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XMPP protocol messed up after @handle and email change

XMPP chat is now broken for me on my main account, pms to me don't come and now a more recent development the chat does not work randomly. The other account keeps getting a 'Not Authorised' error when trying to connect. The issues started just after my email switched with my other account and the @handle on my main was changed, it could be either one or both, have no idea but support seems to agree with this assumption.

I think it was about 3 weeks ago I wasn't getting pms on my main account via XMPP anymore, never tried my other until I noticed the issues. I've tried alternative programs to make sure it wasn't Pidgin and the issues was consistent across them all so at that point I reached out to support. I have spent the last week with support, and I don't doubt efforts where made the issue since the start has only got worse. The recent patch or efforts from support have now broken it completely, I have no idea what happen but the timing was to close between the patch and supports reply. I was asked to post a bug report here, have no idea what I'm doing but I do it. To be clear I'm not blaming or bashing support, if anything I thank them for their constant aid with my issues.

I'm getting ever more frustrated as this was a big factor in getting a lifetime subscription, also, fireworks, those are great. The worst is people thinking I'm ignoring them because they can still send me pms, I just don't get them, I'll leave it at that but it's only getting worse.

Please help.


  • appletonmccoolappletonmccool Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    I did have some issues briefly for about a day where XMPP chat would stop randomly, but that has since been resolved for unknown reasons. Now it's just PMs that never come.
  • appletonmccoolappletonmccool Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    Yep, have tried that, I appreciate any and all suggestion I'll be more than happy if we can solve this before a dev gets in, maybe we missed something.

    My most recent interaction with support has clarified the need for this posting, it was made at the suggestion of support saying this issue now requires developer intervention, as there are no more troubleshooting steps they can provide.

    Can't even point anyone who PMs me here, different name vs my @handle, peeps thinking I'm ignoring them.
  • appletonmccoolappletonmccool Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    It appears to be fixed, I got, and still am, getting pms in Pidgin. :smiley:
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