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Ship devices unequipping at random

darpinkdarpink Member Posts: 267 Arc User
edited September 2018 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Devices such as batteries that can have 20 in one stack and fit into a single slot will unequip and the stack placed into my inventory every time I top off the stack. For example, if I'm down to 10 Weapons Batts and I add 10 to make it full at 20, the next map change will cause the entire stack of 20 to be unequipped and placed into my inventory. This has been a problem for a year or more and has been reported multiple times, yet it continues. This is particularly annoying when that map change takes you into battle and you are now without something that you normally use until you open your ship status window and inventory and re-slot the device.
I ALWAYS save my ship loadout every time I make any changes to the loadout, I also ALWAYS have my skill tray "Locked" after any changes.
The last time I reported this problem I got an email from a Game Master that asked if I would allow them to login to my account and try to fix or ascertain just what the problem is. I have given permission to do so, and yet several months later the problem still exists.
Why is it that clipping issues are immediately addressed but actual gameplay issues that are very annoying are ignored?


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,099 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    Crtl-drag the stack from Inventory and only going up to 19 is the work-around I've settled on. Works the majority of the time.
  • darpinkdarpink Member Posts: 267 Arc User
    I'll try that! Thank you! :)
  • darpinkdarpink Member Posts: 267 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    tom61sto wrote: »
    Crtl-drag the stack from Inventory and only going up to 19 is the work-around I've settled on. Works the majority of the time.

    Tried your workaround but no joy. Even if I add to a stack that is already slotted on the ship but only up to 19 the same problem still exists. Not only that but it changes what I had in my inventory. For example, if I have 10 batteries slotted in a device slot on my ship and a stack of 20 in my inventory and I add 9 from the stack of 20 to the stack of 10 that are already slotted on my ship, the next map change removes all of the batteries from my ship and places the 9 back into the stack of 20 and the 10 that were already slotted are placed in my inventory as well. Leaving a blank device slot. Reported a few times now, and I have also Verified Files multiple times, I always "Lock" my skill tray and save the loadout. None of which has made any difference at all. Such an annoying issue! So now anytime I restock batteries I have to make a map transition and then move the batteries from my inventory back into a device slot before doing a mission or PVE, otherwise I end up with going into battle with a blank device slot. :(
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  • benselassem#4731 benselassem Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    I have that, too, but not only with devides, but with weapons, consoles ect., too. It's rather annoying.
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  • sallabanesallabane Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Same problem here and I posted a ticket and it seems not to be going through.

    My Ticket
    Devices on ship keep returning to my inventory
    Devices that can be refilled keep returning to my inventory after I refilling them. I have tried everything saving load, taking everything out and placing it back in slot. They return to inventory almost every time I zone or start the game.

    Here are the items: Weapons Battery, Heavy Phaser Satellite Turret
  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 2,457 Arc User
    A temporary solution I have found is saving your loadout twice but it would be nice when that bug is finally fixed.
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