Some doff Contacts/npcs on TOS Constitution sitting/clipped halfway through floor.

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Just what the title says. Doff contacts/npcs on the TOS connie interior are clipped/sitting halfway through the floor. Not just the npcs who are doff contacts some npcs doff contacts and non-doff contacts alike are like this. Not all of them are like that and not all the doff contacts are like it.


  • vorwoda
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    Please submit a ticket in game. Unfortunately, the chance of a DEV seeing this here is virtually nil.
  • echatty
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    Actually, the devs check this forum more often than not. That's why it's here.
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    I reported that over a year and again a few months ago ingame. Its still a problem. It affects all sitting NPCs excluding the bridge-crew (which recently got hit by a new bug).
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    Yeah, I have same issue. Boffs and doffs are sitting half way through the floor. And I think this is not only on TOS connie bridge, but on some more bridges.
  • lx01#6115
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    i see it all over the sitting places and i dont like it. somehow does not relate to many years old, used-to-be-subsciption based game. this kind of bugs are fixed very early in game development. seems someone is missing a stage of development. oh not to mention that its also a big franchise based title, not some random sci-fi stuff like ... i cant remember the name.
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    It's working as intended. At least it's the best we can get. The issue is several years old and so far it has mot been fixed. It was acknowledged by @tacofangs though: The issue is that NPCs can't sit on chairs, they have to get around that by playing a "sit" emote at the precise coordinates to let it look like the NPC sits on the chair. And these coordinates can be botched by a lot of things, causing the NPC to clip. Bit taco also said they don't have the time and resources to do anything about it which is unfortunate. I am worried we rather see bridges and ship interiors removed from the game before these glitches are fixed.
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    hi got the same issues on Tos decks too. But how to resolve the issues
    is real hard and unknown so can't they fix that or do they.