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"Melting Pot" problem

epfizion#9111 epfizion Member Posts: 1 Arc User
edited August 2018 in PS4 Gameplay Bug Reports
The melting pot mission from new frontiers isn't working for me. When I want to replay melting pot it doesn't show the common hail you should receive, instead, it shows a Mission simulator saying "Please Input Request". By the way, I don't have melting pot as active, it just won't let me replay it.


  • ajm2777#7427 ajm2777 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'm having the same issue with it. I reached the quest on a new character, and progression just stops right there. The quest cant be selected from the Episode menu, and its not in the Incoming Hails. It's completely stopped me from progressing any further in the New Frontiers chain on that character.
  • havoktolhavoktol Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    Same issue
  • tmghost7729#8985 tmghost7729 Member Posts: 455 Arc User
    Confirmed here as well. They know about it and are looking into it.
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