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Changing launcher settings crashes launcher

Is anyone aware of how to fix this issue:

ERROR: Failed to load dbghelp: 126
Line: f:\cjunctions\src\utilities\crypticerror\harvest.c(543)

I have been able to find little to nothing about it online other than a three-comment Neverwinter reddit thread (https://www.reddit.com/…/8nyrld/nw_updare_error_please_help/), and Cryptic has nothing about it on it's website. I tried the method they suggested in the NW thread (deleting StarTrekOnline.exe or what I thought was the Neverwinter equivalent) to no avail. This was on a clean hard drive with a fresh install of windows.

The problem manifests by crashing the launcher every time I try to force-verify the game files or otherwise change the settings. It also crashes the game client when I try to load demo files through a third-party application or through the launcher itself. I discovered this problem while I was trying to open up a demorecord file first through a third-party application, second through the Cryptic launcher itself. I can still play the game as normal, but I can't create any fancy screenshots or film specific parts for a cinematic video.

I tried re-installing the game to fix it, and that didn't work, the Cryptic website said to make sure I have the proper version of Java installed when dealing with launcher crashes which I did, a friend suggested re-installing windows Visual C++ re-distributables as well as re-installing DirectX. My father doesn't want to risk TRIBBLE up another hard drive by messing with the drivers unnecessarily which I can understand, but at this point I see no alternative. Then again, my father also doesn't seem to care for actually recognizing that there's a problem in the first place.

Quite frankly, it's infuriating; I don't know how to re-install DirectX or the Visual C++ redisributables, and there is no existing thread on the internet that I can find that actually has this issue.


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