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BUG - Dominion Regular character cant access mission start points..

salvation4salvation4 Member Posts: 1,167 Arc User
Well I saterted to progress my reguilar Dominon Jem character with the FED storyline, I hailed the second mission for diplomatic orders today, picked up the ambassador who has to be delivered to P'Jem, went to PJem but cant access the system..Then skipped it and hailed the next mission which is in the Lackey system but again no luck, went to the system and cant access the start point..

I dropped all the missions, logged of the character, logged in, then logged off and exited then back in, verified my files, BUT NOTHING..

So basically as a Dominion regular Jem, there is no hope of progressing the character as its completely blocked..
Adrian-Uss Sovereign NCC-73811 (LVL 65 FED ENG) UR/E MKXV Fleet Intel Assault Cruiser (April 2012) (Main)
Adu-Uss Firefox NCC-93425-F (LVL 65 FED AoY ENG) UR/VR MKXV Fleet Intel Assault Cruiser (July 2016)
Jean-Uss Seratoga Ravenna (LVL 60 FED Delta ENG) UC/R MKVI Bajoran Escort (April 2018)
Dubsa-RRW Mnaudh (LVL 50 FED allied ROM Delta ENG) Warbird (May 2018)
Marop-IKS Orunthi (LVL 50 KNG Delta ENG) BoP (May 2018)
Kanak'lan-TRIBBLE (LVL 65 DOM Gamma ENG) TRIBBLE (June 2018)


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    ddesjardinsddesjardins Member Posts: 3,056 Media Corps
    Also experiencing this bug.

    Also can't continue Sunrise - same issue, 2nd stage glitches in this case the nebula doesn't spawn.
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