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Multiple system crashes

Constant crashes throughout the game not only with sompek. Have completed both sompek and the daily event on Risa twice. Crashed all 4 times and did not get the vouchers.


  • moxlonmoxlon Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Same here, I noticed the problem sometime between 8-10PM EST, at first I thought it was my console, since I've seen the crash before but never repeatedly like this. My brother tried logging in a little while ago to the same result. Also noticed that the news does not display when logging in presently.

    I was lucky enough to get the daily in today, but I feel for those trying to earn their daily or to do anything else at the moment.

    I can no longer even pass the login screen, instant app crash now.
  • kingfish#1776 kingfish Member Posts: 1 New User
    Finally! I find I'm not the only one. I've tried on both a PS4 Slim which I mainly use and a PS4 Pro which I have as a secondary unit. I'm able to log in, but as stated above, the news articles aren't showing. Just has a message that says no new events or something like that. I'm able to select a character, and play for about 2-5 minutes before the game finally crashes to main menu. Ever since I've downloaded the game I've been able to play for hours at a time with no problems what so ever. These crashes just started up a couple of hours ago, and are now constant.
  • sleepwalker#8777 sleepwalker Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    the game is completly broken now - blue screen every few minutes - was never longer than 5 minutes in the game
  • joeconk#6652 joeconk Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    I was on Risa doing event missions. Game crashed 6 times, so I have given up for now until the issue is fixed.

    The first time the game crash occurred I was doing the Antique hunt for Qwen. I had just found and retrieved the Antique with 3 minutes left in bonus reward time and just as I held the x button to select submit the item to Qwen and finish the mission I was disconnected with a crash and blue screen with error CE-34878-0. I logged back into the game as immediate as possible but found that I had missed the bonus reward time so I was only rewarded 20 Lohlunat Favor instead of the 50 Lohlunat Favor I should have received had the game not crashed on me.

    I saw several people in the Zone Chat saying that they were getting crashes of the game.
    The game crashed 4 more times after being able to play for about 2 minutes each time and the same blue screen error CE-34878-0 would come up. So I did a search online which led me to a PS4 support page explaining the steps to save saved game data and then uninstall and reinstall the game. I found other recommendations to do a reinitialization. So I followed and completed all steps of both reinitialization and uninstall and reinstall of Star Trek Online successfully. So at around 10:30 PM PST I started Star Trek Online and when I logged back to find myself on Risa I immediately asked in Zone Chat if other people were still having the crash issues. 7 people immediately expressed their discontent implying they were having the same issues of crashing continually. Then I took a few steps running and CRASH again with same error message. So at that point and with proof that other people were experiencing the same issues I knew at then it was not my console.

    I did on each instance send a report to Sony Play Station which comes up automatically following the error occurrence and the include picture/video box was checked.
    I would include a video for you guys but I think that since a crash occurred there may not be one or I don't know where to look for one to be able to send you.

    So now here I am typing this to let you guys know. I want to ask:

    What exactly happened?

    Can I expect the issue to be fixed soon?

    Can I be reimbursed the 30 Lohlunat Favor that I lost as a result of the first crash?

    **This was originally posted to a support ticket, under In-Game Issues
  • thebigb82#6717 thebigb82 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    I knew i should of checked the forum, I got into the game, then went to the admiralty to do some missions then it crashed, I can't even get onto the log in screen before the blue screen appears
  • neptomiteneptomite Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    this is happening for my cousin and I as well. hope they fix it soon
  • tmghost7729#8985 tmghost7729 Member Posts: 455 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Cryptic must really be pulling our leg here, otherwise I can't explain how they constantly deliver broken product patch after patch. Get your act together! You're hurting your own game!
    Post edited by tmghost7729#8985 on
  • sleepwalker#8777 sleepwalker Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    cant belive there is no official statement yet - nothing like "we are currently investigating..bla bla" - nothing here.. nothing on twitter..
  • ctravis1#1858 ctravis1 Member Posts: 1 New User
    Started doing the same thing last night. Woke up and it is still doing the same thing. I've just about lost hope that Cryptic will start caring about its game and fans of the game. I hate that everyone else is having the same problem. I thought it was just me.
  • I have also been experiencing game crashes, ever since the new events began. I'm glad it's not just me.
  • sleepwalker#8777 sleepwalker Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    releasing sompek in the same week as risa....? not such a good idea, since sompek has broken the game several times already
  • texasrascal#5181 texasrascal Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    Reddit has a thread going too. This is soooooo broken, why is there no news release yet? Come on gang, all we need is a tweet from the community management team stating something like " We are aware of continual crashing being reported on PS4 and our engineers are hard at work diagnosing the issue with the warp core and we should have full power back soon"
  • moxlonmoxlon Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I remember back when you would at least get a tweet saying they were working on the issue, but not even acknowledging the issue is disturbing.

    Problem has not resolved yet, it seems, though I was able to earn my daily vouchers, I am sure others are not so fortunate. This really is unplayable, and unfair for those who have spent anything on the game. If there is no extension on the event, then it becomes unfair even to F2P players.

    I try to be patient, but the players really do need to hear ''something".
  • wherrold#3824 wherrold Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    It's crashing constantly for me too.

    Twice on Sompak this morning (extraordinarily frustrating as weekend events are fairly rare and it crashes before I can get my daily weekend event vouchers.) It's crashing no matter where my characters are (Sompak, Risa, sector space, one on Nukara who just keeps dying because it unactivates the environmental suit every time it crashes and then crashes before I can respawn and get the character out of there.

    Until it's fixed, it's not even worth playing.
  • hellcatx805#4438 hellcatx805 Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    I understand bugs happen but the game is pretty much unplayable. The fact that there has been no response is ridiculous. Hey Cryptic your game is broken!! I've been thinking about taking a break and I think this was the nudge I needed. Definitely not going to drop the stash of cash on Zen this weekend like I was originally planning to do.
  • moxlonmoxlon Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    To think I quit playing the PC version and abandoned my toons, ships, and gear to play this with my brothers on console.

    I will attempt the daily vouchers because I refuse to spend zen to finish the ship project, I am already having to use lobi to finish the bajoran ship I skipped out on, don't want a second. But, I will not run any missions or PvE queues for the time being. I remember these problems being hot patched on the PC, or emergency maintenance being run even during events. The sad fact with consoles is that if this requires a patch, then the patch has to first be approved by Sony (PS4) and Microsoft (Xbox) before anyone will see the patch. This process could easily take a few days to a week, which I think will ruin the event completely for most players
  • frankd1962#4322 frankd1962 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    I'm FINALLY able to log in on here also!
    I've been crashing since 2 am EST while during the Admiralty missions on my different characters. I had stopped playing for awhile and had my system off because we had storms rolling through. Now I tried again and it crashed during a regular mission.
    I've tweeted about it and the only thing there is about an outage back on June 29th. I'll check back later today to see if it is working but no announcements?
  • tmghost7729#8985 tmghost7729 Member Posts: 455 Arc User
    I've never seen a game company succeed so well at running off its player base.
  • wherrold#3824 wherrold Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    Ps4 is unplayable july 5 and 6 no mater what you do 7 minutes in the game kicks you out no exceptions. I spent a lot on ZEN the other day and cant even play now. Im not to happy about this to say the least.

    This is really frustrating for me as well, as I spent over $200 on Zen (I wanted to get it while on sale before VIL) and less than a day later, the game is totally unplayable.
  • frankd1962#4322 frankd1962 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    I've never seen a game company succeed so well at running off its player base.

    Remember, these unprofessional problems are also contributing to us all not being able to collect Risa event vouchers too. I'll never spend another penny on any of their games now.

    Then you've never plays DC Universe Online.
    Every other update would crash the system and people would take to forum and other places demanding stuff for the time down.
    Just seems strange that in almost twelve hour period that there is no news from them about these crashes. This is the first time I've ever had a problem with this game.
  • drsid#3032 drsid Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    (flame/troll comment removed) - darkbladejk
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  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,873 Arc User
    Managed to squeeze in a flying high on one character before it crashed

    My Sci took three runs of sompek before getting far enough for the token and that was with me suggesting to the group we did a "5 & die" Talked to rodek at the end and crash, lucky enough to get back on quickly enough to get the marks I wanted from the reward as I wasn't willing to go through the bluescreen faff again.

    If this continues over the weekend I really hope they rerun sompek again next week (sans issues) as a way of admitting there's a problem and saying sorry.
  • wherrold#3824 wherrold Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    If this continues over the weekend I really hope they rerun sompek again next week (sans issues) as a way of admitting there's a problem and saying sorry.

    This may be unreasonable, but I'd actually say give every account voucher reclaims for the weekend. Like when they ended the anniversary (I think it was anniversary) event early a year ago. In the Sompak runs where it's crashed, my team has been well past round 5 and I'd have little interest in having to grind that out again.

    Three voucher reclaims would be an extra item for everyone and as rare as weekend events have been on the console, I'd think very appreciated by everyone.
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