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Looking for an RP Fleet

saphira123456789saphira123456789 Member Posts: 23 Arc User

I'm looking for a RP fleet, where I'm welcome as a dragon. My species is based on one from a fan story on DeviantArt (Link at the end of the post.)

I'm not the easiest person to get along with, due to personal problems, which are related to my past.

Once you really know me, it shouldn't be a big problem though.

Currently I'm in Mechanized Dragons, where I'm the only one in the entire armada who's interested in RP, so that doesn't really work out for me one bit. That's why I'm looking for a RP fleet, so I can do my thing.

After all, grinding may be bad, but grinding with friends is so much easier.

Link to the Fan Story on DeviantArt: https://wyldewyndwalker.deviantart.com/art/Where-Dragons-Dwell-PROLOGUE-656788161
Please note that the story is not mine.


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