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Main ship for each of your characters

lordgyorlordgyor Member Posts: 2,817 Arc User
What are the primary ships you have on each of your characters.

For my Primary character Male KDF Tac Orion Character his main ship is a Fleet Blackguard.

For me my Fed female Joined Trill Tac character's main ship is a Fleet Jupiter Carrier.

For my Romulan Republic Male Reman Eng character, I don't have any T6 Romulan ships so its going to be the Ghemor Intel Flight Cruiser, with Reman Shields.

For my Fed Male Bolian Sci character, not sure yet, maybe at a future date the Pathfinder class. Vorgon Carrier for now.

For my Dominion Male Van'hadar Sci captain the JVDC.

For my Fed Bajoran Female Tac, the Bajoran Interceptor.

For my future Male Cardassian character the Damar Cardassian Intel Science Dreadnought.

Haven't leveled her yet, but Temporal Agent Andorian Female whose main ship will be the 31st Century Choronos Temporal Dreadnought Class.

I have 2 extra Van'hadar characters for Dil farming, which I will dump eventually if the Dominion faction comes out with other races.

That will leave me with 1 character slot free, which will go to a Joined Trill female KDF Captain in the future, not sure what ship she will captain, but I'm leaning towards Flight Deck Raptor with the Yukuwa Hangar Bay as primary hangar bay. At least until they come out with a Trill ship.


  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,808 Arc User
    My main- Walker class
    My Temporal agent-T6 Ranger
    My Delta Recruit- Fleet Eclipse
    My Jem-Hadar- T5U Bugship
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      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
    • tacticoolfugga#9235 tacticoolfugga Member Posts: 377 Arc User
      edited June 2018
      Fed ENG Fleet T6 Dreadnought Cruiser (Galaxy-X) -Phaser, Photon(PEN)
      Fed SCI Fleet T6 Nebula -Phaser, Sci heavy
      Rom(K) TAC Fleet T6 D’Deridex -Disruptor
      Rom(K) ENG Fleet T6 D’Deridex -Disruptor
      Klingon ENG Fleet T5U Vor’Cha -Disruptor
      Jem(K) ENG Undecided
    • admrenlarreckadmrenlarreck Member Posts: 2,041 Arc User
      Most of my toons switch ships, the few who don't.

      Fed Main Fleet Vizier, with the full set.
      AoY Kelvin Dreadnought.
      Delta Krenim warship.
      Go'auld The pyramid ship from Voyager, I cant remember the name.
      KDF Main FT5-u Vor'cha, as close as I can get anyway.
      Rom Main T6 Scimitar,
      I have a Alien fed that sticks to the Lukari UFO.
      Another that uses the Malon Battlecruiser.

      The other 20 or so toons either switch ships or are undecided.

      Fleet leader Nova Elite

      Fleet Leader House of Nova elite
    • discojerdiscojer Member Posts: 528 Arc User
      Main Fed- Fleet Arbiter
      Fed Alt - Icarus (Sci) Pilot Ship
      Fed Alt - 31st Century Sci Ship
      AOY Main - Kelvin Intel Dreadnaught (formerly used a T6 Paladin using Ranger skin)
      AOY Alt - NX Refit
      Main Klingon - Fleet Mogh
      Alt Klingon - T6 Science Raptor
      Fed Rom - Tactical Scimitar T6 (whatever it's called)
      Klingon Rom - Science Pilot ship (forget name)
      Delta Recruit Re-Run Fed Alt - Tucker Class Miracle Worker
      Jem - Vanguard Dreadnaught
    • jade1280jade1280 Member Posts: 853 Arc User
      Fed Tac Female: U.S.S. Striker heavy escort carrier

      Kdf Eng Male: I.K.S Kaiju VoD'leh carrier

      TOS Tac Male: U.S.S. Huntmaster Kelvin timeline intel dreadnaught

      Fed Sci Female: U.S.S. Providence Advanced research vessel

      Dom Tac Male: D.V. Vicious 667 Dreadnaught class

      Lots more but this list is for the "Main(s)".
    • seriousdaveseriousdave Member Posts: 2,777 Arc User
      Hopping between ships a lot across all charcaters but there are some that leave the drydock more ofthe than others.

      Endeavor (always a kitbash of the ody and yorktown)
      Arbiter (always Avenger saucer + Arbiter hull)

      Soon on that list: the Vanguard warship & carrier.
    • reyan01reyan01 Member Posts: 15,259 Arc User
      edited June 2018
      Main - Fed, Science, Male Bajoran: Rhode Island variant of Nova class (FT5-U)

      Fed Engineer, Female Betazoid: Galaxy class (T6)

      KDF Tactical, Orion Female: Veteran Destroyer

      Fed Tactical, Caitain Male: Defiant class (T6)

      Rom Tactical, Liberated Borg Female: Tactical Command Battlecruiser

      Delta Recruit: Ocampa Female, Science officer: Crossfield Class

      Temporal Agent, Vulcan Female, Engineer : Temporal Light Cruiser

      Gamma Recruit, Tactical: Jem;Hadar Light Battlecruiser

      Post edited by reyan01 on
    • jamieblanchardjamieblanchard Member Posts: 542 Arc User
      edited June 2018
      Fed Side:

      Autumn, human female, science: I.S.S. Reinhart's Folly. Paradox Temporal Dreadnought
      Jamie, human female, engineer: U.S.S. McHale. T6 Connie
      Eagle, TOS human female, tactical: U.S.S. Yellow Rose. T6 Connie
      Cheech'N'Chong, Jem'Hadar male,engineer: D.V. Earache My Eye, Jem'Hadar Vanguard Dreadnought Cruiser
      Luna, human female, tactical: U.S.S. Metal Militia, Kelvin Intel Dreadnought
      Jackie Blue, human female, science: .... coming soon! XD

      KDF Side:

      Big Louie, gorn male, tactical: I.K.S. Frankie Sinatra, Vorgon Ryn'Kodan Carrier
      Washing Machine Charlie, Jem'hadar male, tactical: D.V. Serpentor's Wrath, Jem'Hadar Vanguard Dreadnought Cruiser
      Elspeth, orion female, science: I.K.S Wild Nova, Khaimas multimission reconaissance vessel
      Monkeywrench, orion female, engineer: I.K.S. Destro's Folly, Duvqu' Heavy Destroyer
      Sonja, romulan female, tactical: I.K.S. Helstar, Morrigu Heavy Warbird
      19 of 79, romulan liberated borg female, science: I.K.S Reinhart, Tactical Command Warbird

      I have a few other toons, but those are the ones that get out the most, and seem to be staying with their crafts.

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    • dmtdmt Member Posts: 194 Arc User
      edited June 2018
      Fed Main: USS Thunderhawk (T6 Heavy Escort Carrier)
      KDF Main: IKS Slave Queen (Blackguard Carrier)

      Fed Delta: USS Constellation (Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit)
      TOS: USS Excalibur (T6 Temporal Battlecruiser (eventually))
      Jem (KDF): ? (Jem'Hadar Escort)
      Rom (KDF): RRW Gal Gath'thong (T6 Veteran Destroyer (eventually))
      Post edited by dmt on
    • nightkennightken Member Posts: 2,798 Arc User
      kdf klingon: fleet t-6 b'rel
      kdf joined trill: d4x
      kdf aligned romulan: a Tyton
      kdf aligned jem'hadar: vanguard carrier
      TOS: Paladin class
      fed: fleet t5-u Ambassador

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    • lordgyorlordgyor Member Posts: 2,817 Arc User
      I'm surprised that no one has the Jem'hadar Vanguard Carrier as a Primary yet, I think I will get it eventually. Maybe I'll make it my main ship for one of my other Van'hadar characters or KDF Joined Trill.
    • seriousdaveseriousdave Member Posts: 2,777 Arc User
      edited June 2018
      lordgyor wrote: »
      I'm surprised that no one has the Jem'hadar Vanguard Carrier as a Primary yet, I think I will get it eventually. Maybe I'll make it my main ship for one of my other Van'hadar characters or KDF Joined Trill.

      It's probably too new and a pain in the a$$ to unlock, that needed 50k kill-xp is a bit too much imho.
    • casualstocasualsto Member Posts: 672 Arc User
      Tacs : Fleet Arbiter, Fleet Kurak, Fleet Morrigu, Intel Dreadnought Cruiser, Shamshir Dreadnought, Khopesh Dreadnought.
      Engi: Tactical Star Cruiser T6, KDF tactical battlecruiser.
      Sci: Fleet Nautilus, Eternal class.
    • duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,612 Arc User
      Here's my full list. Some of my characters have connections to my Foundry stuff, so names are provided in case anyone's curious.
      • FED|TAC|Human (Sontag): Crossfield
      • ROM|TAC|Romulan (Havik): Scimitar
      • KDF|ENG|Alien (Iliam): Lethean escort
      • FED|ENG|Alien (Ji'Goro): KT Constitution
      • ROM|SCI|Alien (Sibatu): ROM pilot escort
      • TOS|SCI|Vulcan (T'Sovi): Eternal science vessel
      • DOM|TAC|Jem'Hadar (Tar'Digradio): Whatever space bucket that'll have him.
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    • jrdobbsjr#3264 jrdobbsjr Member Posts: 431 Arc User
      AoY TAC: USS Republic (T6 Connie)
      KDF-Rom Sci: RRW Inexorable. (T'laru Intel Warbird Carrier)

      My KDF Orion and Fed-Rom (Delta Recruit) don't have a main ship yet.
    • sistericsisteric Member Posts: 768 Arc User
      Fed Engineer Human -- Tellerite Pralim class Flight Feck Assault Cruiser
      Fed Science Vulcan -- Scryer Intel Science Vessel working towards Long Range Science Vessel
      Fed Tactical Alien -- Mercury Class Tactical Pilot Escort
      Fed-TOS Engineer Vulcan -- Plan to put him in a Scott class Operations Miracle Worker Cruiser when at max level
      Fed-TOS Tactical Andorian -- Phantom class Intel Escort working towards Andorian Thozyn class Pilot Escort
      KDF Engineer Gorn -- Mur'Eq class Operations Miracle Worker Cruiser
      KDF Science Alien -- Antaak class Science Miracle Worker Cruiser
      KDF Tactical Klingon Liberated Borg -- Mat'ha class Raptor working towards Lethean Xechas class Pilot Escort
      Rom-Fed Engineering Alien -- Nijil class Operations Miracle Worker Warbird
      Rom-Fed Science Romulan -- not max level, but planning for Varel class Science Miracle Worker Warbird
      Rom-KDF Engineering Alien -- Suliban Silik class Flight Deck Assault Cruiser
      Rom-KDF Science Reman -- Lukari Ho'kuun class Science Vessel, working towards Flambard class Science Dreadnaught Warbird
      Rom-KDF Tactical Reman -- Faeht class Intel Warbird, working towards Dewan Vabdros class Pilot Escort
      Dom-Fed Science Jem'Hadar -- Krenim Science Vessel. working towards a Damar class Cardassian Intel FLight-Deck Cruiser
      Dom-KDF Science Jem'Hadar -- Lukari Ho'kuun class Science Vessel, working towards a Jem'Hadar Vanguard Warship

      These are just the ones I have made. I have more panned, with their final ships already selected. But I am not sure when I will get to those as yet.
      Federation: Fleet Admiral Zombee (Alien Tactical)::Fleet Admiral Danic (Vulcan Science)::Fleet Admiral Daniel Kochheiser (Human Engineer)
      KDF: Dahar Master Kan (Borg Klingon Tactical)::Dahar Master Torc (Alien Science)::Dahar Master Sisteric (Gorn Engineer)
      RR-Fed: Citizen Sirroc (Romulan Science)::Fleet Admiral Grell (Alien Engineer)
      RR-KDF: Fleet Admiral Zemo (Reman Tactical)::Fleet Admiral Xinatek (Reman Science)::Fleet Admiral Bel (Alien Engineer)
      TOS-Fed: Fleet Admiral Katem (Andorian Tactical)::Lieutenant Commander Straad (Vulcan Engineer)
      Dom-Fed: Dan'Tar (Jem'Hadar Science)
      Dom-KDF: Kamtana'Solan (Jem'Hadar Science)

      CoHost of Tribbles in Ecstasy (Zombee)
    • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 6,480 Arc User
      edited June 2018
      Fed Tac (Original Main) - T6 Excalibur class USS Tun Tavern, character and boffs all wearing a MACO variant of the Odyssey uniform

      TOS Tac - NX Refit Faith of the Heart, character and boffs wearing Disco uniforms, security boffs wearing Enterprise era MACO uniforms

      Ted Eng (Fed Klingon) - T6 Intel Sovereign USS Varian Wrynn, standard Odyssey uniforms

      Delta Recruit (Fed Tac Aliengen Vorta) - split between T5U JHDC and T6 JHSS, most boffs are Jem'Hadar with appropriate weapons and uniforms, I consider this to be my true Dominion character

      I have three characters I have not yet chosen a ship for: Fed Sci, F-Rom Tac, and Klink Tac.
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    • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 54,630 Community Moderator
      Main: Vizier class/Walker Class (I'm not giving up the Lexington, but dang if the Kirishima isn't a good ship.)
      TOS Sci: Crossfield Class (Good mix of science and cruiser, and feels better than the T6 Temporal Battlecruiser)
      TOS Engie: Atlas Class (Wanted her to have the Prototype Dread as I wanted her to be a battleship)
      Romulan Engie: Was the Morrigu for a while, kinda floating until I find that groove again.
      KDF Tac: Qa'tel Flight Deck Raptor (Always loved my old Mirror Qin)
      I can't take it anymore! Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something CRAZY happens again?!
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    • salazarrazesalazarraze Member Posts: 3,775 Arc User
      edited June 2018
      Human Tac - T6 Temporal Light Cruiser / T6 JJ Intel Dreadnought
      Rom Alien Tac (Cardassian Themed) - T6 Jem'Hadar Strike Ship
      KDF Alien Tac (Klingon Themed) - T6 D7 Temporal Battlecruiser
      Romulan Eng - Fleet T6 Morrigu
      Klingon Sci - Fleet T6 Naj'Sov
      Ferengi Tac - T6 Nandi
      Human Eng - Fleet T6 Arbiter
      Reman Sci - T6 Eternal
      Vulcan Sci - T6 Eternal
      Orion Tac - Fleet T6 Orion Blackguard Flight Deck Cruiser
      Jem'Hadar Tac - T5 Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier (Planned)
      Cardassian Tac - T6 Cardassian Intel Escort (Planned)
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    • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,662 Arc User
      My most favoritest character:

      FedSciAlien: Eternal Temporal MM
      FedSciHuman: Chronos Temporal Dread Cruiser
      FedAoYHuman: Paradox (was a gift and he's not coming out of it)
      RomEng: Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser

      These are just a few of my characters and the ones I can remember off the top of my head the ships they favor the most. As others have said, sometimes they will switch ships.
      Now a LTS and loving it.

      Just because you spend money on this game, it does not entitle you to be a jerk if things don't go your way.

    • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,662 Arc User
      The J-H on my F2P acct is in a Bajoran Interceptor until I can save up for the Starter Pack
      The J-H on my Lifer is in a Breen Rezreth for the same reason. I may still move him to something else.
      Now a LTS and loving it.

      Just because you spend money on this game, it does not entitle you to be a jerk if things don't go your way.

    • lordbeefy7lordbeefy7 Member Posts: 168 Arc User
      Fed sci - t6 vesta or fleet nautilus

      Temporal fed sci - 31st cent science ship

      Fed tac andorian - andorian tac pilot

      Fed tac klingon - fleet manticore t6

      Rom eng - suliban carrier

      Reman tac - t6 morrigu

      Kdf klingon tac - fleet matha

      Jemhadar eng - currently dreadnought cruiser but looking at the escort as an alternative as the dread cruiser is slower than a slow thing.
    • vrrinvrrin Member Posts: 5 Arc User
      I pretty much only play my original Federation captain. My primary ship is the USS Hanoi, NCC-94683. It's a T6 Intel Cruiser (Sovereign-class), but my pet project is the USS Infinity. It's a T6 Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer (Vesta-class) that I have been working to make the fastest ship possible in sector space. So far, I have achieved Transwarp 88.12 and I know for a fact there is potential to go higher. Check out the image link for proof.

    • trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,839 Arc User
      Main - Maquis Raider

      All other character: Whatever I feel like using.

      AoY Character: Doesn't Matter, resource pylon.

      Jem'Hadar: Doesn't matter, resource pylon.
    • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,662 Arc User
      Yeah, most of mine are whatever they feel like flying. Tier doesn't matter as long as they can run through what I want to run them through.
      Now a LTS and loving it.

      Just because you spend money on this game, it does not entitle you to be a jerk if things don't go your way.

    • trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,839 Arc User
      echatty wrote: »
      Yeah, most of mine are whatever they feel like flying. Tier doesn't matter as long as they can run through what I want to run them through.
      echatty wrote: »
      Yeah, most of mine are whatever they feel like flying. Tier doesn't matter as long as they can run through what I want to run them through.

      Yeah, this is me mostly on all my character. Previous to the Maquis Raider, my main was using the T5U Risa luxury Liner.

      I made my Jem'hadars Sci officers. Which is fun, but that just may be the oddity of having a Jem Sci officer more than anything else.
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