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Mobile App Support

I was curious if any thought has been given to a mobile app integration?

There are a lot of simple ancillary tasks that would seem to be possible (Duty officer assignments, Admiralty, R&D), as well as some stuff like Mail (Same functionality available now without a mailbox, simple reading etc), in game chat or fleet chat.

All of this could be wrapped into an LCARS style interface and beyond some simple interaction when not in front of a PC would allow great immersion if you wanted to play with a tablet as a second device to manage some of this stuff while in game even.

The biggest negative I see really is more chat spam as I don't want to make it even easier to get these parasites into global chat.


  • gilleylen#3834 gilleylen Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I had a suggestion but it seems like this just needs refined

    The mobile app should have a few things added to it like:

    Linking the account via phone so it can act as a QR Code linking or Authenticator
    Allowing a Character to manage Duty Officers, Admirality, Crafting, Fleet Holdings, Fleet Bank, Fleet Projects
    A Notification like Welcome Screen telling new stuff that is happening
    A 3000 Dilithium ore a day from doing App related stuff like Minigames

    Suggestions on interface is a combadge that can be changed graphically, and a transporter sound as it loads a home page, with the TNG like interface. The items are squares that transitions to said functions like Duty Officers, Crafting... ect. Allowing under settings to change the colors and notification sounds, like a TOS chirp to signal a completed task

    What makes this better is the more people play on the phones means more activity in game, bringing in crowds like fathers who can not sink huge time into Star Trek Online but when they do have a free moment they can pick up and feel like they really have not missed much. If someone in the office doesn't pick this up, someone out of the office might.

    How someone could do it is relatively easy to, All that has to do is understand the protocols that the game uses and mimic those from the phone to broadcast the same signal, If someone can turn a iPhone into a PS4 Reciever, is this really so hard?

    I used to be a programmer in a different life modifying games before the PS3 era
  • aerodrive1aerodrive1 Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    Can we gat a realy app for smart phones?
    e.g. to make doff missions or admirality at least?
    Such things a realy missing for STO @ 2020.
  • eazzieeazzie Member Posts: 3,274 Arc User
    @darkbladejk MEGA necro
  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,345 Community Moderator
    I banish thee necromancy back to the shadow realm
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