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STO: Age of Discovery - Excited YEAH/NAY



  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,231 Arc User
    artan42 wrote: »
    azrael605 wrote: »
    Ahh but artan Star Wars fans thought the PT was so different that George Lucas made a public statement explaining the changes. How things in the PT looked all shiney and new compared to the run down rusty look of the OT.

    Well that's just fanbois not paying proper attention to new material. Most of the difference was down to the PT being visible in much higher definition filmed using modern cameras and lighting in sets that weren't 5 square metres. True they did use a lot of primitive CGI that (at that time) wasn't able to capture the same feel as props but they were off base anyway.

    Right from the start of TPM the Trade Federation tech is dented and scratched. The Battle Droids are covered in blast marks and the MTTs have sections of paint missing.

    Fanbois look for things to complain about and when they can't find them they make them up.​​

    We were discussing the issues of the Star Wars prequels, and I think it's not just the specific design aesthetic. The biggest problem is it doesn't feel real enough. The original Star Wars movies needed t work with models and physical sets, and I guess that made it easier to make them look physically real. Because, well, they were real physical things, at all times. On top, the industrial look and the "used" feel made them feel more authentic. The prequels relied a lot more on CGI and just couldn't fully replicate the effect. It might be the uncanny valley effect for objects, really. It's close, but just so close that the wrongness sticks out.
    One thing I'd point out that made the Star Wars prequels REALLY stick out was the aerial chase scene where you had either Obi-wan or Anakin jump off a flying car into a different flying car. The general feel of the scene is nothing like the way the OT felt. LOGICALLY the scene makes sense. It's a planet that's a megapolis. The terrain is made of buildings. You have colorful lights everywhere. But nothing in the OT actually LOOKED like that.
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  • meimeitoomeimeitoo Member Posts: 12,434 Arc User
    azrael605 wrote: »
    Several people were using the fallacious Star Wars prequel trilogy and Rogue one comparison so the discussion went that direction it was based off of the discussion of Discovery and how some people have this unreasonable utterly illogical hang up about visuals that affect nothing.

    What's 'unreasonable utterly illogical', is to call anything which differs from your opinion 'unreasonable utterly illogical.' Some ppl like visuals. DEAL WITH IT. And SciFi is not just about a story: the feel of it, the atmosphere, yea, the visuals, are a huge part of it. But not for you, I get that.
  • meimeitoomeimeitoo Member Posts: 12,434 Arc User
    azrael605 wrote: »
    That would be unreasonable if I was doing that but I'm not I have never done that I get totally that there are people who like the old visuals that's not the issue the issue is when they condemned the series and start saying things that aren't true about the series for the single reason that the visuals are different that's the problem and that is when it becomes utterly unreasonably illogical.

    For example screaming about how Discovery utterly destroys Canon when it actually ties more closely into original series Canon than any other Star Trek series before it except original series they tie everything into the tiniest of details in the original series The only difference the visuals

    And that's a lot more reasonable. :)
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 8,671 Community Moderator
    This thread has ceased even attempting to discuss the game. Your arguments about the Discovery TV show can continue in Ten Forward where it belongs. /Thread
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