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Bugged cardassian character creation

hoan113hoan113 Member Posts: 3,100 Arc User
so i dont know if any one has noticed but the character customization is bugged for at least female cardassians. basically the facial and body sliders dont work. for example ill raise the brow height or eye size and only one side of it will work its no symmetrical like previous species or ill move the arm size and again its not symmetrical. if some one could look into this that would be great thanks.
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  • psychoplattpsychoplatt Member Posts: 255 Arc User
    Nice to hear about - planned to run a cardassian female but realy cryptic - fix Bugs and then we see.
    nice u wasted so much time in your sig - i do not see it anyway :)
  • jaspergerjasperger Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I have a similar bug, both for playable and boff fem cardassians. If I choose head option 1, the eye sliders don't work properly. Only the eyeballs themselves change position or shape, the rest of the face doesn't.

    Likewise, no matter how I change the shoulder sliders, the shoulders remain very narrow.
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