Tal Shiar set bonus underpowered?

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I just wondered if you could clarify if the 2 piece bonus: 'Tal Shiar Augmented Repair Systems', of the Tal Shiar Adapted Borg Technology Set is working as intended.

Specifically, I'm referring to the "Regenerates 2.5% of your Hull every 60 seconds". For comparison, the 3 piece bonus: 'Shared Processing' of the Shell Shock set gives "Every 3 sec, restore 2% of Max Hull per Ally Player within 10km (including Self)" which is markedly 16 times more powerful at least and thats before it stacks with other ally players!

Given the much higher potency of most other current in-game passive hull regeneration sources, like miracle worker specialisation passive, nanite reinforced circuitry, even leadership trait, shouldn't this 2 piece stat not be more powerful, or is this merely a typo, or working as intended? For such an expensive lobi ship set, it's definitely lackluster.

I would appreciate a response so that I know whether to buy this group of ships. Also, do developers look at these pages?

Thanks, Jolan Tru!
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    Working as Intended. Tal Shiar Adapted set is actually a pretty old one that was uplifted to Tier 6 after the PS4/XB1 console release of the game. Cryptic was a bit weary of power-creep earlier on, so the heal was more for 'flavor' than a mechanic to rely on.

    I wouldn't recommend the three-set anymore, as Cryptic nerfed it after a bug occurred where using the Nanite green blob thingy could wipe entire teams of PvPers and wreck Hive Elite PvE in seconds. The three-piece proc is showing on tooltips to do about 500DPS now, but the same char and gear in a science ship will do 1900DPS on a Deteriorating Secondary Deflector's proc.

    The developers do look on the forums at least somewhat, but rarely reply. I would guess that if seen, it might be noted somewhere for them to take a look at some point, but not much more than that.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    That totally makes sense and I remember when it was reported as overpowered. Now the entire set is useless in the current game's 'meta' (not sure if this is the right word), flavour and RPGers aside. The revamp to t6 should have sorted out the set bonuses but cryptic seemed to practically give up on it. Its regrettable that I can't enjoy a borg/romulan/science flavour with the added benefit of the set being extremely useful like we see with almost every other new set in game now. I'll stop typing now because I could get emotional, haha (wipes tears off face).

    What a shame.