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Some Jemhadar visual glitches

tremere12tremere12 Member Posts: 477 Arc User
edited June 2018 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
- portion of the jem-hadar head sticks out of the nol-ennis helmet (maybe other helmets also)
- jemhadar engineering chroniton mines spawn in the air instead on the ground
- no intel suit available on the normal jem toon (adding to that, possibly other suits as well
- orbital devastation (engineering trait upgrade) is plasma colored instead of polaron colored.


  • duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,624 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    For 2: that's canon. See. the Siege of AR-558

    For 3: they do have the boots and belt, but not the major bits (gloves, jacket, pants, visor). Hopefully this is just a case of overlooking a few boxes to check (I'd take the visor even if there are clipping issues.)

    And for a 5: As I understand it, FED Jem'Hadar have access to some or even all of the FED uniforms (I've seen Jem in skants.) KDF Jem'Hadar have...nothing from the KDF. It does make the choice feel a bit lob sided.
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  • tremere12tremere12 Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    I think the pay'hadar has more outfit options, or rather, normal working outfit options. I havent played as one yet, just the scrub'hadar
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