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Sword of Kahless

alissacgalissacg Member Posts: 35 Arc User
ok on the show DS9 Worf Dax and a Master guy fornd the Sword of Kahless and beamed it into sspace how did that icoian get it?? better yet how did the Klingons get it be fore the ico war??
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  • somtaawkharsomtaawkhar Member Posts: 5,913 Arc User
    As part of the Klingon faction story missions you meet up with the clone of Kahless who has been looking for the sword, and help him find it.

    He loses it to T'ket during the Iconian War when he challenges her to combat, and get killed.
  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 48,093 Arc User
    Worf remembered where it was for one thing, so he could retrieve it again.
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  • alissacgalissacg Member Posts: 35 Arc User
    +yes just red the story ty

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  • vorwodavorwoda Member Posts: 569 Arc User
    And the Master guy was Kor (played by the late great John Colicos), the first named Klingon ever seen on Star Trek, way back in TOS.
  • azrael605azrael605 Member Posts: 9,638 Arc User
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