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Moving forward on ground missions and being forced to look and drift left

I've noticed over the past few days having an issue on ground missions where it makes the character turn left on it's own.
It only seems to happen when running or walking forward. If you stop and move backwards, it'll move in a straight line, but if you move forward again, it'll force you to look/drift left. This is all happening without touching the right directional control stick. If you use the right control stick to look slightly right, it'll correct itself for a time, but it'll happen again eventually.

At first I thought it was my controller (maybe the right directional control was getting stuck pointing left), but others have noticed the same issue, and it only happens on the ground when moving forward not while standing in place or walking backwards. It doesn't seem to be a problem at all in space. This isn't unique to a particular map, either. I've seen it happen in public spaces, all missions, fleet maps, etc.

I don't know if this is related to the latest update or if it's something server related. I do know that it's becoming very frustrating wanting to move forward and having the game decide on its own it wants you to look and drift slightly left for no apparent reason.


  • flimjam#3426 flimjam Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    Just to be certain, I bought a new controller over the weekend. I was happy to see the problems above weren't problems with the new controller. I switched back to the old one and the problems returned. It's strange that it was only an issue in one particular part of the game instead of all areas of the game and other games, but regardless, it's not a problem with the new controller, so I'm content. I imagine the others I talked to that had similar problems would benefit by replacing their old controllers too.
  • tmghost7729#8985 tmghost7729 Member Posts: 455 Arc User
    Lol, strange :)
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