this as known issue and confirm if can be fixed soon.
  • Before posting a new topic please do a proper search to see if there is already an existing one first as in this case there are already two others.


    chrian Member Posts: 98 Cryptic Developer
    October 10
    Hello again everyone, Could you all go to Nimbus and let me know if the same issue occurs there? I am doing some internal testing myself to verify which large ground maps are having this issue.

    chrian Member Posts: 98 Cryptic Developer
    October 10
    @lopequil , Thanks for the update. I have a bug into the correct team for them to check out and fix the issue.


    chrian Member Posts: 91 Cryptic Developer
    October 11
    Hello @goldenavariel , and @bendalek , This is currently a known issue. Thank you for your patience.
  • Workaround update: :smile:

    To Stop random boff beam down and ensure you get the boffs that you want when you use the workarounds below. Here is what my fleet mate took her time to test out (Beth Brewer: I tried this 5 times and it worked if you take the two boffs out of your away team and leave the 2 you want with you in dino land and then put the other 2 spots with just security you will have the two you want with you each time)

    lhoygow;c-13432355"]Here is your workaround until it is fixed:
    if you want your boffs with you in the battlezone, go to help & support, request gm help, stuck, bridge officers are stuck or missing, request reinforcements. this will beam down your 2 boffs. The 2 it beams down are somewhat random so you may need to swap equipment around if you didn't get the 2 you normally use.

    This works on the dino zone, haven't tried it at Kobali but it should work there as well.

    torharry Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    October 15
    Here is another workaround by a nice fellow on Kobali, who sent me a tell while I was standing around looking confused;


    Type that into your chat and press enter, and two of your boffs will show up.
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